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  1. One thing I will say is Toronto said they want to sign some big names and they certainly seem to be doing that. I don't follow rugby union at all yet this guy is one of the few Union players I have heard of so he must be well known.
  2. I'll go to Elland Road, really looking forward to this series. Couldn't care less about the coach or any of the politics around the team, I'm just interested in watching a rugby league match.
  3. Well done to PNG Orchids on their first test win! Big boost for the women's game there. So that's the main event done with then!
  4. Quite a lot of roads in and around Hull are flooded. A few of the main A roads are basically impassable apparently, some of the villages round here are getting cut off. Houses are starting to flood.
  5. I was thinking more Bournemouth but yeah, looks decent!
  6. I really like that Warrington kit, sponsor is a bit distracting but at least it's a big, well known brand so it doesn't just say 'Bob's beans!' in big letters or something. To be fair as well, a lot of NRL kits have huge, in your face sponsors so it's not unusual. Really good kit that!
  7. I've said for a while now going to watch an England/GB game in PNG is one of my dreams and I'm very jealous of all those who've flown out to follow this tour. Enjoy the experience everyone!
  8. How much money do you think is needed for Broncos to win SL?
  9. As a Hull fan, my personal highlight was finally winning the challenge Cup at Wembley. The 2017 World Cup semi with Tonga will live long in the memory but I have to say my highlight came just a couple of weeks ago. Tonga beating Australia. I was actually shaking and tearing up watching that. The phrase speechless gets thrown round a lot but I genuinely was. Tonga have provided us with some great moments these last few years and long may it continue.
  10. I think religion must completely bypass Hull cos I didn't know these things either.
  11. Dunno but there's always been the odd cougar about when I've visited.
  12. England and Ireland. Some Scottish ancestry a little way back and potentially some Spanish about 500 years back, does that fit into the eligibility rules? I wouldn't last long, can barely run 10 metres these days without getting a stitch and at the start of the year I ran about 100 metres after a game to catch a bus and pulled my hamstring, still hurts a little even now...
  13. Anyone but NZ, I'm getting really bored of constantly playing the kiwis.
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