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  1. Sounds like someone giving directions in some psychedelic Sci-fi novel doesn't it? "Nar then lad, you go down there til you reach the 2nd star on the right then go straight til morning and that's when you'll get to the land of green ginger!"
  2. Second rant. I'm getting fecked off with hotels charging my card without telling me. This has happened twice on this trip. All my hotels I have reserved with a card, fair enough. 4 of them they asked how I would like to pay and I said cash. 2 of them just charged the card I reserved with without even telling me. £150 just been charged to my card at some point in the last couple days. Its lucky I had the funds on the card or I could be overdrawn for ages without even realising. Only reason I had the funds on there as well was because the other hotel had done that so I'd quickly transferred some over from a different account otherwise I would be in the red now. I don't even mind if they don't ask but at least tell me you're gonna do this so I can have the funds ready! Ps. Lucky I had drawn 150 euros out of the bank in anticipation for paying for this hotel or I would be lumbered with it. Would have had to gone to airport and had it changed at a rubbish rate and lost some money. If I could find the facilities to do that in this awful airport!
  3. Has anyone ever been to Gibraltar Airport? Never been here before, just walked in and looked round, absolutely no signage whatsoever telling you where to go for security so there's a staff member walking past and I ask them, won't go into details of the conversation but basically when I say where is security she basically argues with me in an incredibly condescending tone (might not be important but she had a cockney accent) and ends up basically telling me to f off and go to the information desk if I've got a problem. In the end I did find security. You have to go up an escalator that is just jammed in a corner and the only sign says 'departures lounge', no mention of security at all. Don't know about you but when I go to an airport I go through security before getting to the departures lounge so forgive me miserable cockney woman for not knowing where to go! Update. Just looked at the terminal map on the airport website and it doesn't even mention security on the actual map. Joke airport!
  4. You mentioned getting round easily on the train but how quickly can you get around as well? I would presume the transport network is very extensive in such a developed and spread out city. Also, would you say most of the attractions are in a compact area such as they are in many cities or are they spread out throughout the city and outskirts?
  5. There's a street in Hull called the land of green ginger.
  6. It's casually smoking weed in public that gets me. Just about every day that I'm out and about I come across at least one person just sauntering down the road smoking a joint with seemingly no care in the world. It seems to be in modern society that a huge amount of people see smoking a joint as the same as smoking a fag which is very concerning.
  7. Clearly the manufacturer of that shirt confused rugby league with golf.
  8. We've had a few 'favourite shirt' threads recently so I thought it might be fun to delve into the rather large world of awful rugby league shirts. So what's the worst shirt your club has done and/or what is the worst shirt of all time?
  9. I'm sure he could have caught the dog quicker if he hadn't have stopped halfway through the chase to nick a bike, but when in Rome as the phrase goes. Edit. Also has anyone else got the image of radders on a tiny, pink bike with flowers all over it and stabilisers in their heads?
  10. I just read that as 'cleared in my bank IN 1545'. Initially thought what you been sitting in city Hall for if you've had the money for 500 years? Then I thought that's a long time to be sitting in city Hall. Then I thought I know a lot of people on here are old men but that's taking the pee. Then I just stopped thinking, easier that way!
  11. Crossed over the Pyrenees on the train a few days ago, fantastic scenery! Travelling through the Spanish countryside I've thought the same, very rarely out of site of mountains and just huge, dry, open plains with hardly anyone living there. Sort of reminded me of the kind of landscape you see in a western, was just waiting for Clint to show up!
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