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  1. So had we, pity he didnt call it off at H.T.
  2. Theres a fair few on Facebook who say they are going, looks like Pub o'clock is the meeting place Friday evening and pre match Saturday.
  3. York also have a double header when we play Fev, Wakey are playing Toronto im looking forward to it a chance to see S,B,W, and a S/L game for free, whats not to like?.
  4. Now that would be a great beach towel.
  5. Saw that, thought it was strange but remembered its the Bulls were talking about.
  6. Anyone going on Sunday?, hoping we can improve on last weeks performance against Fax.
  7. 2005 is 3 years after the Knights were formed and they won promotion that year, we ran an A team and he could have been a trialist, dont think theres any chance of finding out for sure, what with moving grounds and not having a proper base.
  8. spanishknight

    D r

    See Cas are also D/R ing with Keighley.
  9. There's always the Bulls game Peter if your in better health.
  10. Cameron Scott signs a 2 year deal at Hull then joins Leigh on a year long loan.
  11. No Jonny left the club a couple of years ago.
  12. Sorry Deano didnt say you were.
  13. Cant knock the club, thinking of the fans first again and not leaving us wondering where we will be playing our first home game of the season.
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