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  1. I’ve watched this lad right through Academy - You guys have got yourself a good one there. Great kicking game and the kind of player who is not only exciting to watch ball in hand but can lead a team around a pitch. Hope he goes well for you. He’s not really had the opportunity at Huddersfield, played a game early in the season but was injured and then others kept him out of the team.
  2. Thanks- id seen he’d been on the bench so wondered it he’d played in second row- he’s certainly got the height!
  3. Thanks for the replies. Has he played centre or second row?
  4. Hi hudds fan here- always had a soft spot for batley and go to the odd game when we don’t have one. (Great food too!) wonder if anyone can give feedback on Sam. He looked to be becoming a promising centre for us. Has he been playing second row for you? hows he been going for you?
  5. This young lad looked like he could be pushing for a spot at Hudds, he got an injury at an unfortunate time and in his first game back had an absolute nightmare dropping the ball around his own goal line twice to allow the opposition to score. Then he disappeared! I've heard he's been playing for you- how is he getting on????
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