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  1. Fordy wants to win every game, think most fans want to, so why stop now?.
  2. Yorks played 39, a few have only played 4 games or less.
  3. Cameron Scott is out for the rest of the season shoulder injury, hope we see him in a Knights shirt again, liked the look of him.
  4. Knights v Rovers take 4 should be a belter.
  5. Anyone know how it works, think 4th play 5th, but I know nothing about them, didnt want to jinx us till we qualified, thanks.
  6. Gary Cooper the ex York coach died at the weekend, York R.L. had a great time under Gary signing some real quality players and playing in front of huge crowds, R.I.P. Gary.
  7. Just because a player is on a big wage doesnt make him a better player, theres other things as well like heart ive seen plenty of good players on big money but no heart, give me a player who gives everything for his team mates rather than a big time Charlie.
  8. Looks like we could be signing another from Fax!
  9. We gave you a 12 point start and your still moaning, some people are never happy.
  10. Yea thats what being a fan is all about, were all the same our teams never off side and the other one is never on side.
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