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  1. Max Fletcher? He must have played scores of times. I do not recall Trevor Rhodes. What year did he play? Along with Harvey Hallas we should add Harvey Whiteley, who is now back at Leeds and making occasional first team appearances.
  2. I thought similar to you; my version being Hiscox. I’m sure somebody will find out, unless BSJ knows the answer and is just testing us.
  3. Peter Dunn never played for us, even though Bradford Northern and Dewsbury agreed the deal, he didn’t! How many times did we see John Barnes take the field for us? For all their club loyalty, the Brunt twins probably made few first team appearances.
  4. You may have seen that Liam Johnson has left the club and joined Doncaster. When Lee Greenwood said that most of the players who wanted to stay had done so and others have moved on, I wondered about those who seemed to be in limbo. Now we know that Liam has moved to pastures new, is it the same for such as Sam Moorhouse,as I have heard nothing about him and are there any others in the same situation?
  5. Another sad loss. Spoke to Steve a few times, but mostly about his photography equipment.
  6. I was there, still have the programme, but let BSJ tell you the story about us having 14 players n the pitch!
  7. 1915, I didn’t think for a moment, you were old enough to remember that year. Seriously though, thanks for putting it our way. I will definitely take a look, when, as you say, I have 85 minutes to spare.
  8. I am a member, but wonder how useful it is to us. Recently games have screened on the app, but only available to those season ticket holders of Super League clubs. Why should ST holders of Championship and Championship 1 clubs be denied access to the screening? I have put in a complaint about this, but there has been no response.
  9. I really must concur. That semi-final at Warrington was, for, me, the best team display I have seen from a Dewsbury side, especially on defence, with John Bates to the fore with his copybook tackling and Nigel Stephenson with his kicking, both tactical and at goal.
  10. Probably not in Featherstone though.
  11. Players for 2021 in squad number order: 1 Joe Martin 2 Andy Gabriel 3 Adam Ryder 4 Matty Fleming 5 6 Paul Sykes 7 Liam Finn 8 Frazer Morris 9 10 Tom Garratt 11 Jason Walton 12 Michael Knowles 13 Chris Annakin 14 Sam Dsy 15 16 Connor Scott 17 Joe Wardill 18 Davey Dixon 19 Sonny Esselmont 20 21 Brad Clavering 22 23 Jon Magrin 24 Jordan Schofield 25 James Thornton 26 Bayley Liu 27 28 29 Rhys Davies
  12. Squad numbers added to current players. Numbers not used so far: 5, 9, 15,, 20, 22, 27, 28
  13. Today we have someone who has never played for Dewsbury, but is not a new signing! Jason Walton was signed to play for 2020, but injury and lockdown kept him out. Better luck next year we hope.
  14. Chris Annakin is taking up the second year of his contract.
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