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  1. When York ko they will know what they need todo.
  2. Think you could be right, 2 months ago we were in the bottom 3, then we won 9 out of 10 playing a lot of young lads, they should be even better players next season with this year's experience
  3. York had players missing last night also, we've had anything from 5 to 12 players missing all season, we just got on with it and played young lads.
  4. What a win, what a game, that's not good for my dicky ticker. 15 . 14 Harris drop goal
  5. Bit of a shock today, Barrow getting well beat at Newcastle.
  6. There's a bit in the Press saying Chris Clarkson is to retire at the end of the season, Clarkson been a brilliant signing for the Knights, thanks for pulling a Knights shirt on Chris.
  7. London Skolars have dropped out of league one, the last thing is you want to be down there.
  8. The Skolars are dropping out of league one next season, that leaves nine teams, so glad we're not down there.
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