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  1. Right that's it, I'm done. It's been a good run, I've enjoyed my time as a hardcore rugby league fan but it's over. I've been a season ticket holder since my school days, I've attended so many games I can't remember the vast majority but I do remember that the internationals were some of the very best. I've built up a massive collection of shirts and programmes and ticket stubs and general merchandise which I will always treasure as being such a big part of my life. But nope, I'm done with the sport, I can't believe I'd ever find myself saying that but I am quite simply fed up with
  2. I thought this was gonna be something about you seeing a poster advertising RL in Wales. I need to keep telling myself, I'm a RL fan, there is no point in being that positive!
  3. Why are you advocating a French invasion and annexation of West Yorkshire??
  4. Was that to go with the big bag of manure he was already buying?
  5. It does bug me when you hear people saying these kind of things. You get in on football coverage all the time. A new team will be promoted to the PL and they will say, "team X hasn't beaten team Y for 60 years". What they don't tell you is they've maybe only played each other once in that time. Meaningless stats.
  6. I agree and what you've said at the end there is something I've always thought in terms of the number of games we should play. I don't think we need to be playing at least 10 games a year like they do in football and union which is what some people seem to think our international game should be like. Personally I think even just 4 a year would be fine as long as it was a set in stone, guaranteed schedule that would ensure those games take place. Until covid, the big nations did play an average of 4 games a year but not regularly, they'd go a couple of years playing just a single game eac
  7. I've been really debating going to Newcastle as well, essentially for the same reason as you. I think that game could be a real event with possibly 50,000 in creating an amazing atmosphere and we could see an absolute classic which I want to be part of but of course on the same day there was Aus v Fiji in Hull which would have been cheaper and so much easier to go to but I didn't really want to go see yet another battering inflicted by the Aussies, I've seen enough of them over the years. I do plan on going to Sheffield though because even though I know that game is going to be ridiculou
  8. Speaking of morons, just watching the local news and they are talking about a turtle sanctuary in Lincolnshire. The reporter has clearly grabbed the first bloke he's found to talk to and the clip they have of said individual is just him going, "they remind me of the olden days, like with dinosaurs and all that!"
  9. Could someone explain to me why it would be okay to send indigenous players but not other players? I don't know if I've missed something or what but I'm not understanding it.
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