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  1. IIRC the ref's black box picked up a serious heart problem in one referee, forcing his retirement.
  2. I think that there will be a lot of infringements on the first tackle. The decision may go in favour of the defence, and it is worth doing because if it goes against you, the effective punishment is just one tackle.
  3. That's exactly how Eddie Waring would have pronounced it.
  4. As a bit of light relief, a list of names that should be involved in the game. Stan Doff Justin Case - utility sub Lou Sarme - old-school hooker Len Thotherfield- speedy winger Ed Downe - prop Earl E Bath - poor discipline Earl E Baird - Hull FC Homer Simpson - biased ref Any more?
  5. I was at a match in the early 2000s at Limoux when before the kick-off, as the teams lined up, a kids team in full kit came on, each carrying a bottle of Blanquette and presented it to a visiting player (UTC I think). I was impressed, and thought that Wigan should do this with pies.
  6. What would he bring to the game, apart from goal kicking, after so long at "Game of Throw-ins"?
  7. Anyone else know anything? https://www.ruck.co.uk/owen-farrell-announces-shock-cross-code-loan-move-ahead-of-rugby-league-world-cup/ April Fool or what?
  8. Eamonn McManus on Radio 4 this morning sounding very pessimistic.
  9. No, the ref tells the VR what to check, as always.
  10. I think it would be better for the VR to check in reverse order, ie grounding first, then knock-ons, obstruction etc. It would add to the tension and excitement. When they don't go to check grounding you know it's no try.
  11. In his rant he also included atheists and drunks - so probably the majority of users of this forum are damned to hell.
  12. I would love this to happen, but I can't see it working unless travel and accommodation are paid for by the new teams. Toronto were backed by a billionaire and could stand the bill. I don't see any billionaires behind the new clubs. People should not confuse realism with negativity.
  13. A few years back I saw a team called Agip XIII play against Palau. 12 of the Agip 17 had the surname Jimenez. The match was abandoned after 30 minutes due to persistent brawling.
  14. Why have a band at all, unless it has some RL connection? I've never seen a rugby match in the build up to a rock concert.
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