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  1. Louis Collinson, a loose forward has joined us from Batley (ex-Castleford).
  2. Enjoy the match and let’s see if you can put one over those Lancastrians/foreigners. Now wouldn’t that go down well for you all.
  3. It’s what we need - isn’t it?
  4. Signings thread updated. Another one tomorrow.
  5. Apparently he didn’t fit in Liam’s plans for 2023.
  6. His dad told us that at Sheffield, but didn’t wanting it broadcasting at the time. He didn’t want to leave, but…
  7. Players for 2023 thread updated.
  8. The first official announcement of a player leaving is that of Chris Annakin, on medical advice.
  9. Well done Batley. I was surprised that you did it, but then again, I shouldn’t have been as you have now beaten Fev twice and drawn once. I listened to the match on Radio Leeds, but will have to wait until midnight 30 on Wednesday morning to see the game on FreeSports It seemed like a really good encounter, especially for Batley, out of the blocks for a sprint start. It sounded like it would have been an injustice had they lost.
  10. Any Batley fans on here should note that Coolie’s right in his assumption. It’s not a sleight on the club, but a straightforward notion. There won’t be many clubs that can afford to be promoted and I‘m sure some SL clubs cannot afford to be there either.
  11. I think the funding is based on end of regular season league positions, so if I am correct, Batley’s funding will be on finishing fifth. Good luck against Fev, but do you really want to suffer another Leigh thrashing - either of you ?
  12. Great news and it’s in the Signings thread.
  13. Thanks, I have updated the Signings thread.
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