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  1. What time tonight? Let's hope it's either another halfback or a loose forward.
  2. Do any of you remember when the club invited supporters to invest in the club. I still have my investing certificates. Does that mean I own part of the club?
  3. jroyales

    Next season

    Heard somewhere that scrums or getting down for a chat are back next season.
  4. It's all gone very quiet - so is that it?
  5. We always stood in the main stand behind the posts and on the day 'sheddings died, I put my lad on my shoulders and pulled off the exit sign that we had passed under for years - that's now on my shed door. I went back during the week after. The pitch had gone, the main stand had been dropped. I picked up a red and white brick from the back of "my stand" and another from the pavilion. They are safely stored again in my "'sheddings" shed! To add to the collection I took five pieces of ivy from the players entrance. Four died but one is now covering my garden fence. Memories!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Agreeing that the state of RL is in a perilous state, I look back at how RU was a lot worse off than RL. So the question I'm posing is how did they turn it round, with what is a poorer product, into the phenomenal success it is now.
  7. Always wondered why "Hornets"?
  8. How many have Swinton taken on? Still would have liked Charnock at loose forward. Just let's hope they play him at stand off!!
  9. When I started watching our great club we were simply Oldham Football Club. We don't need bears, roughyeds, sharks. hairnets, warriors - we are OLDHAM.
  10. From that list I would take Barran - half back cover, Charnock - loose forward and Pick for his experience.
  11. It doesn't matter what badge they wear as long as they wear it with pride. However, why not give the challenge to the schools and see what they come up with.
  12. I hadn't forgot Ridyard - surely there must have been more. Can I again suggest we get Charnock at loose forward. Or has he gone to Swinton as well.
  13. Just curious, why haven't any of Littler's players joined him from Swinton?
  14. What's happened to Charnock? I feel he could fit in nicely at loose forward.
  15. jroyales

    2022 squad

    I can't understand why you have signed so many Oldham players. On the two occasions we played you, you were by far the better side. The players you have taken on board did absolutely nothing last season, just let the club and spectators down. I just hope they prove me wrong next season - I wouldn't hold your breath!
  16. Tandle with your wonderful insight into Oldham I hope you will attend any public meeting organised by John so as to enable you to put everything straight!
  17. Just what are you talking about? That season has gone let's look forward to a new and better one.
  18. All the best John. Just get our great team playing in Oldham and get our great amateur clubs onside working with us. Can I also suggest getting into the schools so creating a young Yeds following. Can I also suggest you get Julie on board at some level because she had some great ideas. And finally find a couple of millionaires so as to make us a real force again.
  19. NO! He'll still be there and the rest will have left.
  20. Why condolences? Anything is better than what we have had to put up with since CH took over and destroyed our great club!
  21. All the best for tomorrow. If anyone deserves to go up it's you. From an Oldham Fan.
  22. Can't see me going. I feel that voting for a player who is moving on when the club needs him is a non-brainer. I'd prefer to vote for the highlight of the season - that would be Dupree's try against Newcastle.
  23. I'm not questioning your maths Dave but who are the 19 left? From what's been said 14 players have joined other clubs and 4 have retired - I didn't think we had squad of 37 last season.
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