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  1. Fact. Wasnt on at Batley match.Asked Bev why, she said the punters had asked for Carlsberg back
  2. More bad news, San Miguel's gone from south stand bar.
  3. Would'nt it have been easier just to write the friends name and address on the back of the match ticket.
  4. Wish i'd been asked, cant stand Friday night games. If we've no spare cash why waste it on electricity for the floodlights?
  5. Don't worry BSJ, they are all on a diet of junk food and beer at the moment, so they should have put a bit of weight on by the start of the season.
  6. DREMA hasn't existed for quite some time Grumpy. As far as I know our contributions somehow end up being part of the Leedsline lottery. Many supporters I know don't use on line facilities ,so although Toms initiative is to be applauded, it won't reach all our non tech supporters. As Creditwhereitsdew says, the office staff and officials are far too laid back and don't seem to care about missed opportunities .So as well as this new initiative from Tom, Mr Sawyer should deliver a kick up the backside to his employees.
  7. Make sure the heatings going to be on,it's to be cold on friday night.
  8. Would be a bit of a one sided game if the home team won match two and the away team won match 3,then drew each other.
  9. Make it none short.i'm in .I'll see you at a match
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