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  1. What about putting magic weekend as the first weekend after the split?  It would give some time to get home/away fixtures sorted, it would address the imbalance of having an unequal number of home and away games and would get rid of the 23rd game in the first phase.  I would imagine the marketing would be fairly straight forward for it as well as you would be able to have it as a big kick off for the middle 8s.  4 games on each day, all the teams in the top 2 8s, and a chance to see a greater spread of teams.


    The only drawback would be that for the sides who are on the verge of the middle/bottom 8s such as Halifax, Batley, Bradford and Fev at the moment.  But hopefully those fans can come along anyway and add to the atmosphere/experience.


    That's a great idea

  2. I am fairly sure the average attendances will fall 2-3 years after any move from the Wakefield boundary.


    Oh and your trailing around London really did a lot for that club didn't it?


    Is a temporary move to Fev out of the question? It's a bigger stadium than Dewsbury's, you already train there and it's within the WMDC border and about a 7 minute car journey from Belle Vue.


    I'm pretty sure we'd welcome you with open arms.

  3. I don't have a problem with Toulouse or Toronto, or anywhere else that wants to play our game.  The more the game is spread, the more appealing it becomes to TV companies and advertisers/sponsors.  The more appealing it becomes, the more money will be attracted to the game.


    Like it or not, that is the way of the world and unlikely to change anytime soon.


    Meanwhile, clubs should stop looking to the RFL to sort it out for them and work hard to raise their own profiles and sources of revenue. 


    In terms of Fev, are we confident we are getting the most out of our asset base? We no longer have a commercial manager, what will that mean for next year's sponsorship income?  We seem to be doing a decent job using our bar and function rooms outside game days, but what about the rest of the land, could this be better used to generate income for the club?  


    Catering on matchdays is a bugbear of mine, every week there's some problem, be it running out of hot water, running out of coke, 7up etc, not having enough pies/hotdogs/crisps etc.  That's revenue walking out of the door.  There's no catering at all at the new end of the ground.  How much revenue is being lost there?  Don't see too many people walking to the other end of the stadium for beer, tea etc.  When Bradford visit, that end will be full, we'll be missing out big time if there is still no catering there.

  4. Just a thought:


    At present, the top 3 in the middle 8, along with the winner of the million pound game receive the full SL funding.  While the loser of the million pound game and 6th place get 780,000 (ish), with 7th and 8th getting around 500,000.


    Shouldn't the funding for the top half of the middle 8 be tapered too?  Allowing for more money to be distributed to the lower teams, which in turn allows them to become more competitive, something along these lines:


    Middle 8 Comp:


    1st - Full SL Funding

    2nd - £100,000 less

    3rd - £200,000 less

    Winner MPG - £300,000 less


    That then gives you another £600,000 to share among the loser of the MPG and the three at the bottom of the 8.


    Two benefits I can see are that there will be increased intensity at the top of the 8 as club vie for the extra funding and it then creates a real winner of the competition.  Meanwhile, the better championship clubs are able to strengthen further and therefore have a better chance of overcoming the top 4 next time.


    I speak as fan of a club that has yet to feature in the middle 8, although we've a small chance this year.  (Featherstone).

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