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  1. He had a great season this year and don’t think he’d let us down in the Championship even at his age. I would like to see him go with us again.
  2. “We are waiting!” is simply slotted there in readiness for when we are drip fed the names.
  3. If we have only SL and the Championship next season, what’s the point of the League 1 play-offs this season, if not only for kudos?
  4. https://dewsburyrams.co.uk/2023/09/13/rams-nominated-for-awards/ I wish them the best of luck.
  5. I keep coming across “the usual suspects”, but who were they?
  6. What’s the point of that? Not all will want to be coaching.
  7. Do we know if Dale Ferguson has aspirations to be a coach?
  8. Of those 20+ applicants, you can bet around half the number will from no-hopers who just put their name forward, probably to every club seeking a new coach. It takes time to sift through all the names, thus slowing down the process of appointing a new head coach.
  9. As with Nick, my favourite was the long range effort at the Hurricanes match, finished by Lewis. That score, I believe, made the home side realise that they could do no more. Ronan’s try soon after saw to that.
  10. SUNDAY 3rd SEPTEMBER Betfred League One - Qualifying Play-Off Doncaster 30-24 Oldham Betfred League One - Elimination Play-Off Workington Town 36-12 North Wales Crusaders
  11. Newcastle Thunder v Toulouse Olympique by 10 Bradford Bulls 18-44 Featherstone Rovers Keighley Cougars 16-24 Barrow Raiders Newcastle Thunder 12-38 Toulouse Olympique Sheffield Eagles 36-6 London Broncos Whitehaven 10-28 Halifax Panthers Widnes Vikings 20-12 Batley Bulldogs York Knights 34-18 Swinton Lions
  12. It was a most entertaining match, but we probably relaxed once we scored 26! BSJ reckons the referee and his cohorts didn’t cost us the game, but they contributed to our downfall. Ridiculous number of set restarts for some unfathomable reasons and they failed to see any forward passes, except when the Donny players hoodwinked the TJ into seeing one of ours, that probably wasn’t one, which then resulted in a try from the ensuing scrum. LE gave the penalty count as 3-2 in the home side’s favour, but I had a bigger count of penalties awarded. All in all the result didn’t matter and the presentation of the trophy after the match was a highlight, especially for some of our younger followers.
  13. A tad peeved, but good luck to Finny with his hometown club, but I do wish he’d stayed with us for at least another season to prove his worth in the second tier. Money trumps club loyalty these days.
  14. Pie and peas for folk around here, followed by Yorkshire Parkin, but it’s nowhere near Bonfire Night, so what brought this on?
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