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  1. Like 2013 when we lost 3 consecutive matches Whitehaven (a) Doncaster and Workington (h) although we managed to beat Workington in the Elimination playoff match scoring 68 points. I would like to think we are playing for our pride and to do as well as possible regardless of the financial rewards.
  2. Not sure you need to beat the top teams in the league to finish in the top 6, I am sure in 2013 we did not pick up many points against against the top teams. If my memory is right we had a draw at home to Halifax and I think we beat Leigh at home. lost twice to Sheffield and Featherstone but by winning most of the matches against lower teams we finished in 5th place. Then beating Leigh 14-15 and Fev 20-21 on the way to the final.
  3. So because some commentators say we have not beaten a team above us that means we can't beat them? I am sure these commentators probably said we would not win the Northern Rail Cup or would not get to the Championship final or going further back that Dewsbury would not win the first division championship. We have only fax (a) Fev (h) and Toulouse ? (a) to play from the teams above us. Next two matches Dewsbury (a) and Newcastle (h), win them and we are back in the mix. As I said it would be a big effort so "bring it on"
  4. Fair comment on a normal season you could be right but RL seems to be unpredictable this season mostly beyond clubs control. Apart from the top 2, I would think Batley can beat the rest, It would be a big effort but bring it on.
  5. So are you saying the top 5 are guranteed there places in the Championship
  6. Biggest disapointment was giving Bradford 6 again on the third/fourth tackle especialy in the first half Second half when breaking there line throwing forward passes out.
  7. Match fit or not I would not bet against him getting a try.
  8. We have booked tickets for "west stand WE" which is basically the open terrace.
  9. Could do without Flanagans return from his long break this weekend (if he gets selected). I should imagine he will be chomping at the bit to pull a shirt back on especially against his old club.
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