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  1. Nothing like a slaughter, 18 down but keeping going, superb tries from young Walters and Joufret.
  2. Why do idiots use this stream for general comments surely the title gives a big clue to what it is all about. I do like to read the comments why a player has been voted for.
  3. Good win for West Wales at home to Coventry.
  4. Good win for Batley Boys, 32.18 in a tough match.
  5. You can get them under a snakes belly . Major insult to BATLEY Bob though.
  6. ernieone


    Whittled down to 25 and what standard are they? First div/championship or potential super league? How will it effect the sides they have come from will it mean more amateur clubs struggling for players or how long before the players decide to go back to playing with there mates.
  7. ernieone


    We're are all the players coming from to make Super League and championship reserve teams?
  8. I would like to know what special privelidges there are being a fully paid for season ticket holder, must admit to getting the odd sausage sandwich after cleaning the ground Monday morning.
  9. LFurther info 28th July, Sheffield Pick up Birstall Libary 11.30 Batley Branch Road 11.40 Mount 11.50 All fares £10
  10. Station coaches are running a coach to Sheffield do not know all the details apart from it picks up at 11.50 at the Mount. Ring Station coaches for further details 01924 477230
  11. Was told Saturday that Jack will be with us to the end of the season unless he is selected for Rhinos first team, sounds like he is enjoying his time with us.
  12. I assume Tony F you are one of the losers, must of taken you a long time to think of that reply.
  13. Broadbent Manning Ward (top performance on and off the field)
  14. Batley today had 18 fit players, the 17 on duty and Tomlinson so with Manning out next week suspended we will be struggling for a side. Hopefully some of the injured players will be back to boost the squad. Maybe another Giant stepping up.
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