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  1. Thought it would be York v Featherstone with York finishing higher than Featherstone in the league
  2. ernieone


    Top try scorer Joufrett Supporters Club Awards Player of the year Nominations - Leak Scott Manning Winner Scott Man of Steel nominations - Gledhill Manning Brown Wimnner Manning Rear of the year nominations - Broadbent Retite Campbell Winner Retite Forum Man of the match/season award Scott Coaches Award 1, Leak 2, Manning, 3 Brearly Players Player of the year 1, Manning, 2 Brearley, 3, Leak
  3. Perhaps supporters should book a ticket for to see Billy Pearce at the Ponderosa on the 28th Sept as a starter, £30 including a 3 course meal. This is a joint venture between BISSA and Batley Boys.
  4. No disrespect to either of them but NO
  5. Can add Luke Walshaw to your list.
  6. If rumours etc are true, I count 3 coming our way from across the valley and 2 going to the dark side. But which 3 players would you be happy to sign from across the valley?
  7. Yes Bissa helped the club sign Joufrett but BISSA usually help the club sign a number of player's, last year it all went on Joufrett which means as I pointed out earlier if you spend more on one player you have less money to sign the rest of the team.
  8. Far from it I appreciate people have opinions but some supporters think that if a player becomes available then we should be able to sign them regardless of cost. If we spend more on one player then you can only pay less for other players. Not sure what Joufret cost last year but I imagine it was above the average which of course means we have less money to build the rest of the team. We are competing with teams that get regular attendances of between 1500 and 2000+ against our average attendance of 1,000 only because it is boosted by the Jo Cox match. We have the war chest which helps the club, we have BISSA with 60/70 members after 14 years of being in existence as against Featherstone who have just re-launched FRISSA and in three months they have 100+ members. All these things contribute to the reason why we cannot compete with the top championship sides. Thankfully this week sees the end of the season unfortunately it looks like we will be struggling to get 17 players on the pitch with all the injuries we have got.
  9. I wish people would come back in to the real world, Batley do not have a money tree and cannot afford the players supporters are dreaming of. Yes we will have to look in the bargain basement mainly because we cannot afford players above that, hopefully we will find a couple of players that will improve things. The ones I have heard we could be signing are decent players but probably will not get us in the top 5, take the full time squads out of the equation and we will be able to compete in the Championship perhaps to some supporters that is not good enough, as I said come in to the real world.
  10. Quite comfy are the coaches Balley use and they are very flexible for match days
  11. Surprised when the officials did not bat an eyelid and did not even put the incident on report. Hopefully it will be reviewed.
  12. Wish Jack a speedy recovery after his operation on a broken jaw this afternoon. Hope the rl taker a closer look than Hewer and his assistants took on Sunday.
  13. John Miller being the main person doing a fantastic job.
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