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  1. Really? You think that's offensive/patronising/rude? It's a figure of speech.
  2. Backside is twitching like a rabbit's nose. Not sure how much more of this I can take. Four bloody hours to go. Wish I was there. Used all my brownie points for the league game. I'll have to settle for being at Post Office Road. UTR
  3. That is indeed a heavy price. Stock up on bleach just in case. I hope you'll need it on Tuesday ? UTR
  4. I've been to Lamport. It's decent enough. The seats are quite uncomfortable and it's very open to the elements (I got sunburned and wet through in the space of 3 hours). The bogs were of a similar standard to Post Office Road. And weirdly, you're not allowed to vape in the open air. Yet you can stand outside the stadium and smoke weed.
  5. Fellow Fev fans: do we have a bar called the "Rovers inn""? Can't ever remember seeing one. Can't speak for the ladies, but the bogs are ok for me. Public bogs are all vile, Fev's are by no means the worst in RL.
  6. Agree with all that. Doesn't stop me dreaming though. We're 160 minutes away from the promised land. Not sure I could be more excited. Up the chuffing rovers?
  7. Yep credit where it's due. Good game from Mr Hewer. A much improved referee. I used to dread a game with him in charge, but this season he's been superb in the games I've seen, both as a fan and a neutral.
  8. Just a point of totally pedantic order: Rupert no longer has an interest in Sky. But the point that he who pays the piper calls the tune still stands.
  9. Good performance. But please don't be thinking we'll go on and win this this thing. Leigh were pretty ordinary tonight. Lots of Rugby still to be played. Still can't see any further than a TWP v TOXIII final.
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