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  1. When we held the WC a few years back and when it was on Premier there was Vossy but next to him in the commentary box and was a breath of fresh air and decent as well was Iestyn Harris. So, I'd like to see Sky give him ago. Also, we need someone who tells it as it is.... maybe give Schoey ago (on the condition he doesn't talk about himself or his past feats).
  2. After moving to the Wirral, I'm looking to attend a few Crusader home games in 2019 and was wondering apart from entrance and a programme what else do you get for the £20.00 match day hospitality i.e. is it just a burger or sit down meal, drink? Also, what decent pubs are in and around the ground/Wrexham town centre?
  3. Yes we need to stop the leaking of talent and many on here have mentioned numerous ways of doing this but I also feel that 1 area has been missed out and that's the quality of coaches/coaching within the game. Now I'm not comparing SL or the Championship to NRL but coaching within the NRL is seen as a career path and they have numerous coaches at each level to help nurture the talent at every level. Yet in ESL, we tend to either discard players due to them not reaching the required number of ticked boxes by the age of 18/19 and don't give them a stop gap to help them improve..... it has been said in the media on numerous occasions that had Peacock been born 10 years later he would have fallen by the wayside due to him being a late developer and also Alex Walmsley who was touted to SL Clubs at 19/20 and without even looking at him most clubs rejected him purely down to his age. SL clubs need to continue to look at players of all ages (NRL this year has had at least 3 players on debut who were over the age of 26) but we need the coaches to be there at each and every step but not only coaches but the right coaches who are fully qualified and know how to bring on talent (we should have something like football do with the badge system). We could have the best talent in the world but we will lose it if we don't know how to use it. Would Widdop be a good a player as he is now had he stayed in the UK? In short, we need quality coaches through the ranks to help players reach the top rather than what we do now....'he was a good player so we'll have him as a coach'...... this system does not work (yes, there's always an exception)...... and to prove that bring coaches through the ranks works just look at Premiership Managers and see how many of those were international standard players (only a handful) or even the NRL...again only a few were international standard. There needs to be career paths for both talented players & talented coaches and this will improve the quality of our game, raise the standard and in-turn improve the national squad which then make the game for appealing and then more people start watching and they will then want to play the game and thus increase the pool of players we have to pick from!
  4. I agree in-part that this may help people stop smoking tobacco but it may also encourage (mainly) kids to start using the e-cigs... so not very responsible of Saints to take on this sponsorship!
  5. To help England & the International Game we need to get rid of the Magic Weekend and have that as a Challenge Cup Quarter Final (gives teams in the Championship a chance to play on a bigger stage), We then have a 2 or 3 week break for internationals games/training camps/England Lions etc, this period off also gives teams time to recoup as around June/July time there are a lot of cricket scores being posted due to player burn out and the grand final can be played in the middle of October.
  6. As I've stated in previous posts, we need something like the NRL here where they have control over both the players, clubs (which needs to inc the championship leagues) and youth set up. There also need to be a stronger link with the top amateur sides (NRL teams regularly bring amateur players of advancing years/later bloomers into their set-ups yet when does that happen here). The reason for this is that everything needs to go in the same direction rather than the way it is at the moment with the RFL, Super League, Championships all having different remits. If it was solely the RFL (with competent leaders) then all would pull in the same direction and clubs would be unable to refuse such things as under 21's, reserve teams etc which in-turn makes all the leagues more competitive (and players are not lost to the game) thus making a stronger national team and also making the game more attractive to new fans, new sponsors, which will bring more money to allow for more full-time coaches, assistant coaches etc meaning the standards are raised meaning (and I repeat) that we make a stronger national team. It ain't rocket science!
  7. For those who mentioned games being played in France. This is a no,no! England have won the rights to host the 2021 WC and therefore all games should be played here! If we are to allow France to host a few (home) games, why not have Aus & NZ play a home/group game in Sydney/Auckland before they jet over to England.... All games need to be played in England and let us hope those at the top can give us a WC we deserve!
  8. Yes Bennett is a miserable git! However, is it his fault if England fail to qualify for the 4 nations final? We have to look at our own doorstep before we go blaming someone for not speaking to the press about the game (there would only be RL press there anyway. Who outside of RL has ever heard of Wayne Bennett). You only have to go back a couple of years when SL did not get a single penny from Stobart just a few trucks with the likes of Sinfield & Farrell emblazoned on the side. The game needs to be grown from the grass roots to the very top. Get current & recently retired players to go to schools on the fringes of the M62 that don't have teams in their towns such as Burnley, Blackburn, Bolton, Preston, Liverpool, Harrogate, Stockport, Chester, Grimsby etc 2 or 3 times a month and on game day put coaches on to take the kids & parents to games being played near to their home towns the first couple of times for free then for the remainder kids are still free with the parents getting a 20-25% reduction on the entrance fee. In towns where rugby league is staple, get players. ex-players, team officials out and about in the town centres & RL clubs on a training night handing out reduced priced tickets, tombola's to win game day experiences etc..... this will get people through the doors, increases the crowds (more burgers, pints, shirts sold as well) and thus local press takes notice and in turn this gives extra Kudos to the likes of Chris Irvine who is then given more column inches in the national press. This remit has to come from Red Hall and the clubs can not be allowed to do their own thing. On a wider note, why don't we look at the examples set by both NFL & NRL where all teams at all levels (SL and Championship) apply to be under the SL/RFL banner (and I don't mean franchises) and all have to adhere to the rules and regulations. This then gives RL a brand which increases the profile and then profitability of being a sponsor of the sport. i.e the SL/RFL sign a contract with say ISC to supply all teams with the playing kit and the money from that contract is split between the clubs but clubs are free to use who they wish for leisurewear, training gear etc. We need to learn that the teams are not the brand but the game is the brand and as soon as the powers at the top learn this then the game will grow. If club chairmen aren't happy with this then they don't have to apply to be in the league. Sorry for going off on a tangent but many of those unhappy with Bennett not promoting the game don't seem to be coming out shouting at Nigel Wood, Ralph Rimmer, Brian Barwick etc for the failings of the average age of those attending games increasing that much that in 20 years time the average age will be around 60 years of age and they'll be watching just a few teams play as the rest has folded. Rant over.
  9. I remember being at the Shay when Briers dropped 5 goals in a game and Eddie & Steveo banged on about it for at least ten years. They always failed to add that Warrington actually lost that game....... no doubt due to the number of drop goals scored and thus missing the opportunity to get a try & conversion.
  10. It's good to see the game being played over there. However, I've seen a better standard of player at my local park, yet Brian Noble is there scouting..... (nice job if you can get it).
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