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  1. Respect to him for not giving in to the medical dictatorship that France has become. His body, his choice.
  2. The club say they’ve replaced the lost TV money with interest. I also wouldn’t underestimate the revenue that Wakefield AFC using our facilities brings.
  3. Some great boozers in Headingley and it 45 mins on the train. Perfect location for me to go and watch our usual hammering at the hands of Leigh.
  4. Doesn't it all hinge on whether Australia and New Zealand are still wetting the bed over a nasty cold?
  5. Fev we’re a long way off being the finished article. Decent run out, hope we click a bit more next Monday. Wakey were absolutely dire. If that’s their first choice 17, they’re in for a year of pain. Quite enjoying messaging my Wakey supporting mates tonight
  6. My bothered-o-meter is really struggling to register.
  7. New lights are a must, they're not broadcast standard and will be a requirement if we reach the promised land. POR terrace is old and tired. Could do with replacing and maybe a roof on some of it if the money will stretch that far.
  8. This is huge. Total game changer. I really hope Adam Hills fronts the coverage. He's got cut through nationwide and could really help it reach new audiences.
  9. In truth, you’ve no idea what income and expenditure Rovers enjoy. Nor have you any idea what the players will be earning.
  10. In reality, we've been hybrid for a while. At least half the squad only play rugby.
  11. Id hope he's following in Cam King and Nu Brown's footsteps and using us to resurrect his career. I'm under no illusions about him being here long term, but I'm absolutely gobsmacked. What a signing. What a Unit.
  12. Long time since I've been sat in a state of shock at a signing rovers have made. I'm quite literally blown away.
  13. Featherstone just confirmed Joey Leilua signed for next season.
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