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  1. Should be a belter of a game they look a lot better than when we beat them in the cup, understand Ogden, Davis who scored 2 tries and two of the young lads played for the Rhinos resereves last week, keeps them fit for us if true, think I'd play Davis and rest Kriss he seems to be getting plenty of knocks this year.

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  2. Great game last night on Premier Sports HKR v Castleford, Premiers coverage is so much better than Sky's, the game could have gone either way at 12 10 hope Mikey Lewis injury is not too bad, what a player he's turning out to be.

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  3. 2 hours ago, Raiderfan67 said:

    Something like this has been coming for a few games now in my opinion ( although I didn't expect it to be as bad as this) I've seen a fair bit of "niggle" creeping into his game recently when he has been tackled and it's a crying shame because in attack he is one of the most gifted and exciting players I've seen in a Barrow shirt for a long time. 

    I noticed that, my son said that's one of the reasons Hull got rid he thought he was something special, too good for them.

  4. 23 minutes ago, TheYoungBaron said:

    1983 was a good year...

    What was the year we beat them four times, Godfrey scoring in the corner at their place?.

  5. Just now, Wiggyroad said:

    Totally agree.SK is very good at dishing out his opinion , but isn't respectful of other fans fair opinions. 

    What are you on about,  people are complaining about games being played at other times than 3pm on a Sunday, all I said was just as well we're not in S/L as a lot of our games wouldn't be at that time, sorry if your offended by that.

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  6. 7 minutes ago, georgeb1 said:

    Different ball game john as you know what you're getting when you buy that season ticket.

    Next season will be the same as this in the championship, no matter what time games are played people will moan.

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  7. 12 hours ago, Wiggyroad said:

    I said this from when it was first announced. I still say it won't work long term and once again for me it is another game I won't be able to attend.My season ticket is a waste of time and I won't renew it next season 

    Let's hope we never get into Super League then.

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