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  1. Must have watched that try hundred times, Butler-Fleming catches it every time and passes to Judah, the rest is history.
  2. Bored with no Knights games, so which is your favourite Knights game in the last couple of years?, hard to pick I know with lots of close games, mine would be Bulls away 2018 end to end game and a real 4 pointer, Knights fans turned up in their hundreds Kear saying the Knights couldnt handle the pressure, Bulls kept scoring everytime the Knights did, then in the last few minutes the Bulls kicked to the corner yet again but this time the Knights player caught it passed to Judah who ran the length of the pitch to win the game, all 4 games against the Bulls in the 2 years were great games, as were many more last season.
  3. Had a phone call yesterday from Danny Washbrook asking how I was and had a little chat, proud to be part of a fantastic club, thank you it makes a difference when you live alone in these uncertain times, thank you.
  4. Looks like its going to be months rather than weeks till we play again.
  5. No games till April 3rd at the earliest
  6. All we can do is wait and see, but its the not knowing thats the worrying thing.
  7. A few clubs could go to the wall if play is suspended for more than just a few weeks, what do you do, do players carry on training either alone or at the club, is the draw for the cup still on tonight?.
  8. Cant see any player playing for £100 plus winning bonus, players were getting that at Clarence St.
  9. Think your way off with your costs H.K.
  10. Theres talk of all pubs being shut from next week.
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