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  1. It's inevitable that there will be a breakaway of sooperdooper league clubs, and it can't come soon enough! The rest can have their own competitions with promotion and relegation. At the moment and what is being proposed, is the boring product being controlled by the so-called elite. It's them who are taking away competition and the whatif thinking.
  2. It would be nice to get Wardy back.
  3. On a serious note, Anita, where are you playing next season?
  4. On the tram last weekend going to the RLWC final I was chatting to a chap from Leigh. I asked him about the rebrand asking what it now was. With the noise on the tram his strong accent, I was convinced he said Leigh Lepers! I was soon corrected by a pie eater.
  5. Anita, have you got a side for next season with so many leaving for better clubs?
  6. I was at the RLWC final yesterday, and the day was tremendous, except for the Aussies winning. Before the game, outside the stadium there were hundreds of Samoans singing and dancing waving flags and creating a fantastic atmosphere. The game was predictable, but the best part of the day was when Kevin Sinfield came onto the pitch, even now writing this the hairs on my arms are standing up! Well done, Kev. It makes me proud that I know you and he's a Yonner.
  7. The squad is looking really good, my concern is who is going to play scrumhalf and the need for more props. Those of us who watch games in this division will agree it tends to be dominated by sides with big, good and experienced props.
  8. Never doubted CH for a minute!!!!!!!
  9. Things have gone quiet on McNally. Has he gone somewhere else?
  10. Ows yoor scwad cumintoogether overt thill?
  11. I should have said here's to the next exciting 25 years, not 2! In fact, I'd be happy with ONE!!!!!!
  12. Looking forward to the next 2 years!
  13. Not long then. The way things are going one name a week we will have 6 more players! Can't someone nudge Chris into sharing with the loyal fanbase ANYTHING?
  14. I'm not bothered, just get them named so as to create a bit of interest.
  15. When does preseason training start? At the moment we have 7 players signed for next season BUT two of them won't be available for the opening games. On this blog someone said we are getting some high-quality players for what is a massive season if the changes to RL go ahead. Any news about BP - it's all gone very quiet. On a positive note ............................................................
  16. Looking at the new squad, I can't see Ridyard's name or Hewitt's! Again, we have a problem at the start of the season with Cameron out for half of the season and Whittel out for four games. Sadly, with the Hornets having major problems couldn't we pick up one or two of their players. One who springs to mind is the prop Bennion.
  17. jroyales

    John Roddy

    What next? Hopefully Frank at the Latics will jump into his shoes and pour millions into the club. Woke up and I realised it was just another dream.
  18. Two down twenty odd to go.
  19. Sadly, Hewitt never really fulfilled the promise he showed in his first season with us. Sheffield saw his potential and like I said it never materialised. Besides that, we need a new and different player at 7.
  20. One of the comments was about getting more people playing. Schools no longer play rugby, and the amateur game is struggling with summer rugby. It finds it hard to compete with everything else that goes on in summer. So why not let the amateur game revert to winter - let's be honest our winters are just cold summers. With regards to the "new" idea, it didn't work before, and I can't see it working now. It's like the recent budget "money for the big boys and stuff the rest."
  21. All the best for the off-season and I hope you can hold on to some of your quality players for next season.
  22. It's a good job there are people around to put us straight BSJ. Just give us something to look forward to for next season!
  23. All gone quiet. Are we, yet again, waiting for all the decent players to be signed up than we take what's left? If all the sounds are correct about changes to the divisions, 23 - 24 is a massive season for us. If we just leave it i.e., signing players for next year, we could be out of semi-professional rugby altogether.
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