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  1. continually changing the system does not work. the product has to be good & competitive to work. the difference between SL, Championship & L! is too big. doing away with P/R does away with any ambition for any championship/league 1 team. clubs need to get fans into games & not keep doing, as on these forums about TV funding. IF toronto got back into SL & played catalans in Grand Final, it would be good for the game, but a disaster for the attendance!
  2. were the barla yorkshire, cumbria & nation cups played this season? if so what were the scores of the finals?
  3. i agree, if the clubs are not going to make anything or even lose money over the deal, dont sign it!
  4. north america has a history of more than one governing body for their sports, baseball, football, boxing etc hopefully this is a grass roots level that grows gradually
  5. 7,396 is awful, no wonder the tv deal is poor. all other sports are booming, all RL do is make excuses. other sports have not had covid cancellations anywhere near what RL have had. why?
  6. thats one of the ones i checked, wins/losses & points for & against do no balance ucfortunately
  7. perhaps to bring another french team into the system, would be for Elite 1 to be on par with league 1 & play-offs between them for promotion to championship. 1 v 1 for 1st promotion place, 2v 2 winner to play 1 v 1 loser for 2nd promotion place. so if good enough you get in, if not always next year!
  8. where are the correct final tables of NCL this season? the ones on BBC & League express do not agree & in both wins/losses do not balance & points for/against do not balance either. also re play offs, are there 2 comps? thought there was supposed to be 3
  9. is there a list anywhere for all championship league leaders shield winners? is there one for league 1 also?
  10. I notice that Toulouse won the championship league leaders shield, when was this first awarded to championship clubs? personally i've not heard of it before in championship, only in super league
  11. any idea what the attendance was at magic today? also roughly how many locals went? looked pretty empty to me, but prob fans in & out as their teams played, then went on the toon!
  12. what is the min number of games that NCL teams need to play this season to be considered for play-offs. i think teams are scheduled for 14, but most will not paly them all. Group A looks to be well short of games, although they do no play cross division games, so only 12 max in that group only.
  13. ok thanks, so pretty much all clubs should make the 18
  14. how many games do clubs need to play before they can qualify for play-offs? i seem to remember it was 18, but not sure.
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