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    Taken from Bradford Bulls website THE RFL have - this evening - released the following statement regarding fixtures for the 2021 season... The RFL has begun modelling fixture options for 2021 for the return of the Betfred Championship and League 1 competitions, and the AB Sundecks 1895 Cup. A recent meeting of clubs confirmed that although Government advice is currently that crowds will not be permitted until April, there is a shared desire to return well before that – and that all options should be kept open for the resumption of competitions as soon as possible. The first week of March, or possibly earlier, has been identified as a possible target date following an informal survey of clubs, and there will be further discussion at a Championship and League 1 Forum next month. The RFL is working closely with clubs to ensure that they can return initially to train, and in due course play matches, in accordance with Government Guidance and RFL Protocols. This includes running webinars for key individuals including Covid Officers and Coaches. The RFL is also liaising with DCMS and other sports regarding a roadmap for an earlier return to first socially distanced and limited crowds, safely building to increased crowds, and has forwarded a proposal for this to DCMS. Individuals clubs are also having similar dialogue with their local MPs and local authorities. Simon Johnson, the RFL Chair, said: “As we reflect on the Coral Challenge Cup Final, it is important that we continue to work with the clubs outside the Betfred Super League who have now gone almost seven months without any competitive action. “The recent announcement that spectators would not be permitted to return to sport was a blow to these clubs, as it was to those in the Betfred Super League – as the return of spectators was key to the plans for the resumption of the Betfred Championship and League 1 competitions as soon as possible this winter. “However the mood among those clubs is that they must continue to work towards a return as soon as possible. The players and coaches are desperate to get back – as are their supporters. “At the moment, we are led to believe crowds will not return until April. But as we have seen, these things can change – and with the Our League app, we do have the ability to provide coverage of matches direct to supporters even when crowds are not permitted in the grounds. “It is difficult to come up with firm fixture plans given that ongoing uncertainty, but we want to give our clubs and supporters an idea of what might be possible in 2021. “We of course face challenges, but the mood at the recent meeting was one of defiance and also excitement at the prospect of their 2021 return. Our role to work with the clubs and ensure that these competitions are rolled out as quickly as is feasible and we are well aware of activity which is already being planned. 'The RFL remains at the forefront of demonstrating to DCMS and health partners that sports are well prepared for the introduction of socially distanced crowds in well managed outdoor environments, now that indoor arts and cultural events are underway.”
  2. Wonder what has happened to Buchanan. A few matches back he was taken off for a head test but sat out for the rest of the match, the match commentator said he had passed the tests. Looking at Hull team announcements since he went off it has said he is not available for selection but Hull do not give a specific reason along with two or three other players
  3. No I would not want him anywhere near the ground, though we do need a experienced half back to guide the players round the pitch. Half backs should of been a priority when looking to build the squad, we might of talked with players but we seem to be looking in the bargain basement rather than on the shop floor. If you signed the best players from each championship one clubs would you have a competitive championship team or just a good championship one side
  4. I was looking through my collection of Batley programmes and wondered if anyone had the programme for the 1952 Yorkshire Cup final or can anyone remember seeing a copy of one?
  5. ernieone


    Perhaps they are thinking even if we have to play behind closed doors it will not make much difference from our normal crowds.
  6. If my memory is correct the money to pay for the dual reg players from Cas was possible with help from BISSA.
  7. Were did I mention Fev or any other individual club in anything I have said? I am talking about rugby league in general. Dual reg goes back a long way, earliest I remember is Bramley had seasoned internationals making appearances because of their tie with Leeds but of course it turned out to be a disaster for Bramley.
  8. I am sure that a system could be created to give young super league players a chance to get first team experience in the Championship. Perhaps start with maximum age 22/23/24, look at maybe not made 10/15/20 first team apearances, a minimum dual registration for 3/6/9 month. Young players have come to Batley and been given a chance to develop Butterworth, Holmes, Russell, McGillvary, Connor, Broadbent to name a few, some others have not been as successful. These are initial thoughts and I am sure there will be other supporters who can add to the list. If it saves young players being lost to the game because they have not been given the chance to develop then it will be good for the game.
  9. Perhaps Dual reg used with certain criteria would not be a bad thing for Championship clubs'. The way it has been used is the problem rather than the actual idea.
  10. Must admit I was watching a Dewsbury v Batley DVD the other day and must admit I was glad Hooley was playing for Dewsbury.
  11. Ye and Batley will beat Wigan in the Cup final and get promoted to the Super League
  12. The income from easyfundraising since 2015 is 2015 £387.02 2016 £196.85 2017 £130.79 2018 £365.97 2019 £519.78 2020 £113.35 first 2 quarters Not great amounts but money for nothing
  13. Thats been a wasted 30 min of my life. . ,
  14. ernieone

    What now?

    At least the Heavy Woolen clubs have not spent much on recruiting compared to other Championship clubs.
  15. Obviously gets wound up a lot
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