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  1. I agree, Aussie pies are superb but they won't put them on a barm for you. That's why he's coming back.
  2. I worry for his mental health. Stair lifts can drive you up the wall.
  3. One of my favourite memories is of giant "hard man" Paul Ringer picking a fight with Steve Nash, half his size, at Cardiff, and being lifted off the ground by an uppercut to the jaw.
  4. John Stopford. Rated by van Vollenhoven as his finest opponent.
  5. Of course Batley should be admitted to SL if they qualify. We need to have a level playing field .......oops!
  6. The worst punishment for a Wigan player is Sine Pie.
  7. Salford the only club named after a major pollutant. (Salford dioxide).
  8. Not so sure, I've heard recently that quite a few now get out of the bath if they need a p.
  9. As a kid, if someone had told me that in your lifetime it will be cheaper to fly to Spain than watch division 2 rugby league match I think I would have run away from them.
  10. I had a plan to take my camping gear to Canada, rent a car and tour Ontario for a few weeks, travelling into Toronto whenever there was a match. Ah, well...maybe one day.
  11. Rarely any RL and never seen any French report before, but this was on the "front page" along with the season postponement news. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/no-helmets-required/2021/jan/20/rugby-league-french-league-streaming-super-league-nrl
  12. I think full time professionalism has had an effect here. Back in part time days there were many players, including some of the top ones, who had jobs that needed high qualifications. I think Saints had a player who was an actuary When I played one of our players had several pro offers but signed for Workington because, as a graduate engineer, he had a good job offer from Windscale. I don't think he would have entertained the idea of being full time.
  13. I think the 2 point DG might impact significantly on goal line dropouts. In a tight game, do you go long and give someone ample time to tee up a dg, or short and risk losing possession?
  14. My number's nowhere near yours, but I can claim Ornaisons for a cup game Vs St Esteve. If you haven't been there I will wear it as a badge of honour! It was also memorable because the gendarmes blocked the road out of the village and breathalysed everyone leaving.
  15. No, they played at Ninian Park, Cardiff City's ground (to start with, at least).
  16. The no.9 is definitely a hooker - shin pads.
  17. As it stands there is no penalty for slowing the ptb on tackle zero. This can be a crucial time from a quick 20m restart when the defence is in rapid disorganized retreat. There seems to be a high incidence of "milking" going on as well, though I don't know if it's an increase or not because I didn't see much NRL last year. Maybe lose a tackle for milking could work?
  18. As a kid, it was always pointed out to me that a certain house in Swinton used to be the residence of Martin Hodgson, the ex Swinton player and long distance goalkicking record holder. When the street was demolished in the early 60s I took a half brick from his house and it had pride of place on my bedroom windowsill for a few years. Don't know what happened to it, probably thrown out by my mum.
  19. I've often wondered why it came about down under. By their logic the wingers should be 7/8ths.
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