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  1. I'm gonna get a t-shirt printed up with that on it!
  2. Well yeah that's true, i was looking forward to this series more than any other for quite some time.
  3. Unfortunately most pitches these days are too well kept for players to get particularly mucky. It's one thing I always love about watching lower league games, an old, traditional stadium, a muddy field and that evil drizzle that looks like it won't wet you too much but you end up soaked on the terraces. A bit of nostalgia.
  4. Couldn't agree more. I've had a walk into the city centre this morning, quite a few pubs open but a lot closed as well, didn't see too many people going in and out but that was probably cos I was paying so much attention to dodging the thousands of people not social distancing. Absolute chaos. If you didn't know there was a pandemic going on you wouldn't believe there was.
  5. Something else on the older game was that all northern hemisphere teams were in the Challenge Cup, so all the French and American teams as well which wasn't a problem, just obviously not that realistic and there was promotion and relegation from the conference to league 1. I managed to get West Hull into the super league!
  6. Interesting read! How I long for those days again, 61,000 at an international in Australia, beating them in their own backyard, or beating them at all for that matter. Bring on the World Cup! Hull Daily Mail did a piece on the 1970 tour as well. https://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/great-britain-lions-tour-1970-4291753
  7. Does it matter? I must admit it is something that I've noticed before, watching football as well as rugby. The team wear matching kits which obviously look really professional and uniform and then all have different boots. Not a problem at all, just one of those little OCD things that would look great if they were all the same colour, after all it is also part of the required kit.
  8. I haven't played this one but I do have rugby league team manager 2 which was a good game. The only thing that really bugged me about that one was the once weekly training updates for every single team in the game so after every game week you could end up waiting 10 minutes on a loading screen while the game essentially caught up and considering, especially during preseason you got through weeks pretty quickly this was a regular occurrence. Would you know if this is different on the new game?
  9. There was another question about RL on eggheads today (first episode I've watched in years), a female egghead, never seen her before, was asked, "The Canterbury Bulldogs are an Australian team that play which sport?" Rugby Union, Aussie rules or rugby league. Almost without hesitation she said rugby league.
  10. Ice hockey is huge in Germany as well, one of the highest attended leagues in the world, I went to a few games when I lived in Berlin. Go Der Eisbaren!
  11. I haven't watched eggheads in years, couldn't stand any of them, horrible people who just love themselves. It's an amazing moment whenever there's a question about RL on British TV at all, even on question of sport there's maybe only one RL question ever 5 episodes or so. I almost had an heartattack the other night when I was watching the chase and the question was something like, "In rugby league, the champions of the European Super League play the champions of which country in the world club challenge". The options were Australia, NZ and Fiji if I remember rightly. Contestant didn't have a clue of course and went for NZ. I was thinking at the time that I'd have stopped the show and given a detailed explanation as to how the world club challenge could actually be between teams from Canada and NZ in which case it wouldn't be a European and an Australian team which is what they were looking for of course and then carried on explaining that teams from 6 different countries can theoretically (if the Welsh teams got up through the pyramid) get into the world club challenge and then offered a detailed analysis of current developments with expansion and how Serbian, Spanish and US teams may soon be in the system. People would have learned something about RL if I had been on that show! ?
  12. Gene Hunt- "Drop it! You are surrounded by armed bast*rds!" Love it! ?
  13. I saw a documentary about a farm like that, I think it might have been one of those inside the factory things or something like that.
  14. See RLDWSS, cos I bring myself in here you can't cook me!!
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