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  1. As someone on the main forum pointed out, this would be the first strike in history demanding worse working conditions.
  2. Wintergreen, dad's farts and whatever lifeforms had evolved in the open air urinal at the back of the bullock shed.
  3. Disturbing number of athletes with heart issues in the last couple of years. I wonder what the cause might be........
  4. That would be a typically Fev thing to do, now that auto promotion isn't available.
  5. I probably have thought that at points Harry. I do broadly support the grading system though, as long as it's done transparently. Something needed to be done to arrest the decline of RL, I'm willing to give it a few years before passing judgement. I think we all know that 15th "best" club is about the right place for us. Can't speak for the town (I'm a Ponte lad anyway), but the lads I stand with all know deep down that we're not a Super League club and aren't likely to be unless one of us wins the Euromillions. MC has done some good things at Fev, but he's not mega wealthy and some of his decisions have been baffling to say the least. Certainly among my group, we're looking forward to a few seasons under the radar. Supporting Fev has felt like a chore for the last few years. Some games where the result is in doubt and some underdog wins will be nice. A season similar to 2019 will be very enjoyable.
  6. League table in the OP looks about right. It would be a typically Fev thing to do to go and win the play offs this year, now that promotion isn't available.
  7. Aye, his dad (Mick) has been on the committee for years. Took over as treasurer when my old man packed it in.
  8. I reckon Shane Warne could have had what it takes to play RL, tough, quick thinker etc. Played AFL as a kid so would have some of the skills already.
  9. Cas should never have let him go. I thought he was doing a brilliant job
  10. An alternative viewpoint: Smart bit of business by Fev. Look at all the social media engagement.
  11. The irony of a Bradford fan bagging another club over finances.
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