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  1. teams need to make the decision to play or not. if left to RFL we might die waiting for an answer.
  2. so bottom line, is championship & league 1 resuming? running out of time to make a decision. surely they must make a decision soon? sitting on the fence is not the answer. teams who want to play should do so, those who don't sit this year out. but make a decision!
  3. my favourite is Fullers ESB, closely followed by Green King Abbot Reserve then Crafty Hen (Speckled Hens big sister!).
  4. warriors do not own the stadium i assume, so if they're losing money, where do they play? hopefully they continue.
  5. if all the creditors demand their money (which they are entitled to), the stadium goes skint & the football & rugby clubs fold or move, the creditors still dont get their money! so the administrator needs to find the best solution. a ground with 2 teams in it, covering 40+ matchdays a year should cover costs. this year is an exceptional in every respect.
  6. the stadium is only a going concern with the 2 wigan teams using it. otherwise it will be built on. we've seen the problems coventry city have had since leaving highfield road. on another note does this mean wigan warriors get a points deduction for going into administration. wigan athletic have a 12 point deduction. this season if they finish outside relegation place, otherwise next season.
  7. they will need to be in premier league more than a season to fund redevelopment. building a new stand will not be done strait away, so the team could be on the way down (again) by the time its built. then the debt & championship football. an age old problem. but i wish them luck.
  8. re the histories above, can anyone lend me or let me have photocopies or copies sent by email? i can then make copies up myself. many thanks in advance. happy to pay costs.
  9. spurs have 2 sets of changing rooms & easily stage 3 games or 4 in a day. 1st game change in football changing rooms, game 2 in NFL changing rooms (massive), then back to football then NFL changing rooms if necessary
  10. couldnt agree more. not wanting to play in case you get relegated is a p**s poor excuse. i bet those who dont want to p[lay will still want their share of the TV pot!
  11. yes if he appears in a competitive game, as a trialist he counts as an appearance for that club & included in that clubs records. i know it will be difficult (or impossible) to tally up all trialists for all clubs, but you can only do the best you can. either way you wont keep everyone happy. i remember in football clive allen signed for arsenal, stayed 28 days, then moved on. would this count him as an arsenal player. even though he didnt play. the issue could easily apply to RL. i think competitive appearances count for all clubs count
  12. surely its the status of the match that counts. so if a a trialist in a league or cup game that counts in the players records. theres no other way it can make sense.
  13. did see that one earlier today. strange one though, hes given a cap, but in the same breath they say it wasnt a test match
  14. i think you find in all sports, international friendlies count for a "cap". so internationals count as a first class game, club friendlies do not. QED
  15. if you're talking about the new RLRKC project its not a shambles, it seems very well organised, but needs more volunteers to get everything moving forward quickly. as no 16 said its ambitious but always aim high!
  16. does anyone have any of the old RLRKC booklets for sale? i have issues 1-72 & 79 & 80. so i require issues 73-78 (covering seasons 1967/68 to 1972/73 & any issues from 75/76 to 1986/87. any help appreciated. let me know price required.
  17. a game between 2 countries should be regarded as first class, but not necessarily a test match. in football brazils first international (by their records) was v exeter city, who were touring at the time. exeter have never been top division let alone international! football still dosent have a first class list of matches, & crickets list of first class matches was sorted out by the ACS in the 70/80s changing records of great players from many years earlier. my opinion of english first class matches are competitive competition games, plus games v tourists & representative games (eg county games etc). i think the list set out by neil is pretty much right. i stand to be corrected though! its not for clubs to form their own list, the same format for all must be the right way.
  18. as scrums are not contested, whats the point? either contest them or get rid of them. can bring them back in future if changes needed.
  19. are you still interested in books?
  20. ok send pm & will sort out cost of postage etc. ive done the research i wanted from them.
  21. there on ebay now, have been for a few weeks. got most sold but these are still left
  22. I did list this a while ago, but need to get rid of some RL yearbooks. I have RL Review 82/83, Official RL Yearbook 88/89, League Express/Gillette Yearbooks 00/01, 07/08, 08/09, 09/10, 10/11 & 16/17. Would rather let them go to RL fan than charity shop or recycling. Just want postage/packing. Would prefer all go in one hit than individually. Sooner the better
  23. i think NCL has 48 teams, but either way, there is massively a lot less clubs than in 2007. how many teams (with clubs with multiple open age teams) there are is the best guide. most sports are in a similar position. football & cricket looks good at the top level, but at grass roots both are struggling. however thats not the answer to stop reversing the problem
  24. wish you a full recovery mark, & good luck with the project.
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