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  1. No we certainly don't, 24hr virtual drinking in here!
  2. Well I don't think we should discriminate too much, Napoleon, Hitler, Comic Sans, Courier New, all welcome, I draw the line at Naga Munshitty though, she's not welcome in here!
  3. Yeah, those are months out of date, no ones volunteered to go down the wholesalers to panic buy any more yet. If you need a mask, I saw a pair of old y fronts on the bathroom floor earlier, don't worry though they've been there long enough now that the remains have dried on hard. (BTW, I don't know what is going on with the predictive on my phone, I am not joking, I just typed old y fronts and the next thing it suggested was Danny Washbrook! I don't even know the last time I typed Danny Washbrook on this phone, if ever! )
  4. No, he's sat over there in the corner with Napoleon and Hitler.
  5. Jesus christ, who's left skids down the bog? Skids, do you know who's left skids down the bog??
  6. So the hare and tortoise puzzle. If I use a bit of reasoning from my above post, the gaps between the checkpoints are getting smaller, let's say halving like the time in the puzzle above. That means then that between each checkpoint, the hare has to run twice the distance of the tortoise. So if the hare was twice as fast as the tortoise, it would still never catch up because they would both be reaching the next checkpoint at the same time. Something like that.
  7. I've been having a bit of a think about this since I haven't been able to sleep tonight. I don't know if I've actually worked the answer out but the theory I've been going over is, an infinite number of balls are in the room. If the time between balls being thrown out of the room keeps halving then you will never actually reach noon will you? Time periods will just go on halving forever and so there will be infinite time periods. This idea of the time periods being so tiny makes me wonder as well, does this mean that the ping pong balls exist in two places at once? In other words both in and out of the room. If we apply our understanding of speed to the situation, as the time periods are getting shorter, the balls are being thrown out of the room faster and faster but there is no way that a person throwing balls into the room could keep up with the pace which means that balls would be coming out of the room quicker than they are going in. You would think from that that the flow of balls coming out would have to stop because you aren't supplying them quick enough as I say but if indeed the ball leaves the room before it's been thrown in that means it has to already exist in the room as well as in the thrower's hand. Always enjoy a bit of philosophical thought at 3 in the morning!
  8. Right, better get dusting in here, lots of cleaning up to do before the grand reopening, this is one pub that won't be closing at 10!
  9. Yep, halftime at the KCOM: A few children cheerleading to the Charlie's Angels theme. Someone kicking a ball into the back of a hyundai. A lottery draw on a rubbish loudspeaker system that can't be understood or heard over the crowd noise. The thing that gets the biggest cheer is when someone makes a paper airplane and tosses it onto the field or a bloke trips on the steps with his pint.
  10. A factory uses metal sheets to make their products. 1 sheet is sufficient to make 1 product. The remains of 6 sheets can be melted down and made into another sheet. How many products can the factory make from 36 sheets of metal?
  11. That is right and just how you worked it out, there are 12 flags but 11 segments between them so 7 sections between the 1st and 8th, so 8 seconds divided by 7 sections to give you the speed between 1 and then times that by the 11 sections. The speed ran is not needed because its stated that the speed is the same, the runner does not gain or lose speed along the run.
  12. Along the edge of a running track there are 12 flags. The flags have equal space between them. A runner runs from the 1st to the 12th flag at the same speed. The runner takes 8 seconds to run from the 1st flag to the 8th flag. How long does it take to run from the 1st to the 12th flag?
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