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  1. Members’ club, not member’s club, otherwise it would be a membership of one club!
  2. I’m another who didn’t receive the email, but I have now read it. When I collected my ST I mentioned that I no longer received emails from the club and was told that it might be to do with the new data protection law. I gave my details again and was assured it would be back to normal! Anyway I think it’s a case of...and now relax.
  3. If we return to playing I think it will be 22-3 for no promotion/relegation with or without spectators watching the games.
  4. Neither will I. To get to Scarborough that evening, the journey had to be made through some heavy fog.
  5. Eddie, Eddie! Great news; I sincerely hope he and the country do well in the game.
  6. During our, so far, short season, has any player caught your eye? The one for me has been Connor Scott, who I expected to be simply one to make up the numbers, but has been really good. He has scored tries and burst through defences.
  7. Yes I recall him kicking drop goals, but I took the ‘G’ written in the programme to mean a place kick.
  8. The 3d programme . I used to fold mine so that I could just read the teams (as I did latterly with the team sheets). Had a Cross’s pie just the other day, but I don’t think the other advertisers are extant. Surprised David Tolson was on the wing in preference to Geoff Marsh, but I liked the rest of the threequarters. I cannot recall Alvin Newall ever kicking a goal though. On the Salford side, Les Bettinson was a class centre and I think no. 12 Might have been Aiden Breen, ex Huddersfield winger.
  9. The greatest let down for me was a signing that didn’t take place. Well it did, but... I’ll try and explain. We agreed a swap deal with Bradford Northern whereby Peter Mullins transferred to the Odsal club and their scrum half (Barry Seabourne I believe) was signed by us - note that. Said player never want to move and didn’t put pen to paper. Clive Wilsher in the sixties. He managed to score a try against Cas, but he should have been stopped. The line in front of him was wide open, but instead of crossing the line and then touching down near the posts, he decided to cut inside first and eventually did score amidst a mass of bodies. Whatever happened to him? In the fifties we had two props who went by the names of Judge and Dolan. I know little about them, but on taking parental guidance, agreed they were useless. They played regularly and took their weekly match fees until retirement I guess. What became of them I wonder? Derrell Olpherts. Let down for us because he wasn’t given the chance. Wonder where he is now? In the same category, but as coach, my nomination would be Glenn Morrison. It took us some time to realise he wasn’t a good coach, but yes, a good player. What’s he doing these days? In the refereeing section, it must go to a man by the name of Mr Meskimmon of Brighouse. Not a let down for us because he allowed Jim Naylor (I think) to take a pass, run 25 yards unopposed and score the winning try at Central Park. Unopposed because all the Wigan players stopped for the referee to blow for a forward pass. Result: Wigan 5-11 Dewxbury (I met my hero, Billy Boston in the bar afterwards). Result for the referee: never heard of again, lost in the fog of that evening probably
  10. So have I and wasn’t the final try just great! That cannot be said of the Dews v Oldham Game, April 2017. When 24-6 up we carried an Oldham player over the line and allowed him to score with about four defenders hanging in him. We lost 24-28. Following that I witnessed the build up and after match joy when Sharlston beat us in the cup with Andy Fisher as our player-coach and Martin Wood his opposite number in 2007. Martin Wood, endlessly the scourge of Dewsbury.
  11. I can’t vote as I am not on Twitter.
  12. It’s a sad time for you losing your mum and also for we supporters to lose one of our followers.
  13. I think we are all in agreement with the comments made by Therein73. Not only did he have the excellent notion to bring Dave Busfield to the club, but Jack also grabbed Nigel Stephenson back from Wakefield. Much admired by everyone, so how do we replace him?
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