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  1. 1 hour ago, Saint Toppy said:

    In fact the majority of union players who make the switch invariably fail to get anywhere near the level expected of them when they sign.

    Have you any stats for this? It may be true for recent signings but I the past many union signings quickly became some of the best players in the game. For example Cliff Watson, Len Killeen and Merv Hicks at Saints, Graham Rees and Alan Buckley at Swinton, and I'm sure many others. These were not big name signings, just club players spotted by scouts.

  2. In the past NRL season the captain's challenge has been used tactically on a few occasions. It could be an obvious knock on but because the play is reviewed from the last PTB, if the captain thinks there has been, say, an obstruction or a late hit before the knock on they possibly get a penalty.

  3. 4 hours ago, Anita Bath said:

    But game doesn’t end in hooter, play continues until next tackle completed. This means different length of games. Game should end on hooter.

    We are not as bad as Union yet where game can continue for 5 or more minutes until a stoppage…but we are getting there.

    Negative law breaking without consequence should continue then? I'd like to see an end to it.

     And a full set of six is about 45 seconds.

  4. 8 hours ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    American sports often have people walking the stands selling drinks either from dispensers like this or cold cans. Has any RL club ever tried this? You’d still have the pre match and half time bar rush but I’m sure they’d sell plenty during the game and have higher sales overall.



    I remember as a kid being taken in the early 60s to Bramley at the Barley Mow, and there were waiters bringing trays of pints to the terraces.

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