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  1. My other half and I are veterans of the extended French RL trip. In the early to late 2000s we had maybe 5 or 6 trips in our camper at the start of end of the season, generally 6 to 10 weeks, taking in as many clubs and games as we could. In those days there was also a published Route du Vin XIII, which was great fun!

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  2. 54 minutes ago, Wolford6 said:

    My favourite other ground is Station Road, Swinton. A very sad loss to the game.

    My lasting memory is the urinal under the main stand, which consisted of a continuous wooden trough going right around the room and emptying into a grid in the corner. At half time the flow to the grid rivalled Niagara. And the atmosphere was unforgettable.

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  3. On 07/06/2023 at 17:34, Leonard said:

    I have no idea where 9's came from and why it is a thing suddenly.

    Nobody has ever called for it or wanted it - but it seems to have grown some mythological relevance in the last 12 months that some in positions of power are convinced of.

    It's been around for years. I used to go to the Leeds 9s while they lasted and I thought it was a good day out. It was hardly publicised at all and got a crowd of 3 to 4 thousand. I think the last one was around 2010 or 11. It was the first time I saw a Jamaica team play (and they did well), and once they had a friendly between a local schools team and a public schools side.

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