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  1. No, im off to Spain for Christmas, March is soon enough.
  2. Too true, waste of time and money may as well start afresh next year.
  3. Happy birthday John, at least the pubs are open, hope you have a great day.
  4. Most clubs cant afford the tests in the Championship and league one.
  5. Just scrap this season and if everythings O.K. start next season in late February early March.
  6. Bit before my time Peter G, may remember it.
  7. Was that early 60s against Bramley?.
  8. Probably go to Leigh on loan, wouldnt mind him back at the Knights on a season long loan.
  9. A bit in the Press today saying the Kiwis will be based in York using the Knights facilities as will a few of the womens teams for next years world cup cant wait.
  10. Was watching last years games on Sky, John was in his usual pose, stood up with a pint in his hand.
  11. There's always.next year John, missing my rugby like hell wish I had a cat, then I'd have something to kick out of the window lol, take care mate.
  12. Just going by whats on F.B.
  13. Wonder if the Castleford cup tie will be the first at the new stadium?.
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