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  1. On this day in 2013, Pope Benedict XVI resigns, becoming the first pope to do so since Pope Gregory XII in 1415.
  2. On this day in 1870, the current flag of Japan is adopted, originally used by Japanese merchant ships. On this day in 1900, both Bayern Munich football club & the British Labour Party are founded.
  3. I'm on a bit of a British crime high at the moment. Yesterday I watched Eastern Promsies, a wonderfully well acted crime drama about the Russian mafia in London. Viggo Mortenson plays a fantastic role as he does in all his films and Naomi Watts is certainly a sight for sore eyes. Directed by David Cronenberg who is more well known for his sci-fi films. Written by Steven Knight before he became more famous for creating Peaky Blinders. Today I am gonna treat myself to a double bill of Sexy Beast and In Bruges. Ray Winstone and Brendan Gleeson don't exactly have the same appeal as Naomi Watts but still both play their roles perfectly!
  4. Someday by The Strokes, closely followed by Blinded by the Light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band, which keeps creeping in in the background and going away again.
  5. Exactly, for all of us without sky I'm just really happy I can watch any games at all!
  6. I am so pumped up for this game! I just punched the air and shouted, "c'mon Wigan!" at work. Luckily there was no one around! Never thought I'd be cheering for Wigan in my life. This is gonna be an immense spectacle. Two of the best teams in the world facing off in a sold out stadium with a blistering atmosphere all on Saturday night prime-time BBC TV! This is the greatest RL has to offer, what a showcase for our sport this is gonna be! C'mon Wigan, do the SL proud! God our sport is great!!
  7. Today is Tender by Blur, and that all started cos I gave myself a pep talk when I started work and said, "come on! Come on! Come on! Let's do it!"
  8. I was talking to a woman at the bus stop today who knows Kirk Yeaman and was telling me that he now works in the Prison Service, which I was not aware of. It got me wondering what jobs other retired players have taken up?
  9. Nah, no problem of setting an example, us fans are just as bad and we all love Dave!
  10. Look, if the Bev Town manager wants to scream swear words at the ref from the sideline cos he doesn't agree with any decision the officials make then he has my blessing cos it makes us fans laugh!
  11. Since I've been a season ticket holder at a football club over the last couple of years this kind of behaviour has completely stopped bothering me. It used to annoy me but when you see it live and can hear what the players are saying to the ref and see clearly what they are reacting to it all just shows how much the players care about the game and how passionate they are about it. They're only running in and appealing because of the passion pumping through their veins. Not to mention the adrenaline as well.
  12. Bloody taxi driver playing some classics this morning; Red Light Spells Danger - Billy Ocean
  13. This evening I've watched an absolute classic of the thriller genre. I'll give you a clue. "Gesundheit!" If you know, you know!
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