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  1. 1 minute ago, Crown Flatter said:

    Lee mentioned last year those reasons you have given. He doesn’t want to give the opposition an inkling as to which team member is fit or suffering an injury or ailment. 
    Surely though, he could quietly tell us on here as we wouldn’t say anything, or tell anyone would we and our opponents wouldn’t be any the wiser?

    And we wouldn't say anything either, promise we won't tell Fordy.

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  2. 6 hours ago, White Knight said:

    Big double header weekend and two cracking matches to look forward to.

    First up, Knights Ladies take on Saints in WSL.

    Then the third placed Knights men take on fourth placed Panthers. 

    Let’s get to the LNER in numbers to cheer both Knights teams on.


    Is the Ladies game first up thought they kicked off at 5.30

  3. 11 minutes ago, Bullmania said:

    First try massive forward pass any York fan there knows it. second try hand gifted by the bulls with dropped ball.

    we had a lot time on York line never looked like scoring until 7 seconds from end we had a try rightful ruled out for been in touch other lines man that been given haha. 

    York the better team but miles off leigh and featherstone going off that evidence but I think even the hardcore York fans know that. 

    we defended much better than we have been but with are half backs we need someone in that’s going let both have the cuffs off.

    Think all Knights know were miles off Fev and Leigh, we've not spent anywhere near them but we're having a good season, I'd be more worried if I were a Bulls supporter, see you at the L.N.E.R. Stadium.

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  4. 2 hours ago, Stirlin said:

    From the General RL forum .


    Unsure if it’s already been mentioned but St George’s reserve trade back-rower Bailey Antrobus has signed for York.

    Welsh eligible and in the Wales long-squad for the World Cup. Fit as a fiddle and a powerful lad who got a bit fed up of being part of a positional experiment at SGI in playing on the wing in NSW Cup.

    Just seen that  looks a decent size  nowt to lose by looking at him, could be in contention for a game next week against Fax.

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  5. That's one of the four games played, a well deserved win with the Knights defence in superb form, onto the Bulls next a much harder game now Kears gone, a game we can win but it will be close, playing on a postage stamp of a pitch is never easy, Knights by 8.

  6. 42 minutes ago, georgeb1 said:

    good to see dedicated support , easy to watch a winning side .

    We've been there John, it's not nice getting beat every week, other supporters taking the urine, all clubs have bad spells I remember Wigan getting Relegated 

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