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  1. Why have a band at all, unless it has some RL connection? I've never seen a rugby match in the build up to a rock concert.
  2. BR09HEY is for sale at £250 on the DVLA site. Think he can afford it?
  3. Are they still on furlongs? When I was in the Appalachians a few years back, the farms selling apples were still using bushels and pecks.
  4. Be careful quoting that song. It was by Sunni and Shia.
  5. Refs are like politicians. Everyone says they could do a better job themselves, but very, very few actually put themselves up for it. And we need both.
  6. I actually played in an experimental 11 a side game in the early 70s. I can't remember who had organised it,but I remember the game. Lots of tries for both sides until fatigue set in, then lots of errors. The ref blew time 15 minutes early after consulting the captains, much to everyone's relief. We never heard anything about it again. Quite rightly.
  7. When I played, the marker was also allowed to strike for the ball. You needed good shinpads in those days.
  8. https://mobet.williamhill.es/!bet/es-es/betting/e/13387497 Interesting that William Hill are offering shorter odds on Red Star Belgrade than Fev, Fax and Leigh in the Challenge Cup. (To Spanish punters at least).
  9. Am I missing something here? What is there to stop the RFL covering themselves financially against these three clubs reaching Wembley? Either by insurance underwriting or even at the bookies? I'm pretty sure you could cover all three for the low tens of thousands. Alternatively, the clubs could cover themselves, but this should apply to all pro/semi-pro clubs that enter.
  10. How many people on here have actually been to a 9s event? I used to go to the one at Leeds, which was almost unadvertised, but I thought it was brilliant afternoon/ evening's entertainment.
  11. Too true. The main heresy of the Cathars was Rugby League, whereas the establishment was Union. Who did they send to sort them out? De Montfort - you can bet he was related to De Lallyo and De Glanville etc. And where did he come from? Leicester!
  12. New kids on the block buying their way to success. Old clubs of yesteryear whinging. Looks like football has similar problems. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/44894821
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