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  1. I dont think you're giving the Wakey pack enough credit. More than matched Wire in the middle and put in some great hits in defence. Really stuck to the task and didn't let them get their offloading game going. Discipline much better than HKR as well. We deserved the win imo
  2. Touch and go, its chucking it down atm but meant to dry up tomorrow. Just real high winds
  3. He's due back any time now but squad not been announced yet. Doctors have given him the all clear but he has some pain in his foot.
  4. I dunno, I think theres a time and a place for Wagga - I get why some would cringe at his antics but when you're doing silly stuff like throwing a rugby ball at skittles and the like he's quite energetic and could bring positive energy. I think JJB and Simmons are pretty presentable too and have been good when on stage doing interviews and stuff.
  5. Great idea to have it more central, not many non RL people are gonna be milling around St James Park
  6. Hardly surprising, Saracens got fined for salary cap breaches - £12m . That would bankrupt our entire top division
  7. Im all for getting rid of it and full SL implementation of the reserve grade. Not too sure how it would affect champ clubs, maybe more opportunities for other youngsters to come through? Also it cant be good for the fans of Batley and Fev to see all these kids coming and going all the time from their team
  8. I'm a Wakey fan but he looked decent. Looked like he'd played for em for years
  9. Ludicrous. Whenever Chester had had a fit side to select, he has delivered good results and attractive rugby. We have just not had that for over half of last year and start of this year. He was in the running for coach of the year at the end of 2018. Cant do much when your pack is getting flattened every week due to lack of manpower.
  10. Tough one to call, both seem to have a stinker of a first game. Wakey without their key playmaker in Brough too. Catalans nick it for me
  11. Way too harsh all this. Chester has been successful whenever he hasnt had half his squad in the treatment room. He was right up there for coach of the year at the end of 2018. We went well until our team disintegrated. This Chester out stuff is absolute pony! Give the lad a chance, he's earned that with the 2 top 8 finishes.
  12. Pretty grim but not the end of the world. Both sides made plenty of handling errors but ours were just at times that killed our momentum. Nothing we tried came off, KR had marginally more success and handled the conditions better. I'll start worrying once we've got our big guns back and we're still poor
  13. Yeah Brough is looking past it now sadly but I think Miller looked a lot stronger after Chester took the reins off him a bit and he stopped just doing that tedious drop off play. I think Green and Tangata are both upgrades on England and Hirst too. I get what you mean about Westerman but he's a real handful if we can get him performing to even just a reasonable level. Plus having TJ back is like a new signing, Walker lets Rocky pressure the halves for a spot and then Batch is another year older too. I think we're stronger but I take your point defensively
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