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  1. That's a shame. Hes improved every game since he arrived with us Not much noise about new signings yet - what do you know CCR?
  2. Interesting appointment. Nothing much positive is said about his time with Batley but lets get behind him and hope we can kick on in the Championship! Does anyone know which players are retiring?
  3. im happy with that
  4. what a performance that 2nd half! Its a real shame that Naylor's leaving but well done to the lads for putting in a shift for him.
  5. timing couldn't be better!
  6. This is a crackin yeds team with a bit of wakey magic mixed in! Great performance today shame about the attendance
  7. Fantastic! If we could just get Gill signed up for a few months I would back us against anyone in this league inc the bulls
  8. Sapere aude


    Could not agree more. The ref had a stinker and ruined what would’ve been an absolute nail biter keep going lads
  9. I like it. They have to change it enough each season for people to justify the expense of a new shirt. If it was hoops some fans may just think I’ll save the money and wear the old one this season. I don’t think we’re in a position at the moment to pick and choose sponsors!
  10. I just think it makes dual reg a bit of a nonsense when teams in the same league are strengthened by our own “partner” club. We could’ve given them both similar game time in the month
  11. Maybe. It’s a one month loan but he will certainly strengthen them on the opening game against the yeds! Its going to be a tough league this year! bailey to Workington?!?!
  12. Bennion loaned to Swinton and Nzoungou to Whitehaven......dual reg isn’t working out for us so far!!
  13. What a shame....gutted thinking poitively I think Wilkinson is a class act so keeping him for another year is great new
  14. Come on Tandle... lets have a bit of positivity! I don't see many other teams doing better business than Oldham at the moment.
  15. I'm also very curious......it seems like the first rule of RO is we don't talk about it!
  16. Credit where it's due, our business so far has been excellent and much quicker than most other clubs! Was leatherbarrow our only player on a 2 year deal?
  17. I could not agree more.
  18. Hottb, thanks for response and an interesting idea if it ever gets traction. what is it that RO do though? I understand what they are and their role in any future membership bid but are they just a dormant entity the rest of the time?
  19. I disagree, CH is in every position to make demands. Let's assume there is no money man and we go down a supporters club route which I think you are suggesting? What is it that you and RO think you could be doing differently? (Genuine question) I don't subscribe to this view that if you dethrone CH then roughed supporters will come out of the woodwork in their droves- it won't happen. So I'm interested to know, what it is you are offering if not money? Also, Ive asked the question previously but what do RO do? There is no website
  20. There are more prospective owners on here than supporters come Sunday! I wouldn't say that I'm CH's biggest fan but people need to be very careful what they wish for. I for one am extremely grateful to him for putting a team on the field every Sunday despite the leagues lowest budget and for us being competitive (mostly) in a league that's heavily stacked against clubs like ours by the RFL. Don't get me wrong, I would love a new investor as much as the next man. Someone who was prepared to send big and return our club to its rightful place amongst the super league elite but we don't have one. In the meantime I think CH is well within his rights as the owner to consider any approach on its merit and clearly he doesn't think the conversations he's had to date have had any substance behind them.
  21. 2.3 acres isn't nearly big enough I'm afraid. The council owned site being promoted by Langtree in Hollinwood is the right site but there is little support or ambition from OMBC to see a community sports village in the town.....it's a shame because when that site is gone there are few other options. out of interest what do Rugby Oldham do? Their website seems to be permanently down and Ive struggled to find anything on the internet
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