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  1. Moorside mate, the central funding issue should have no bearing as to what happens on the pitch. It's not just Oldham that have had their central funding cut, everybody has. We are all in the same boat.
  2. Enjoyed reading this thread. I could comment/ask questions on loads of the posts. Here is my list:- Failsworth (Oldham) Oldham (Town) Failsworth (Oldham) Newton Heath (Manchester) Blakley (Manchester) Gorton (Manchester) x 3 Northampton Wellingborough Frankfurt Bromley (London) Croydon (London) Wellingborough Islington (London) Royton (Oldham) Stalybridge (Tameside - Next door to Oldham) x 2. Worst B&B ever was in Thornton Heath (The clock house?)
  3. Actually, I have just Googled it, and he actually lives in Hampshire. Wonder who's garden I was in?
  4. Just showing off now because I am bored and have nothing better to do, but... … About ten years ago I got to stand in his front garden (it's a long story) but he wasn't there, and I only found out that like me he is a Failsworth lad a couple of years after that. If I remember correctly he lives in the village of Great Amwell in Hertfordshire, and, I don't remember this bit I just used Google maps to try and retrace my steps, it was Hillside lane.
  5. * Forum, not thread. I got a bit excited at getting the news across.
  6. Just seen on the main RL thread, Whitehaven v Oldham is ON
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