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  1. Wakey out of form but getting some bodies back. Should be a tough one but think Wakey sneak it by 6-8
  2. Yeah exactly, I (and i suspect most people) watch rugby for the big hits, skilful handling, powerful running and acrobatic tries. I dont give a flying one about whether or not a player touched the ball with his foot at the PTB. I think we need to find a way to make the hard northerner thing work for us, I can understand why its not a fashionable game but surely we have the ability to turn that round somewhat.
  3. Tough gig this one after the degrading loss to London. Wakey having a bit of a wobble and Catalans look strong - but Wakey always seem to turn up against the odds. Wakey by 12
  4. We've signed Sau for cover in the backs and Tanginoa for the pack. Only been a bit part player for us and never really hit the heights that he has done before. Will miss him though, nice bloke and a great squadman
  5. Tanginoa is another one, could be rocks or diamonds. Hes a beast, breaks tackles and runs hard, but can't do big minutes and struggles defending side to side. An upgrade on Pauli though to be sure
  6. I dont think there's anything wrong with the decision to go to Liverpool, just crazy to do it at a time when all the cities hotels are booked up for something else. Im gonna go but just for the Saturday, done the full weekend for 6 years running
  7. Wakey should have this one comfortably but thought that before. Will be going down there much more respectful and humble than I was before!
  8. Its beyond pathetic the abuse the refs get at the games. My own clubs fans are some of the worst for it as well. No ref goes out onto the field to cheat, if he has a bad game or makes a few 50/50 calls against your team, he isnt bent, he's just calling it as he sees it. If we gave these lads time to develop in confidence and ability, instead of hammering every mistake and calling them cheats, we wouldnt be having inexperienced refs running SL matches. Self fulfilling prophecy.
  9. Haha I was at that game - Wood was getting boo'd and he kept turning his back to the fans and bending over, then got his ###### out. Really poor from both him and the Wire club. Funny to look back on now though
  10. Yep Leeds were by far the most dominant in the 1st half. All the territory, all the possession. It was only through those 2 breakaway tries we went in level. A better team would have put us to the sword. Was pleased to see how they kept probing and attacking that left edge of Kershaw and MCB but they held strong for much of the game. We raised our game in 2nd half and were clinical when we found gaps or punished mistakes. Really pleasing win with that injury list and always a pleasure to send the fat unicorns home with nothing!
  11. Indeed the volunteers and way that Fev have gone about their business in general has been exemplary and they deserve a lot of kudos. However, they have significant assets around the area, which they have used to good effect. For EG https://www.pontefractandcastlefordexpress.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/featherstone-rovers/featherstone-shareholders-vote-through-development-plan-1-9411465
  12. Not really embarrassing, both those clubs had big assets in the form of land around the stadium that they have been able to sell off in order to fund their ground developments.
  13. Like for like, Wakey are up about 6% attendances vs same opponents this year
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