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  1. regarding ex pros, the league need to specify what is an ex pro, how many new players can be included on match day. perhaps a 14 day rule to qualify for a match also. once played for a club you cannot play for another unless for exceptional reasons in the same season. eg not just short of players! 

  2. i just noticed the tickets for next years challenge cup final have just gone on sale. being played at spurs stadium. prices very good, definately worth a visit. i'll be going, but there again i'm a spurs fan & know the ground well! back to may again next year. it will be interesting how "early bird" tickets go. if going by car, park at ikea & 15/20 min walk! no charge! park near the ground its £15/20. public transport back into london is very good also 

  3. 3 hours ago, Agbrigg said:

    Looks a poor gate, less than 30k I suspect. People may point finger st les cats but I think covid has affected peoples habits towards large events of all types

    quoting covid is a poor excuse, other sports have had very good attendances, its not just RL covid affects. from what i saw, the upper tiers were empty. prob about 45k tops

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  4. continually changing the system does not work. the product has to be good & competitive to work. the difference between SL, Championship & L! is too big. doing away with P/R does away with any ambition for any championship/league 1 team. clubs need to get fans into games & not keep doing, as on these forums about TV funding. IF toronto got back into SL & played catalans in Grand Final, it would be good for the game, but a disaster for the attendance! 

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  5. On 19/09/2021 at 17:02, Chanter said:

    Is this governing body a replacement of the USARL or will it be another country with 2 bodies running the game? Crazy if so. 

    north america has a history of more than one governing body for their sports, baseball, football, boxing etc hopefully this is a grass roots level that grows gradually

  6. 3 hours ago, paulwalker71 said:

    And that's with a commendably decent turnout from Leeds

    Mind you, on tonight's showing, you can see why the Rugby League public of Wigan are not rushing to the stadium to watch. 

    7,396 is awful, no wonder the tv deal is poor. all other sports are booming, all RL do is make excuses. other sports have not had covid cancellations anywhere near what RL have had. why?

  7. what is the min number of games that NCL teams need to play this season to be considered for play-offs. i think teams are scheduled for 14, but most will not paly them all. Group A looks to be well short of games, although they do no play cross division games, so only 12 max in that group only.

  8. 6 hours ago, Damien said:

    On a similar theme looking at 2022 I cant pick where I want to sit and it is best available seat only. If I want a £50 ticket I am being offered row 13. I've not got a clue where that is as there is no seating plan available, something else that is shocking, but presuming it is actually just row 13 of the bottom tier that seems very poor for a £50 seat and certainly not what I would want. For £65 it is row 8, again on the face of it very poor as I wouldn't want to be so low down. They are the best and most expensive ticket bands but on the face of it you can only get rubbish seats. I just find this all terrible in this day and age.

    Therefore I will not buy now until I can get better seats. If something else comes up in the meantime I may not end up going at all. I just cant understand or agree with the way the RFL do things. Surely it is confident that it can shift 62,850 tickets in an exciting state of the art stadium? If so let people buy and pick!!

    on spurs website you can pick exact seat, not a bad one in the house!

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