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  1. Batley have probably got the weakest squad they have had for a number of years, so if you do not finish above us this season then you certainly will be struggling.
  2. Just bought one with no problem, must of been sorted
  3. Sorted, many thanks BB.
  4. Is the only way to do this is by signing up to Twitter?
  5. Batley have not printed a programme for the last 12 moths instead you register with the club and you get a copy e.mailed to you at no cost. Obviously it can't give you team news as it is usually sent out 24/48 hours before the match. Get a few frustrated away supporters who try to buy programmes.
  6. Still in your world Distant Dog
  7. The Bulldog Misfits has a good ring to it
  8. Is he back training?
  9. Last season we had a very ordinary side (being kind) with a lot blame put on the coach, this season we have lost Bretherton, Gledhill, Joufret, lillycrop, Downes, Smeaton and Hemingway, not all supporters favourites but what have we replaced them with? One recent super league player + players from lower placed sides. Its going to be a long season
  10. Wonder if BISSA can get him some mountain climbing boots
  11. Should that be we will be against in 2021
  12. We cannot expect to be better this season because apart from Lunt we have gone with players that were not exactly setting the division alight for us last season, new players we have signed are at the same standard as the players that we have and no better than the players that have moved on. So were is the improvement to come from? Are we relying on the coach to get a extra 20% out of the players? If so that will put a lot of pressure on Linners. Basically the bottom 4 contest will be interesting ie Batley, Dewsbury, Whitehaven and Oldham. 14 points available from these matches any against other reams will be a bonus.
  13. Keeps coming up with invalid integer and a long number.
  14. Tried to buy a season ticket over the last few days and it comes up with a fault when you get to the checkout.
  15. Obviously do not want to sell tickets through the web site for the last few days
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