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  1. Did any BARLA Cup Finals get played this year? National, Yorkshire & Cumbria. Open ages only required
  2. it should be made sure that all teams play each of the others at least once, otherwise fixtures could be manipulated (as if) so that easier opponents are played twice & one or two harder opponents avoided. two strong clubs could arrange this to the benefit from this. independent covis tests are a must.
  3. reducing the season makes sense, if they get played. percentage points is best possible outcome. min of 10 games each, with all teams playing each other at least once. play offs for title with 4 teams. challenge cup put back till start of next season, otherwise it will have too much of a knock on effect on the league season. finish november regardless.
  4. cant see the full programme getting completed. will they revert to average points to get final positions? not sure how many game sky need to keep contract complete. also having one team short makes a problem anyway.
  5. so how many left in? comp looks unlikely to go ahead. share the cash between championship & league 1 clubs
  6. chase sky up, they usually help just to keep customers. but best leave till a couple of days before the games you want. £15 seems a lot for a game on sky. for the cost of a game a week at £15, you could get a full sky sports package with everything else also.
  7. masks must be compulsory, restricted attendance though, perhaps seated areas so large groups cannot gather together. i would go.
  8. if new york backers buy toronto, i assume that the toronto team will become new york instead. so no extra n american side then
  9. in group stages do we vote for any of the 4? or are there "matches"? so voting for each team in a match (eg france v australia).
  10. i think home advantage is helping england again!
  11. i think that would likely be a cricket teas world cup! anyway nothing beats a bacon sarnie!
  12. i think spains got a good run to semis also. new zealand would have got there whoever they had been put with iMO
  13. i'm up for a wine world cup! is it countries or specific type of wine? either way i;m in!
  14. dont think i've seen any of them, but will keep a look out for a taster if i come across any of them
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