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  1. Sorry we were once as bad as you, maybe even worse know thats hard to believe but true, always remember your not Hunslet that will cheer you up.
  2. You have a decent signing in Jack, cant knock him just because he's left the Knights, think most fans wish him well.
  3. If he's at the Gala dinner tonight ill ask him, if not then I think he will have gone, no player is bigger than the club.
  4. Ronan Dixon is the latest player to resign for the Knights in 2020.
  5. Jack Blagbough has signed for Batley.
  6. Another big lad with some pace, next seasons squad is coming together nicely.
  7. 2020 Squad upto now, Jack Teanby, Jason Bass, Connor Robinson, Mat Chilton, Sam Scot, Joe Porter, Kriss Brining, Danny Washbrook, Chris Clarkson, James Green, Matty Marsh, Perry Whiteley, Ben Johnson. Ash Robson has signed for 2021.
  8. At least Harry had the sense not to sign for Hunslet, hes far too good for them hope he does well at Donny.
  9. Rory Dixon has signed for another year at the Eagles after he had a spell at Hunslet on loan last season.
  10. Think there will be a few more from last season moving on, either to another club or calling it a day, the days of signing players for life have long gone.
  11. Ben Johnson is the latest player to sign for 2020.
  12. Harrys signed for Donny, Donny have stopped their D/R. deal with Hull.
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