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  1. Could this be the turning point of our season?

    Just lets hope we can get a decent side out this weekend. Does anybody know where I can get tickets to get in and will we let it Widnes supporters?

  2. 68 nil. means they scored every 7 minutes! I suppose there will be injuries or players crying off for the easy game at York. I can't see anything else but another pasting with the present attitude. NO PRIDE IN THE SHIRT. I am embarrassed to be an Oldham supporter and it hurts saying that after 60 years of watching Oldham, home and away.

    I'l probably find something else to do when they lose at home to Widnes - like weeding the garden.

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  3. Interesting reading today about the Featherstone game, it appears THEY changed the fixture date from Sunday so THEY could get spectators into the ground. I'd like to know can a club change a fixture date because it suits them? If that's the case let's make it as awkward as possible when THEY come to us.

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  4. Every game we get another injury. At the moment I haven't a clue who is fit and who is injured or who can't play for whatever reason.

    If anyone knows anything could they post it on this page.

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  5. Who will get dropped and for whom?

    Did we make ONE break  - i don't think so! That's EIGHT tries (London/Whitehaven) we have given the opposition - nobody, as fas I can remember, have given us anything.

    I thought the referee was probably the best I have seen for a long time - so, sadly I can't even blame him. 

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  6. Why did Diskin put Abram in at scrum half, sadly nice enough player but never a scrum half at this level.?

    I thought we had a ready made lad who should have been given his chance. I can't think of his name - I suppose can't think of his name either!

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