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  1. Perhaps these clubs tried but he chose Batley over them.
  2. Had news at the breakfast club this morning in that Downs, Bravo and Reece Dean will not be with us next season. Downs with his job, Bravo retiring and Dean not joining us. The search continues.
  3. BISSA have just got a cheque from Easy Fundraising for £156.53 a fantastic amount but it could be a lot more if supporters checked it the shop/company you are using are registered with easy fundraising. let's make it a bumper Christmas for BISSA and break through the £4,000 barrier (£3,609 at the moment)
  4. 5% of Batleys shares would be just about worth the paper it is written on
  5. Looks like Sonny Bill has chose Toronto above us for the next two years.
  6. Just in case anyone is interested the cost of the season ticket was £1,2 shilling and six pence which is £1and12.5p. Just a point regarding season tickets perhaps they should be on sale now (in line with a number of other clubs). Kevin says he does not like money too early but buying a season ticket at the moment when there is not as much expense as at the end of December would be better for a lot of fans.
  7. Claire is the community worker at the club, have not got her number, Paul Harrison should be able to help.
  8. Did not want any publicity, being a shy kind of guy
  9. Reading the Halifax programme for the first round of the cup from 64, in the notes it says that " Batleys Chairman was very hopeful concerning his side's prospects. Now we assume the same role with regards to the Thrum Hall side and if we get an even share of the luck there will not be much doubt as to who will turn out winners this afternoon" Of course we went on to beat them three nil with a Malcolm Shuttleworth try.
  10. Round was quite a trek started off at woodsome, clerk green, dark lane, central estate, healey lane, Mortimer avenue, deighton lane, woodfield avenue then hòme.
  11. Ye I was also born in Nov 52, first season ticket I got was when I started as a daily draw agent when I was approx 12 years old (child slavery)
  12. Perhaps Claire's project could make use of them.
  13. Looking at the fixtures the second team started with a home match against Normanton (away match in February). First team matches included Bell Vue Rangers and of course New Zealand on the 16th November.
  14. Looking through the memrobelia I have accumulated over the years, how much did it cost for a season ticket for the long stand in the 1951/52 Season (Just before I was born )
  15. Does not look like John Duffy rates our chances (Leighs RL Express column) next season. He gives a mention to 8 teams who he thinks will make it a competitive division + I assume he thinks his own team will be competitive. The three teams not mentioned are Batley, Dewsbury and Oldham.
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