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  1. Fair enough, but we still need others’ results to help us too.
  2. Not one result has gone our way this weekend, unless you consider Whitehaven’s defeat to Wakefield to be so.
  3. A family engagement this weekend meant I couldn’t attend the match so thanks for your information Rambo.
  4. I am sure many will agree that Mark Aston will have told his players after their defeat at Bradford, that they must show they mean business if they want to retain their places in the team. This means of course, that they will be out to give us a bashing. Let’s see if my selection this week is nearer the mark the last: O’Connor; Restall. M Walker, Greensmith, Corion; Turner, Hookem; Beckett, Butterworth, Bibby; Dawson, Garside; Collinson subs: Sykes, Davies, Ferguson, Billington 18th man: R Dixon not selected: Morris, J Walker, D Dixon. Sheffield 52-12 Dewsbury FTS: Walker MoM: O’Connor Att: 857
  5. The squad for Friday’s match: 1 – Owen Restall 3 – Ollie Greensmith 4 – Bailey O’Connor 6 – Paul Sykes 7 – Calum Turner 8 – Jimmy Beckett 9 – Jacob Hookem 10 – Ronan Dixon 12 – Matt Garside 13 – Louis Collinson 16 – Elliot Morris 17 – Jackson Walker 18 – Davey Dixon 19 – Travis Corion 20 – Curtis Davies 22 – Marcus Walker 23 – Bailey Dawson 28 – Jack Billington 29 – Jack Bibby 30 – Dale Ferguson 31 – Reiss Butterworth No Brad Graham I note. Is he injured?
  6. Unfortunately I can’t see him influencing the team enough to entertain victory, especially in the two weeks we have him back.
  7. He returns to us this week for an initial two weeks’ loan.
  8. I didn’t, nor hear anyone close by comment on it.
  9. I totally agree with your comment WR. I admire his courage, for want of a better word, in doing so.
  10. I take no delight in getting close to my prediction, but honestly felt it would be that sort of score. Great start with two quick tries and then Featherstone woke up and we gradually dropped of to sleep, which must have been for all the tackling we had to do and corresponding energy sap. The referee gave Hookem an early half time rest, but for what reason I do not know. Someone tell me please (I was updating an absent supporter at the time). O’Connor caught a high ball in the in-goal area, then made it almost to the halfway line before being tackled and oh so clearly held down, but nothing from referee Worsley. He later collected in the field of play, but dropped the ball behind him for which Worsley gave a knock on. Was it? If Restall had kept hold of the ball when he intercepted he would have scored. From the scrum Rovers moved forward and yet again we intercepted, but this time we supposedly were offside (must watch for that in the highlights) and they crossed again soon after. It is these little elements in a match which can make heads drop and then it becomes hard to regain the enthusiasm and energy to turn the tide. Then again, it must be a poor side that allows opponents to score 46 unanswered points.
  11. I don’t think it will be as close as some suggest. I see it as: Dewsbury 18-42 Featherstone FTS: Greensmith MoM: Turner Att: 1102 Let’s see how close my selection will match that which takes the field: Turner; Restall, O’Connor, Greensmith, Whiteley; Sykes, Hookem; Beckett, Davies, Dixon; Garside, Graham; Collinson Subs: M Walker, Dawson, Ferguson, Morris 18th man: J Walker D Dixon, Corion and Hird not selected
  12. They’ll be back next season ‘cos there’ll be no collar grabbing!
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