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  1. Think the competition should be scrapped and the £250K divided between the none S/L clubs.
  2. In Fordy we trust, John Flatman said there are exciting times ahead for the Knights and the players we are linked with prove it.
  3. Think Fax are hoping to sign Liam Harris along with Robbo.
  4. Looks like he's off to Fax.
  5. Bull, a decent hard working forward.
  6. Have a look on Total rugby league news, he's asked about coming to the Knights.
  7. It would be really good if we could start the season in the new ground, 2021 season im talking about.
  8. London fans say he's a great scrumhalf, can also play hooker, seen him on utube fair turn of speed.
  9. Just listened to it, sounds like exciting times ahead.
  10. York City Knights have also pulled out of the cup.
  11. The Knights have pulled out of this years challenge cup.
  12. A bit in the Press saying theres a delay in finishing the stadium, thats a shock.
  13. Just watched him on Utube looks a class player, hope we do sign him, think he will be the first of many signings, a couple of this seasons players may have played their last game for the Knghts, age catches up with us all
  14. April next year theres a meeting to set a date for a meeting to decide what to do.
  15. It's his Lone Ranger mask that he's just bought
  16. They are talking of playing the 1865 cup as a round Robin comp, but I think the cost of tests will put a few clubs off.
  17. No, im off to Spain for Christmas, March is soon enough.
  18. Too true, waste of time and money may as well start afresh next year.
  19. Happy birthday John, at least the pubs are open, hope you have a great day.
  20. Most clubs cant afford the tests in the Championship and league one.
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