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  1. 1 hour ago, Roger York said:

    100% agree with this, I was talking to people yesterday and one guy was saying sign players now we don’t want to miss a year of super league. I had to tell him all the players have got clubs now you can’t just sign players to make a club a sustainable club.

    Hopefully by getting a academy we can start producing our own players tap the local area get the kids wanting to play for York building from the bottom up will always make the club stronger for the future.

    For me as a York fan I would like to see them Build and improve year on year if they get to super league(personally I prefer the champIonship) great but the main thing for me is to have a sustainable healthy club which will be here for many years to come.

    We have all heard the promises that new owners make covering all sports but at the moment I can only take him on his word he’s saying the right things and making sense but time will tell.

    I hear Clint is a lifelong Penrith Panthers maybe he could use his connections back in OZ to sign Nathan Cleary in 2023?? 😹

    Just watched a Q and A video of him, he's going to do everything right it's a long term job.

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  2. 6 minutes ago, Wiggyroad said:

    Could the club put on their site the interviews with the new chairman.I would think it is in every fans interest to hear what he has to say instead of getting a few lines on the press site available or on twitter

    It was on line Sunday.

  3. 1 hour ago, ATLANTISMAN said:

    Jon Flatman has been excellent and hopefully things will continue to progress York is a lovely club.

    (On another note I see on the RL Fans site that someone has done a hatchet job on him which is a bit unfair)

    Your always going to get someone slagging people off no matter how well they have done, best to just to ignore them

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Andrew Vause said:

    Not quite I'm afraid, my boy is 9 now and watches Rovers regularly, he used to go to away games but hasn't had the confidence to go away  since August 2019 now after an unsavoury event at Bootham crescent which almost resulted in him being knocked down by a car. 

    The back story to this was that my son and I had been in the main stand sat down with the York supporters. We cheered when we (Alex Sutcliffe) scored and TBF there was no problem. However later in the first half Dane was sin binned and the amount of effing and c ing and questioning his parentage that followed his dismissal wasn't suitable for my lad so I took him out of the stand. As we got to the bottom of the stand I noticed Dane's partner and their little child, she was visibly frightened (TBF the fans didn't know who she was but it still wasn't pleasant for her to hear this sort of treatment) We went asked steward to open a gate and let us in to the Fev section. 

    After about 65 minutes my lad was still on edge and asked if we could leave early. I agreed and took him out as we had just exited the stadium on the terraced houses street  a man of about 40 years in a wheelchair greeted us (we both had Fev shirts on) with 'you Featherstone c***s' 

    To which my son panicked and ran away across the road without looking, thankfully a car driver saw him and slowed down in time. 

    I get that this idiot was a member of the public and not necessarily a knights' fan but it seemed a terrifying scenario to a 7 year old at the time. 

    He also knew that in his predicament that no one would have a go back at him so used his abuse as a 'free shot'. 

    In summary, many teams have fans that are not doing their teams a favour, yes some more than others. However for the ones dishing abuse out, think about who maybe sat around you. 

    I remember we played Fulham in 1982, a member of our support was giving Neil Tuffs (on Fulham duty that day) some horrible abuse. 

    The bloke didn't realise  Neil's brother and Alsatian were stood just behind him, let's say that it was lesson learnt for said bloke. 


    Sorry to hear that Andrew, as you say all clubs have idiots no matter how small, can't understand them at all all I want to do is watch and enjoy a game of rugby and hope my team manages a win.


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  5. 2 minutes ago, georgeb1 said:

    Good workout for the boy's today , obviously outclassed by the fulltime side , nice to see so many cas fan's in a circa 3500 crowd , just a shame that only 1 stand was open , many arriving after 2.45 forced to sit in the corners plus stewards constantly asking people to move, the club and stadium management knew a large crowd would be present ,  just hope theve Learnt from this and not put potential new fan's off .

    How come City have more stands open but we only ever have one, it will be another good crowd when we play Fev.

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  6. Thanks Jon, you've  been great for the Knights and great for rugby league in York, I can't thank you enough for all that you have done for us fans who have been unwell,  private message gives a great lift when life's not going well, good luck in the future in whatever you do,  thanks again.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Fevrover said:

    Sorry not sure. Spanishknight will come to our rescue no doubt  lol.

    My son did it for me, I'm an old codger as well, think you can either ring them or go on line sorry I'm not much help.


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