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  1. Is it free to view on Our League? When I sign in I can't see any link to payment
  2. Harry Swarbrick signed for NW Crusaders. Bit of a surprise but I guess he'll get more games there. Great player for us this year.
  3. I'm a Barrow supporter and I can't wait to watch this on Our League !!!!! I feel your nerves having been in this boat 4 years ago when we played Haven for the same prize. The atmosphere at Craven Park that day was incredible, never felt so tense at a match ! Good luck Town
  4. Good Luck Town. Hope you can join ourselves (Barrow), and Haven in the Championship......................at least for one season before the dreaded cull !!!
  5. Average attendance this year is 2003 which is great for League 1 and probably better than most Championship clubs
  6. WWR have just announced on Twitter that they are travelling with 15 players so they will only have to borrow 2 amateurs.
  7. Barrow would still be champions if it were called off due to percentage wins etc so obviously its in everyone's interest to get the game played to create revenue and also for a celebration!!!
  8. As a Barrow fan absolutely elated, however it would be even better if we had all 3 Cumbrian teams in the Championship. Praying for Town to go up as well, assuming we beat WWR next week
  9. Another 2 match ban. Misses Rochdale and West Wales games. Was this for the dissent at Doncaster?
  10. With Barrow's awful away form I just can't see us winning at Rochdale
  11. I bet Bristol Rovers brought a fair chunk of the 2100 at the soccer
  12. Last 43 years Lee, which is when I started watching!!!
  13. 2nd - 6th placed clubs in a 5 team play-off. If its the same as the previous 5 team play-offs, and assuming we finish 2nd and we go all the way (big IFs !!!!), then we we would get the 1st and 3rd weekends off and play on 26th September and 9th October (final). Crazy that the final clashes with the same weekend as the SL Grand Final.
  14. We had our strongest side out all year! Poor result
  15. Possible return September apparently
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