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  1. I don't know much about the energy industry but one thing that I can not help thinking about the electric car "revolution" is that the more of these cars we have the more electric we will have to produce. We are building the world's biggest offshore wind farms so this is very encouraging but given how long it will take for our entire energy production to be through renewable means, we are going to have to produce much more energy through non-renewable means to power all of these cars, or at least not cut our production through fossil fuels and compliment it with renewable energy. Either way, it may be true that we will be cutting emissions from vehicles but we will surely be increasing, or at least not decreasing, emissions from power plants to create all this newly needed energy, something that will put even more of a strain on our already aching and aged national grid. If anyone does know more about this subject please feel free to help me understand this problem more.
  2. A couple of the main roads into Hull are being dug up at the moment and adapted to incorporate new cycle paths. Normally they are two lane but the outside lanes are closed at certain points and it was at one of these places that a black Audi came shooting down the side of the bus and swerved straight in front of us just missing colliding with the huge yellow barriers that could be seen a mile off. According to the Audi driver though it was the bus' fault, a point expressed with a combination of every swear word under the sun accompanied with the corresponding hand gestures. When the driver had returned to his penis extension he shot off before brake checking the bus a couple of times and almost causing a pile up. Welcome to Hull! Edit. Just remembered as well that just a few hundred metres along from there a couple of days ago a 4x4 swerved in front of a horse and cart, brake checked it then reversed straight into the horse. The horse and rider only suffered minor injuries. Worst thing about that was there was a young girl on the cart as well. Could have been a much worse situation.
  3. Well Bob will have to get to me first, I am fully aware there are a number of individuals on this forum looking to get a free Christmas Dinner this year. I can hear the loading of the shotguns now...
  4. Oh so it was you that cut up the bus I was on a couple of weeks ago and had a shouting match with the bus driver!
  5. It's 2 years today since I quit my job of 10 years due to bullying, one of the best things I ever did even if it did take 18 months to get another job. In other news, I think the Goose household has a poltergeist. We have one of those chunky air fresheners on the tv stand and there has been 3 times now in the last few weeks that I have got up in the morning to find it has moved. To start with I thought it was maybe the cats in the night playing with it, knocking it round the room like, I was willing to believe this even if it was always stood upright in its new place but today I got up and it was stood upright, as if placed, on the breakfast bar in the kitchen, a completely different room to where it lives and no way on earth the cats could have got it up there. Before I get an exorcist I will of course quiz the family to see if someone else is moving it but until now I did not believe in ghosts, now, definitely a possibility.
  6. I definitely prefer our away, really nice shirt that, I can feel myself parting with some wages for both shirts this year.
  7. Well that's Christmas ruined. A family member has just been out shopping and they have come back home having bought exactly the same thing I have got them for Christmas and so I have had to tell them and now they are in a foul mood.
  8. Personally I don't think it does show respect to ease off against a lesser opponent because you are basically saying to them, "we know you are so rubbish that we don't even need to try against you". I've seen managers and fans of tiny nations in the men's game say they find it quite offensive when England show up to play them with their reserve team, the fans having gone, wanting to see the best players in the world play and being treated to a bunch of kids no one has heard of, again, the bigger nation just saying, "yeah we know we can beat you with a load of also rans". Surely carrying on playing with the same intensity throughout the game shows more respect to your opponent because you are showing that you feel you need to keep playing to the best of your ability to match their game, similarly not taking off your best players for the second half because they aren't needed anymore.
  9. Yeah I think you've hit the nail on the head with this. Essentially, high levels and frequent levels of scoring is frequent in rugby especially since there are multiple ways of scoring, seeing a score ever couple of minutes is not particularly unusual whereas in football it is quite unusual to see a game with more than just a few scores so when one does occur it is seen as quite incredible. To take the amounts of points we mentioned earlier, to see 100 points in rugby is not necessarily unusual and is a very entertaining game if the scoring is kept close, say the 100 points are split into a score of 52-48, this shows there has been suspense throughout the game, the score staying close, either teams being able to win right up to the end. Whereas 100-0, the game is very much over a long time from the end and it just becomes a procession of the same scoring again and again and just becomes boring. However in football, because you're expecting a 2-1 or a 1-0 or something like that most of the time and would in fact be very happy with these kinds of scores, when a 20-0 comes along it just astonishes and you can't quite believe what you're seeing.
  10. There's some great bars in the old town, around the Minster, tends to be the area most people gravitate towards. The most fashionable part of the city is Humber Street and the Fruit Market down by the marina and the waterfront. This is where you will find all the hipsters and artists and where there are independent art galleries, artisan breweries, bars, restaurants and all that sort of thing.
  11. It's such a different attitude from fans isn't it? Us rugby league fans think blowouts scores massively damage our international game and highlights how uncompetitive our nations are for the most part which we think will not appeal to people whereas football fans just think the bigger the battering the better despite being fully aware that certain nations will never be competitive. I don't really know which attitude is the better one to take tbh, we all want to see a highly skilled and competitive game of course but at the same time a complete pasting can be just as fun.
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