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  1. Our ground will be ready long before you have a decent ground.
  2. Good luck, hope you get to Wembley.
  3. And Batley were never off side, you should be a ref mate, the one eye you have has very poor vision, we wont mention how many high shots Batley got away with shall we.
  4. Judah is out for the rest of this season after his op.
  5. Cameron Scott has gone back, real shame.
  6. Dont think anythings been in the Press or radio York about it, come on Gav let the people of York know.
  7. The York fans are happy that they are safe from going down, we have one of the smallest budgets, a young squad of players with a couple of old heads thrown in, were more than happy that we are sitting second with 6 to play, it would be great if we did make the five at the end of the season, we dont have many good seasons at York so were really loving this one, sorry if were upsetting other fans by having one good season in twenty.
  8. Pick them up before game on Sunday.
  9. Put it on B.B.C. or channel 4 then I would cancel Sky and save 50 odd quid a month.
  10. Cant see you going down, all you have to play like that for next six games.
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