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  1. Wakefield Cas Leeds Hudds Wigan Saints Catalan Hull FC Hull KR Wire Bradford Toulouse Newcastle London
  2. As a Wakey fan then David Solomona for me, I've never seen someone able to offload like he could - unreal and at nearly every play too
  3. Yeah theres obviously gonna be dud games but generally I've really enjoyed the games so far, unpredictable and no shortage of skill on show. Literally been watching every televised game I can get my hands on and the our league app games too.
  4. Great show, always thought McDermott was a bit of a mardy, stern sod because he was military but he explains himself really well and actually comes across as a really well rounded and decent bloke. Enjoyed that.
  5. I go down and watch the Steelers a few times a year, you learn to work out where its going from the shape and movements of the players. Great sport, probably next after rugby for me.
  6. He's just hanging around spoons regaling the regulars with his tale of being saved from drowning by the happy mondays still. Unlikely to be selected for the Hull game
  7. Potential to be a tasty one this. Wakey looking to string a couple of wins together, Hull wounded after throwing away 18 point lead at home. Think it should be a good game under the lights and gonna go for Wakey to nick it by 6
  8. Alex Walker made his debut at Salford and was pretty poor to be fair, looked dangerous when trying to find a gap but kept falling on his backside. Think he will come good though. Brad Walker has gone out on loan to Newcastle I think
  9. Lynes quality if he gets good ball, strong and hard to bring down and can put his winger away. Not really pulled up any trees last season because Wakey have had to go back to basic rugby to keep up with the injuries but he's definitely worth a shout. Ashurst should be there too for me.
  10. Black Horse next to theatre royal should have it on. Elephant and Castle used to but under new ownership and not sure, but thats nearby. Who in gods name is running coach trips to Wakey by the way? ?
  11. Good win for Wakey this - we still looked a bit devoid of ideas attacking the line and unable to create overlaps but made up for it with a really dominant performance from the pack and strong running from the likes of Atkins and Tupou. Thought Jowitt went really well at half back and as an added bonus Miller stepped up his game and started taking the line on again, which is one of his strengths. I think Salford have been suckered in by Pauli as well, Salford fans raving about him at half time because he made a couple of bullying runs but the man is a complete liability in defence. No lateral movement at all and blowing out his backside for long periods. Think the reduction down to 8 interchanges has made players like him not viable.
  12. Think hes done enough to see how he does this year, Youve got a good team on paper and plenty of teams are misfiring at this stage of the season.
  13. Well no, but the poster I was quoting had said they dont get the idea behind magic. I have no idea as regards the Bash, probably similar but on a smaller scale?
  14. Magic is just a great weekend to go and celebrate the game with thousands of RL fans, in a really cool city at a great stadium. Its also a money spinner for the game. Me and the mrs go every year, wouldnt miss it!
  15. Just listened to this, like the format and the guys know what they are talking about. I struggle with Forty 20 as they are all about the big concepts but dont really talk about the games and lack of any structure can make it a bit of a ramble. Super League Pod is still the best for me, you get reviews and predictions from fans who have actually been to the games, not just blokes who might have seen the highlights waffling on about stuff that sounds good.
  16. Difficult one to call this. We put in an excellent heavy pitch performance to see off the much vaunted Warrington outfit and conditions are gonna be the same again. Cas always seem to hit a decent level of performance though, they dont often have stinkers and they have a massive hoodoo over us at the minute, so who knows? Either a narrow Wakey win or the usual hiding that Cas dish out to us
  17. I dont think you're giving the Wakey pack enough credit. More than matched Wire in the middle and put in some great hits in defence. Really stuck to the task and didn't let them get their offloading game going. Discipline much better than HKR as well. We deserved the win imo
  18. Touch and go, its chucking it down atm but meant to dry up tomorrow. Just real high winds
  19. He's due back any time now but squad not been announced yet. Doctors have given him the all clear but he has some pain in his foot.
  20. I dunno, I think theres a time and a place for Wagga - I get why some would cringe at his antics but when you're doing silly stuff like throwing a rugby ball at skittles and the like he's quite energetic and could bring positive energy. I think JJB and Simmons are pretty presentable too and have been good when on stage doing interviews and stuff.
  21. Great idea to have it more central, not many non RL people are gonna be milling around St James Park
  22. Hardly surprising, Saracens got fined for salary cap breaches - £12m . That would bankrupt our entire top division
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