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  1. Let’s hope the early bird deal gets a good take up. Very good idea for once!
  2. Why don’t RL set up their own station & all profits theirs? Not rocket science
  3. New York etc do not produce players, so just using the declining numbers from uk. I’m in favour of expansion , but just watering down the players from the uk (& nrl castoffs) wont help. A condition of SL should be to run reserves & academy grades also. Just my opinion
  4. 60 these days is not old, I’m 68 & only feel old when I look in a mirror! Condolences to his family, far too young
  5. Name changes usually mean we were doing a bad job & need to change image.
  6. I’ve worked one out. Also got one with all time top division 1895/96 to 2019. Done one for top 4 tiers also also all time top 4 tiers in one table (just finishing that one, will be completed in day or so).
  7. 4g pitches are springing up everywhere, but the income from them are very good. Consider training nights (whatever sport) from late October you need to hire indoor or floodlit pitches, big savings there. Many non league clubs have them, only snow cover causes a game off. All age groups using them without postponing senior games when pitches are muddy. I’ve refereed (football) hundreds of times with no problems. In fact I do more kids games on 3/4g than grass. The only problem is when too many of them around.
  8. I have a list of ncl all time tables for each division, & one with all divisions combined. Most info supplied by Celtic rooster. I’ve put them onto a spreadsheet for easy access.
  9. Does anyone have the attendance of Oldham v Newcastle promotion final? Just to keep my records updated
  10. A cup competition for all non heartland clubs is pretty much where it first started, however if it returned as a national, non heartland comp, early rounds would have to be regional, getting north east clubs to play south west clubs would be unlikely to get played. Setting fixed dates for cup rounds would have to be done with league fixtures working around them. Southern Conference teams should be included also. With southern Conference & regional premier leagues, there would be roughly 40-50 teams. So 2 early season regional rounds would bring the comp to 16 teams for a national 3rd round.
  11. Criteria for entry to SL should be decided before the season starts, not just before it finishes. What a joke
  12. I watch union & league & enjoy both, it’s not a crime! Anything that gets more bums on seats for either is a step in right direction.
  13. ST prices seem very cheap to me compared with premier league football, if you can get one. A play off place is what you work for all season, then interest goes, should be the other way round! Can’t understand it myself. Be interesting what grand final attendance will be, after excuses for CC final. It’s same ground, same time of year & likely same team or two. If GF attendance is poor, we have a serious problem.
  14. There seems to be excuse after excuse for the decline in attendances. CC wrong time of year, not marketed properly etc etc. Play offs, wrong day, Man U at home, TV etc etc. Surely all clubs should get together & sort out a plan that works for all. The overall attendances are well down on a decade ago with no sign of an upturn. SL probably averages about 8k, championship about 2k, league 1 about 800. TV will only pay megabucks for a sport that looks popular with full grounds. Football has tv companies queuing up for the contract. Who is competition sky for SL? Not many I think
  15. ST should have 2 play off games included (15 match ticket) if not in play offs a rebate on following season of 1 or 2 games. Not rocket science!
  16. Play offs at neutral grounds would get even lower attendances. Higher placed teams have earned their home game, not a neutral venue. ST holders of both clubs should get included in their tickets.
  17. A sensible play off system & keep P & R would be top 5 championship & bottom SL team. Winners would earn place in SL for following season without mis matches of middle 8s, all games would mean something
  18. What were the results of div 2 semi final play offs?
  19. Championship play-offs? Or seperate top 4 comp?
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