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  1. Yeah, I use the sky sports mobile pass to watch rugby league. 5 sky sports channels (premier league, Sports news, action, arena and I think golf). With that pass you can only watch on mobile devices, ie, phones and tablets but you can register it on up to 5 devices and its only £5.99 a month. So just think, all sky's premier league football and all super league and NRL for just £6. As has been said as well, you can cancel and reactivate passes whenever you want without having to give notice. Would highly recommend.
  2. Whenever I need to give my cats tablets I crush them up and mix them in with some tuna mayo, works everytime!
  3. I second that, absolutely love justified, one of my favourite series.
  4. That's a good thing seen as the main post office here is in a smiths. I was wondering how that was gonna work if the post office was open but the shop itself was shut.
  5. Seen as the season is postponed I've borrowed a few cardboard cutouts from Toronto. I thought we'd place them round the southerners so we can't see them and they've got something to count.
  6. My favourite band is Pearl Jam. Just been through my vast collection. In Hiding Parting Ways Just Breathe Force of Nature Green Disease Sleeping by Myself Immortality Alive
  7. I was sorting my cupboards a couple of months back. Found some nutmeg from 2002.
  8. Bloody hell! I tell him to do one thing and he gets caught! When you want something doing right you should just do it yourself......
  9. Oh, well in that case I'll just have many pints of Riggwelter.
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