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  1. Sorry forgot about you money men lol.
  2. Big Mac has left Fev.
  3. Season tickets for next year go on sale from Wednesday, the price is frozen from this season.
  4. To be honest I don't think you had a chance of going up, hope Batley makes a game of it next week.
  5. Think the Knights start training in November and were about a dozen players short at the moment, we usually bring a couple in after the season kicks off, we need another hooker at least 5 props and a couple of back row forwards, it's going to be interesting who we sign.
  6. Well done on a great win today from a York fan.
  7. Out of the 15 player already signed on for next season, 6 are three quarters we need some big forwards, it's early days yet let's wait and see who we sign, think we have signed more than what's been announced todate
  8. Cant see the Knights winning now its 52 nil.
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