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  1. They wouldn't be my first choice against teams like Leigh or 'fax. But when you're putting 70 odd past dross like Widnes, do you really need your first choice forwards? Or would it be better to give them more rest time, given they're all towards the end of their careers?
  2. Then there's the insanity of having three decent championship props out on loan and then not recalling them for games against the "lesser" teams. We really haven't used our squad intelligently this season. Two of those three props were more than adequate against the lower championship teams last year and the Aussie import played this level over there. Brian Mac continues to baffle me.
  3. You'd have thought this was an ideal game for Mathiou, McConnell and (recall) Field to get some time in blue & white. I just don't get the logic of loaning out decent players like these and turning out a threadbare squad. I appreciate Batley are a good side that will be looking to pounce on us, but these forwards are proven at this level (especially Field) and we're announcing a squad that has at least three players that are injured. Big Mac continues to baffle me.
  4. Both my sons are autistic and they both struggle with empathy. The suggestion that if you're not empathetic then you're sub human is quite offensive to me.
  5. That's certainly a viewpoint. Autistic people can struggle with empathy, are you suggesting they are less than human?
  6. Why was allowing trans women to compete against women ever even considered? Massive player safety issue. Whether they're intact or not, they went through male puberty with all the strength and stamina benefits that gave them. To expect female players to put themselves at huge risk against such an opponent is mental. And before you jump on calling me a transphobe, I'm not. Anyone can live how they choose, but they need to accept there are some things you just can't do.
  7. Not really. He can't win it if we don't even get there. I'm that despondent at the moment, I genuinely don't think we'll make it.
  8. I mean, we are in need of a winger, Gale’s confidence seems shot to pieces. But we need forwards urgently. No good having a bloke that can score tries out wide when you’re getting mullered down the middle.
  9. I mean, she's got some serious erm, skills.
  10. He's not going to win the grand final if he sticks with a geriatric pack. If we don't get an injection of power into the middle unit soon, it'll be another valiant but unsuccessful grand final appearance.
  11. I'll watch any game of RL, but I could never get passionate about a game that didn't involve Fev. Other than internationals, don't think I'd ever pay to watch anyone else.
  12. True. That'd be a disaster for them both though.
  13. Keeping Toulouse in the top flight makes sense. We need France to get stronger for the good of the wider game, not least so that we've a genuine international to play mid season instead of this all stars nonsense. Could it be that there's a French TV deal coming down the track that relies on TOXIII being in SL? That's the only way I can see the zombie clubs in SL agreeing to split the pie 14 ways.
  14. Some of Castleford's finest citizens evolved in those bogs.
  15. Some really bizarre selection decisions, including not recalling loaned players when the first choice are clearly carrying knocks. Signing Jono Ford and playing him wildly out of position. Letting Holmes go when we're playing our best hooker at centre and Holmes had been playing well in that position for Sheffield. Media appearances make him look like a bit of a tool, also seems very disinterested in the job. Really not convinced he'll get us anywhere near beating Leigh again.
  16. Like the old bog at the back of the bullock shed at Fev. Some very interesting smells in there. I'll never forget when Stevie Quinn kicked a penalty to touch and the ball sailed over and hit an old bloke square on the back of the head, mid evacuation. Made a lasting impression on a 7 or 8 year old me.
  17. On this theme, Cas could make a fortune selling the bacteria from the gents bogs for scientific study. There are definitely things living in there that are unknown to science.
  18. I just can't muster any enthusiasm for this. It's a nothing game against a nothing opposition. Thoroughly pointless.
  19. You're right, historically. Too many people live in the past. I could moan on about how my life has been blighted by my family being robbed, beaten and raped by first the bolsheviks and then the Nazis, but I don't because my eyes are in the front of my head and the past is very firmly behind me.
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