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  1. Yeah I remember big Fijian support at the England-Fiji game in Hull, their fans are some of the best the game has, Pacific islanders in general to be fair, the Tongan fans have been unbelievable when we've played them and I've seen no atmosphere better than a full stadium in Port Moresby.
  2. Brilliant article that, thanks a lot for posting it Sir Kev! That's got me so pumped for the Fiji warm up game and the World Cup after, bring it on!
  3. How about shin-kicking? Obviously a very popular and well practiced sport in town centres all across the land when people have had a few too many but still pretty niche when it comes to organised events.
  4. I'm proud of myself, that was so difficult to resist the obvious joke there..!
  5. An amazing book. Philip K. Dick is undoubtedly my favourite author. My favourite of his is probably 'A Scanner Darkly'.
  6. Knives, chains and decapitated bodies... just sounds like a regular night in East Hull...
  7. I don't know, I didn't have it, I'm not allowed large amounts of sugar, don't get me wrong, I'd have been first in line if I could have had it.
  8. A couple of days ago Papa's fish and chips in Hull were doing deep-fried Colin the Caterpillars.
  9. Pesapello, ie Finnish baseball. Don't know what kind of presence it has outside of Finland, I just know about it cos we have friends there. Also, Buzkashi (no, not bukkake before you think it), a game played in Central Asia, I think mainly the former Soviet 'stans, which is essentially polo except the horse-mounted players attempt to get a goat carcass into the goal not a ball. To be fair, don't know how professional the players are in this one, never know though, there might be a pro goat polo league.
  10. Is there a lot of pictures of her leaning over the counter or licking wooden spoons and her fingers or close ups of her chest?
  11. Lovely part of the world that coastline and a large urban area to potentially attract a good number of new fans. All looks positive!
  12. Well one of the top stories on Hull Live right now is Dom Littlewood catches a bus in Hull. Exciting times for the city.......
  13. Ah, very interesting Bleep, thank you for that, pretty much the same explanation for me, when I was thinking of a username there was a goose taking some suspicious looking mushrooms in the corner of my living room!
  14. Is that his surname? I always thought it was his PIN number, I better call off those blokes I hired to... ...anyway, enough of that.
  15. Never know, one day there might be a team in Toronto, they'd definitely do really well and be the saviour of RL no doubt.
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