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  1. My prediction is slightly different: 1. Leigh 2. Featherstone 3. Toulouse 4. London 5. York 6. Halifax 7. Widnes 8. Sheffield 9. Bradford 10. Dewsbury 11. Batley 12. Swinton 13. Whitehaven 14. Oldham I selected Leigh as top dog because, with all that fire power and umpteen half backs, they should be strong, but so should Fev., so wouldn’t be surprised if my 1 and 2 are reversed.
  2. I thought Keighley did well, stuck to their task and didn’t let our half time lead worry them (after all, they did have the slope in their favour in the second half to help them). Immediately after scoring our third try someone threw out a pass which was nicely intercepted and brought Keighley right back into the game with a try. Joe Martin knee it would be a score as he didn’t bother to give chase. In the second half Keighley were keen to sweep the ball left to use Jake Webster to the full and Jason Muranka must have been delighted to score the winning try against his former club. I thought Dewsbury should have made more of attacking chances, but unnecessary passing spoilt some of those moves and we are still giving away silly penalties and missing tackles which can only aid the opposition. Much work and improvements are still required if we are to have a better season than the last. I don’t think I saw any positives today.
  3. With fiendlies you just never know what will happen with many players likely to play, some for disproportionate amounts of time to others and some a bit rusty, but I’ll be there to find out. Let’s go for: Keighley 22 - 36 Dewsbury FTS: Oakes MoM: Martin Att: 586
  4. I agree that he is our best player in all you say; it’s just that he wasn’t on Boxing Day. Ryder is certainly a good player, but he has a long way to go to achieve Sykes’ status in the game.
  5. I’m all for playing the ball correctly - by using the heel and I do hope it is policed fairly. I also would like to see contested scrums again.
  6. We don’t want that stadium in the Championship, but the Wakefield club was promoted on false promises wasn’t it, so it probably belongs in the second tier doesn’t it?
  7. How do YOU know the clubs agreed?
  8. I don’t foresee the kick off time affecting me, but feel that we Fans should have been considered before establishing that starting time. At least then, we could have put forward our multiple choices for kick off times for OuRLeague to mull over, but that could create havoc at whomsoever heads OuRLeague and thus our ideas would be cast aside. Now that’s probably why the long-suffering fan has been ignored.
  9. Nice one BSJ, but as you suggested (in parentheses), this is where I nip in and ruffle some feathers by stating that the next decade does not begin until 2021!
  10. It only became so thanks to the Conservatives changing local boundaries from 1974. It’ll always be in Lancashire in my book.
  11. He is the one Coolie. Ours is an inclusive club, as besides our Yorkshiremen, we have: one Welshman (who may, or may not, sing) one Vegan Jamaican (of whim LG enjoyed pointing that out) one Scotsman (who is really English, but gets to play an international through ancestry) one Irishman (who only wants to play for his country in warmer climes) and: two Lancastrians!
  12. Perhaps my glass was half empty.
  13. Thanks for the correction Graham.
  14. Yes, I agree that it was a proper game for once and substitutes looked to be used in a considered manner and not simply shoved on and off willy-nilly. I don’t think we can assess individual performances yet as they need playing time to settle in. I also agree that Batley had the better forwards on the day, but our backs, in the second half anyway, looked sharp. Sykes outstanding? Missed an easy conversion and who passed the ball which was intercepted and who gave away the penalty which allowed Batley to draw?
  15. How ungrateful you are - he gave you a penalty allowing you to to equalise.
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