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  1. Is it 1st April already-or is it simply Paper Talk?
  2. I wish we could be included once again.
  3. When Iggy lost the ball (and probably substituted himself immediately afterwards) and Fairbank scored, I thought heads would go down and Halifax would then score aplenty. When Iggy was on the field I thought he did okay, but with him off, the team then played well and thanks to Worrincy’s timely interception we got right back into the game and we dared to wonder if we could get a result. A draw is a result isn’t it? The relief of getting a draw certainly is.
  4. If Halifax have a full strength team out then they mean business. Dewsbury 12-36 Halifax FTS: Gabriel MoM: Martin Att: 1046
  5. I think not PM. Dom has his own business as a personal trainer and I doubt he will be doing as you suggest whilst he is on holiday.
  6. We may have to find another player as Annakin is in the Wakefield squad for tonight’s match at Wigan.
  7. We could, but how long would it last? It has failed in Hull.
  8. I can’t see Toulouse dropping their guard for anyone, especially after being beaten by Swinton and allowing Bradford to grab the spoils. They now have to concentrate on winning their remaining games for a second place finish. Halifax will be buoyed by that victory over Widnes and need to be seen to be on the up when facing the Saints. Batley, as BSJ so rightly bemoans, is the team we cannot beat when it matters. Fev and Bradford will most likely ‘do’ us, so that leaves Rochdale, a team we should beat, but so we should have done against Runcorn all those years ago and Widnes at home - well we beat them on their ground for the first time since who knows when - and that currently is a really hit and miss team if ever there was one. I’m going to now suggest we gain victories over Rochdale, Widnes and, possibly, Halifax. Gulp! What have I done?
  9. They don’t do any checking at Dewsbury.
  10. Hrmmph! This was certainly one we could/should have one, but for two silly penalties resulting in two tries and two conversations to one try disallowed for obstruction which a lot of us missed.
  11. This will be a tough one to win and with that strong side the Eagles are putting out I can see only the home team coming out on top: Sheffield 42-12 Dewsbury FTS: Ryder MoM: Speakman Att: 702
  12. Trout the Younger is my guess.
  13. It’s the money, unless the player has wronged the club.
  14. Eight points up early in the second half, Barrow took the opposite option and got 2 easy points from a penalty goal. Stupid decision; had they taken a tap, momentum would have seen them score and likely won the game. Just shows there’s no knowing which decision is right until after the event.
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