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  1. I remember him playing for Halifax reserves against us. Must have been the surname that struck!
  2. Will that be on Boxing Day do you think?
  3. I do believe they are entering next season, but playing in this country.
  4. It is our Chairman’s 24.99% investment in shares of the Bradford club and we supporters’ quandaries about that investment which brought about the Fans’ Forum. Does that answer your point, or if not, what will?
  5. We also know that Day can play on the wing, both wings in one game recently!
  6. Enjoy the visit, but you might be alone.
  7. Grumpy might find more cheer in a couple of San Miguels.
  8. Not sure it would be a first for Dewsbury; how old were Johnny Bullock and Alvin Newall? They always looked old to me.
  9. Good, quick decision by both of you on the "committe" as I indicated to Graham, sarcastic though it may have seemed.
  10. There is to be a Fans’ Forum next Wednesday, details below: https://dewsburyrams.co.uk/2019/10/24/rams-fans-for Wonder if our Chairman’s entry will be accompanied by “Would I Lie to You” by Charles and Eddie?
  11. Thank you Graham, I fully understand the need to be quick. Well done the Dewsbury Faithful “committee”!
  12. Did we help them then (Bradford Northern (1964) Ltd), as I cannot recall?
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