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  1. I remember that and at the time I said, “No Kev, no”, because of the distance and angle. He took no notice of me! Think we won 19-18.
  2. As I indicated elsewhere, for me it has to be: 1 Nigel Stephenson 2 Kevin Osborne 3 Brian Firth also must consider: Chris Mita, the two Brendans, Williams and O’Meara (wonder if he still lives locally?), Darren Rogers, Dan Potter and of course, Jack Austin. I think Grumpy might be jesting when he mentions Max Fletcher - he was never the greatest, surely?
  3. Most certainly I do. He didn’t score many tries for us though.
  4. I now have had a chance to see the game. I recall none of that match, so was delighted to see us win. I do remember those players though, including Bob Irving for Swinton, the final team for the Huddersfield born second rower, yet he never played for a Yorkshire club. i enjoyed Keith Macklin’s commentary and hearing the dulcet tones of David Oxley with his inter-round summaries. On which channel would this have been televised?
  5. A couple of those spring to mind, but they didn’t play for us. They are still involved in the game.
  6. Yes I agree, Trigger Hammerstein was the better of the two.
  7. Sorry BSJ, if it’s Mick to whom you refer, he was born in Pudsey, but I’ll give you it as he played his amateur stuff locally.
  8. Listening to Gary Hetherington on Radio Leeds today, he sounded a worried man. Given that the Leeds Rhinos Club is probably the wealthiest with all their different operations, they are set to lose about £1.5 million if they don’t get playing soon.
  9. The reason could have been that they lived in houses owned by the club in those days.
  10. Grumpy, it’s highly likely that they did play on the wing, but I recall them as Firth at right centre and Ozzy on the left, he the master of stepping well forward at the ptb.
  11. Kev Osborne and Brian Firth were co-centres, work colleagues and mates and for me, if we get to favourite centres, those two and Nigel.
  12. Didn’t think of him as a winger, more like he was shoved there from maybe centre.
  13. 1 Eddie Rombo 2Dennis Bailey 3 Greg Ashcroft others to consider: Andrew Ransden, Shaun Dunford, Jeff Yowerd, Ernie Lowe, Tony Laycock, John Eastwood.
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