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  1. Good player, we have 2 good hookers I'm happy with them.
  2. Really can't see us making the mistake like we did last year hope not anyway, at a push Matty Marsh did a great job for us at halfback last season.
  3. No not as far as anyone knows, we have Liam Harris and Jamie Ellis signed on, can't see us signing Robbo as cover not with the money he'll want.
  4. Remember him at the Knights 10 years ago, wonder if he will be our new 13?, big shoes to fill if so, I'm happy with him signing for us, good player with plenty of experience and tackles plus he's played with Ellis at Leigh.
  5. Just been reading an article saying we have signed Jordan Thompson from Leigh.
  6. And how many away supporters, just incase some fans complain about the gate.
  7. Fordy must see something in him to give him a 2 year deal
  8. The 12th player to sign for the Knights on a two year deal is Jacob Ogden a 23 year old centre from London Broncos, Jacob is big mates with Sam Davis who also signed from London this week, welcome to the Knights Jacob.
  9. Only 23 that's the type of player we need.
  10. Especially when defending on their own try line to get the defence sorted.
  11. The 11th player to sign for next season is Sam Davis a hooker from London, welcome to the Knights Sam.
  12. Sam Davis a hooker from London is the 11th player to join the Knights for 2022.
  13. D/R looks to be back next season, I for one hope not.
  14. Wouldn't want to be Dewsbury, forever living in the shadow of Batley.
  15. Fev v Fax is always a win for Fax, I'm all for that lol
  16. You've got one or two I wouldn't mind at the Knights so if your getting rid don't forget us.
  17. Liam Harris is the 10th player to sign for 2022.
  18. Liam Harris is the 10th player to sign on for next season, many happy returns Liam, great to have you back on board.
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