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  1. Just a thought because of the weather, does Headingley's under pitch heating still work? And when was the last time it was used?
  2. I really enjoy watching Robbie Paul running backwards to see if he'll collide with a player.
  3. My other half and I are veterans of the extended French RL trip. In the early to late 2000s we had maybe 5 or 6 trips in our camper at the start of end of the season, generally 6 to 10 weeks, taking in as many clubs and games as we could. In those days there was also a published Route du Vin XIII, which was great fun!
  4. Probably does the graveyard shift......
  5. You might get better response using local terminology. Midday is dinner time, early evening is tea time and late night is supper.
  6. The players are consumers. They will only take so much real terms pay cuts before they look for another career path. They owe that to their families.
  7. It's a huge cut in real terms. £24m in 2020 is the equivalent of £28.3m now. https://iamkate.com/data/uk-inflation/
  8. £7.99 in Home Bargains (Or £17 from Ocado)
  9. My lasting memory is the urinal under the main stand, which consisted of a continuous wooden trough going right around the room and emptying into a grid in the corner. At half time the flow to the grid rivalled Niagara. And the atmosphere was unforgettable.
  10. According to some reports there was a complication, he had another heart attack when he got the bill.
  11. It's been around for years. I used to go to the Leeds 9s while they lasted and I thought it was a good day out. It was hardly publicised at all and got a crowd of 3 to 4 thousand. I think the last one was around 2010 or 11. It was the first time I saw a Jamaica team play (and they did well), and once they had a friendly between a local schools team and a public schools side.
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