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  1. Brenden has arrived in U.K. so we may see him around York.
  2. Thats why the loan system is better, just having a player for short team, id make it that you can only have 2 loans per season.
  3. Think it will be one of the halfbacks as kicker.
  4. He played well on Saturday in the final till he got injured, think he'll do a great job for the Knights, id have him as assistant coach to Fordy.
  5. He will have plenty of time to get it right for next season.
  6. Read they were hoping to start in March and let spectators in in April.
  7. Normally about 2nd week in December, but who knows this year.
  8. Been watching a few clips of him, boy can he run cant wait for the season to start next year.
  9. The old stadium was called Clarence Street but it was actually on Wiggington Road.
  10. Up untill the 70s the Press report used to put improved the try when converting, those were the days when you went to the paper shop and bought the Sports Press an hour after the game finished.
  11. Brenden White Leeds and York was 6 foot 7 inches.
  12. Like the idea of no D.R. Should never have started it in the first place.
  13. Summer bash and Toulouse away 2 good weekends.
  14. Couldn't see Brad getting a game next season for the Knights, he always gave 100% and as you say thanks Brad.
  15. Captain Fantastic Tim Spears is the latest player to be announced for next year, great news.
  16. Hopefully a new halfback or a threequarter with a bit of speed, or even captain fantastic.
  17. 6pm on Wenesday our 26th player will be announced, wonder who?.
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