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  1. Perhaps I am in the minority but I do not think that Toronto should be playing in our league. I would like teams like Coventry, Newcastle, Oxford to flourish. I would like to see a team from Cumbria and Wales in Super League but if Toronto disapeared tomorrow I would not be bothered.
  2. Simple Batley beat St Helen's in the first cup final, played in Leeds. Batley started as a club in 1880, well documented in "The Gallant Youths" book available from "BISSA". This book was I think published in 1900
  3. No ? Clue I have got his Testimonal mug
  4. Just noticed no 17 was not Mick Cameron.
  5. From the programme Batley did not play Leeds very often but Autumn 67 the week after Batley lost 78.9 at Wakefield (a long afternoon) Batley played at home to Leeds at the Mount, What was the score? Which 2 players scored the points?
  6. Who played for Batley v Leeds in the first match under the floodlights at the Mount 1, SW 2, PM 3, DM 4, SW 5, JD 6, MB 7, GT 8, JG 9, MS 10, AP 11, DC 12, WH 13, GM 14, GT 15, LB 16, GW 17 MC Only 2 players scored points for Batley in a 12-4 Batley win, which 2 players.
  7. Just dug the programme out from the match and Carl is not actually mentioned in it. Carl came in to replace Des Foy (Oldham) on the bench. Carl was brought on in the 50th min to replace Henderson Gill
  8. Not having the internet capacity to watch the clubs match I decided to dip in my own collection for a evening of rugby, starting off with the Sky preview of the NR Final which gave me some ideas of matches to watch the matches being v Sheffield in the quarter final and the league match at Widnes when we smashed them in the sun.
  9. That's right A clue to the missing player "Dodger"
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