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  1. Collected my home replica shirt from the shop today. Looks smart and pretty decent quality. My only issue is that the neck is quite tight. Also, I had ordered a large but on trying it on in the shop I eventually got an XL as the large would have been a bit tight when worn over another shirt.

    Overall I'm really pleased and I love the retro design.

  2. 40 minutes ago, Chrispmartha said:

    Again Dave I agree, having them on the BBC and having packed grounds would be the ideal outcome.

    Having said that let’s take tonights game, if The Stadium was full, it really wouldn’t have affected the experience of the TV viewer. 

    Yes it would!!!! I turned it off as I was so deflated and frustrated with the shocking attendance 

  3. 8 minutes ago, Charlo23 said:

    Correct pal . 

    It took so long to be completed as we as a club had a price and were not moving . 

    Saint made 3+ offers until it was right for club . 

    100% will be anoucend by end of weekend 

    So it would appear Tee has played his last game for Barrow.

    Massive task in replacing him, plus we've lost Miloudi so the right side strike which helped win us many games, has been severely diluted.

    He deserves the chance though and I'm sure he'll be a SL superstar in no time!

  4. 1 hour ago, Harry Stottle said:

    No you don't you do it for continuity of the sport, with the best will in the world London have been there and NOT DONE THAT, the locals simply don't want the game, which is also the case with your other love Salop being Newcastle, you have gone all quiet on them recently, have you realised like the owner of the club has it is a lost cause in the football mad North East?

    Absolutely nailed it here!!!!!

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  5. Some dreadful efforts in recent years however the one good thing to come out of Covid was cancelling the 2020 season thus terminating the agony of watching the team play in this hideous kit!!!!

    Screenshot_20220926-105127_Samsung Internet.jpg

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  6. Absolutely superb home kit, best since 1983. Simple, retro, traditional design !  Even the colour is spot on, royal blue.

    Been some horrendous kits over the last few years but this is just class.

    Away kit just an an expensive black top. Should have been a red version of the home kit

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  7. For those Batley fans travelling to Barrow, you best take the A65 across to Skipton for your journey home, due to the M6 being closed south bound between J32 and J33 at the weekend.

    The diversions and subsequent tailbacks were absolutely horrendous last weekend !!!!!!

    Looking forward to a great match !!!!!

    Come on Barrow 🙂

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  8. Strong rumour that we have signed prop Jack Wells from Salford, after he made a few loan appearances for us this year.

    Great if true.

    Signed up for 2023 so far :-

    Brooks, Jake Carter, Creswell, Evans, Forster, Langtree, Ritson (barring any SL transfer), Shaw, Stack, Toal brothers, Wood.

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  9. We need the strongest possible squad for 2023 because it looks like there will be major restructuring of the leagues which may have a detrimental effect on many non SL clubs from 2024 onwards.

    Re-signing Sammut must surely be a priority and I hope the club will do all they can to make this happen !

  10. A massive 395 at Newcastle v London yesterday, and these are the type of clubs certain people believe should be in the upper tiers of any restructured league, big city clubs with shiny stadiums !!!!!

    I'm sorry but if the sport hasn't caught on in these places after decades then it never will. We are flogging a dead horse !

    Also worth mentioning that Newcastle are full-time !!!!!  How on earth can that be sustained on such tiny crowds ?

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