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  1. Was there extra footage in this video? The incident happened off-camera and I've never seen footage of the actual offence, if there was one. From the videos I've seen, the ref didn't see it but acted on the touch judge's call.
  2. Bullsh. There was no video then either, first Betamax and VHS we're late 70s.
  3. As it stands there is no penalty for slowing the ptb on tackle zero. This can be a crucial time from a quick 20m restart when the defence is in rapid disorganized retreat. There seems to be a high incidence of "milking" going on as well, though I don't know if it's an increase or not because I didn't see much NRL last year. Maybe lose a tackle for milking could work?
  4. As a kid, it was always pointed out to me that a certain house in Swinton used to be the residence of Martin Hodgson, the ex Swinton player and long distance goalkicking record holder. When the street was demolished in the early 60s I took a half brick from his house and it had pride of place on my bedroom windowsill for a few years. Don't know what happened to it, probably thrown out by my mum.
  5. I've often wondered why it came about down under. By their logic the wingers should be 7/8ths.
  6. From what I've seen so far, I'm in favour. The only possible negative I can see is if a team is 1 or 2 points ahead close to their own line in the last minute, they could run the clock down by slowing the ptb and the attacking team could do nothing about it.
  7. IIRC the ref's black box picked up a serious heart problem in one referee, forcing his retirement.
  8. I think that there will be a lot of infringements on the first tackle. The decision may go in favour of the defence, and it is worth doing because if it goes against you, the effective punishment is just one tackle.
  9. That's exactly how Eddie Waring would have pronounced it.
  10. As a bit of light relief, a list of names that should be involved in the game. Stan Doff Justin Case - utility sub Lou Sarme - old-school hooker Len Thotherfield- speedy winger Ed Downe - prop Earl E Bath - poor discipline Earl E Baird - Hull FC Homer Simpson - biased ref Any more?
  11. I was at a match in the early 2000s at Limoux when before the kick-off, as the teams lined up, a kids team in full kit came on, each carrying a bottle of Blanquette and presented it to a visiting player (UTC I think). I was impressed, and thought that Wigan should do this with pies.
  12. What would he bring to the game, apart from goal kicking, after so long at "Game of Throw-ins"?
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