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  1. 15 players signed on, 11 backs think we need a few forwards.
  2. The Knights have named 17 players in the squad to face Leigh, Ellis and Edwards both drop out injured.
  3. Also joining the Knights lottery helps build the squad.
  4. Not upto now, but I can't see it.
  5. Brendan O'Hagan signs a two year deal, great news.
  6. Sam Davis has signed a permanent deal with London, Sam had been on loan at the Broncos for the last part of this season.
  7. Latest re-signing to be announced at 4 pm.
  8. Early 70s, if I remember we beat Leigh away 2 days before the Kiwi game, Keith Gullen was the fullback.
  9. Well you got that right Dewsbury did finish second, second bottom.
  10. Bookies got it about right but Newcastle and the Bulls they were well off.
  11. We named our eldest after Steve Quinn as well.
  12. Think most people would have picked the Bulls and Newcastle to be fighting for the play offs, Batley always do better than everyone expects, Worky were a shoe in for relegation and I was hoping for the Knights to make the play offs, which we managed, don't know how.
  13. Joe Brown it is, I'm happy with that.
  14. Could be Harris, three to re-sign in three days, Antrobus would be nice.
  15. No one expected us to beat Fax, so we have nothing to lose and all to play for, just hope it's not another blow out
  16. Bit in the Press that he will miss the Leigh game, at least he will be available for the final.
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