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  1. Let’s get out first. Ossies & kiwi issues will be the same as now. Can’t envisage any visa issues with french teams like Canadian ones.
  2. What is the set up for premier & div 1 of Cumbria league? Stage 1 divided top & bottom 7 teams. I thought results from 1st stage against opponents in their half were carried forward, so each team would have 6 results carried forward. Rfl tables show just results from 2nd stage, no results carried forward. Anyone know what is going to happen?
  3. A World Cup game was played at white city in 1966, because of a greyhound meeting at Wembley that night.
  4. No other local men’s leagues in other areas?
  5. Looking at the numbers of teams in yorks, north west, pennine & Cumberland leagues, are there more men’s leagues below these leagues? Or are these leagues the only men’s leagues? Obviously I do not live in the north but love the game
  6. Viewing figures will be interesting as that’s what decides advertising income.
  7. Many so called “ex pats” are brits but call themselves Australian now. My cousins have lived there for over 40 years and say they are Australian. Not ex pat.
  8. Leicester were 5000-1 to win the premier league a few years ago!
  9. Surely if 60k turn up fo a SOO game it’s ripe for a NRL team, especially as the union side we’re taken from Perth.
  10. There are plenty of stadiums in London of varying sizes. No point playing in a ground of 30k+ capacity. Leyton orient holds about 9/10k and is easily accessible on the underground. Should the club need a bigger ground in future there’s plenty about. Also Leyton is close to central London so travelling fans could make it back home on into London quite easily. Ealing is out on a limb.
  11. Ideal time would be at old Trafford prior to super league final IMO!
  12. So does the redevelopment generate more income from less capacity? Including the expenditure? Do they generate extra income from test match next door, like they do at old Trafford, cricket/football with hospitality/parking etc
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