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  1. 12 -12 I think it is a 3 match series Lancashire won the 1st, draw in second so everything to play for in final match.
  2. What a person not being able to look after a passport, it was not worthy of being reported. It rates as high as when Walton was refused at the airport because his passport had been through the washer. Not much was reported on that when it happened.
  3. No problem we do not have a match for 2 weeks.
  4. Why is it disgraceful? Players getting game time which they would not have otherwise.
  5. Seems poor that we conceded 2 tries when Toulouse were down to 11 players (sin bin)
  6. We seem to think if we sign one star, Joufret last year, Lunt this year that we will be able to compete in the Championship. Sorry but it does not work.
  7. Suppose it will strengthen our Academy side, best of luck to both of them hope they will prove to be good signings. Hopefully they will have more speed than some of our players (Should not be difficult).
  8. It can still be a draw if there is no points scored in the 10 mins extra time.
  9. Were all these players injured or did we go not bothering regarding the Challenge cup?
  10. Not everything's bad, Toronto lost again
  11. Will have to concentrate on 1895 cup
  12. 18.6 to Leigh 30 mins, Dupree try, hooley goal
  13. Probably a shared 1500 gate, with no expectation of winning.
  14. Batley Boys played the RAF a couple of years ago, the boys winning a very entertaining match.
  15. Yes at least we have not spent a couple of million to get the same results. I would think that most supporters did not expect anything from the first two matches, be in the game to half time or even a bit longer then lose out because we can get to the try line but not have the craft to break the on line defence. Hopefully our season will start next week against Swinton who I imagine will be in our group in the Championship.
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