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  1. It was lovely to be “at” a match and see such a well contested match and with pleasant weather to go with it. I think our new players will have given LG something to think about come the Whitehaven cup game. Hall and Clavering made themselves known and it could be that our regular(?) wingers, well, nos. 2 and 5 might have to watch out with the good displays of Carr and Dixon. For me Sam Day was the better of the two hookers, just edging Butterworth, perhaps because Day is a more familiar sight. ’Next week's game at Wakefield will be much harder as I suspect Trinity will want to give
  2. A very enjoyable game and it didn’t look like it was just a pre-season run out either. It would have been lovely to have been there as the weather looked just right for a game, not too hot or cold and some sunshine too.
  3. That’s great, thanks for letting us all know.
  4. I am hoping for commentary to go with the action, but feel there will be none.
  5. 1) I will suggest; Batley 24-34 Dewsbury FTS: Garratt MoM: Connor Scott 2) If Tom Gilmore plays for Batley, perhaps 3) Dewsbury 4) 46 5) Two to four per household.
  6. A few days before the game when I met Glen Coughlan in Comet, I asked the question and he told me we wouldn’t lose. I believed him too.
  7. ...I went to a match where we suffered a particularly terrible defeat. Anyone recall it?
  8. I think LG will give all the available players a chance this game and pare it down a bit for the Wakefield match so that he knows his 17 for the cu tie.
  9. I think you just clench your fist and give the top of the set a clout!
  10. Have we all seen the press conference on YouTube? If not, here it is:
  11. I have my “ticket”. I also have a Smart TV, but I cannot fathom how to watch on there.
  12. In what I hope this time is correct, our latest signing is Jamie Greenwood, the younger brother of our coach. Jamie is a hooker with aspirations of becoming a half back and will take the 19 shirt.
  13. Ooer, see my brick-red face! I am now searching for a dark hole in which to hide.
  14. A new signing recently announced is that of Aaron Hall, a 27 year old prop who previously played for Swinton Lions. His amateur club was Folly Lane, which is in the Bewsey district of Warrington. He will wear shirt number 20.
  15. I am with Coolie on this one. I felt that last season ST holders (of any club and whichever division) should have been allowed to watch games. If your team is not one of the teams playing, then a nominal charge could be made, but to disallow anyone the opportunity to watch a match was wrong, in my view and the RFL should have seen this. Unfortunately they did not respond to my comments last year.
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