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  1. Time for the Ferres experiment to end now, its gone far, far, far beyond a joke.
  2. Huge game in that context. This morning I would have said Leeds, now I can't decide. Keeping powder dry apart from bets on Newman to score anytime, and under 43.5 points.
  3. Fancy Hull...pretty sure they've lost by a combined total of 758 points the last couple times I've said that though.
  4. I work for a large wine supplier in Ireland, if you give me the name of the wine you're looking for I can see if we stock it.
  5. Let them know what the criteria for celebrating is won't you ?
  6. That'll be the most unpopular try of the weekend if the previous 7 pages of this thread are anything to go by.
  7. 100% the worst show I've ever encountered. Made for the brainless FB generation of young women, and their older sexually-frustrated counterparts.
  8. Several cans of Stella and several losing bets later, I contemplated a drop of Teelings whiskey, but decided I didn't deserve it ! Perhaps tomorrow, one will fare better.
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