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  1. are the cumberland, hull & barrow & district leagues going to run this year? the hull league seriously struggled last time out. any county cups this season? or are we waiting for june 21 to decide?
  2. mark how is the project going? hopefully the only good thing to come out of the lockdowns is that stats can be up to date with last season null & void, apart from the couple of rounds of matches played. as they were played they should be included in clubs records.
  3. a 16 team world cup would include emerging nations, obviously. so why not have a "plate" comp for teams that do not qualify for WC quarter finals? would give the 8 non qualifiers a chance to win something. plate comp could be played as double headers with WC q/f/ s/f & night before final as curtain raiser
  4. basically in USA they do not accept a league where the top team wins the championship! they want an end of season play offs (for tv?) all conferences/divisions are regional but play teams all over the country also, its to keep interest in all regions of all comps. they would not like all the teams in play offs for east coast or west coast. you can win a league there by losing more games than you win due to the play off system
  5. what teams have actually applied for the championship place for next season? what is final day to apply? when is the team announced for the place? league 1 with 10 teams then?
  6. could just be they're record was expunged!
  7. i will add this seasons details tonight, should have done it already!
  8. i have a complete all time table for all divisions, if anyone interested. an all time top tier, tier 2, 3 & 4. also super league on its own also. all my figures tally up!
  9. i have all time tables of all teams to have played in the NCL if interested. one for each division & one with all teams & all divisions & years they played in each division, let me know
  10. a percentage of capacity makes more sense, havent seen any reasoning why attendancencan only be between 2000 & 4000. a ground with a capacity of 8000 can have 50% capacity, every other seat. a ground with a 60000 capacity (many football grounds do) also have 4000 limit, every 15th seat, where is the logic? 30% would be every 3rd seat which would ensure social distancing. a decent compromise.
  11. not sure of the likes of mergers with hull & HKR, but i feel it would be like spurs/arsenal, liverpool/everton, newcastle/sunderland, manu/man c merging, it will never happen. in usa it would work as they do not have the rivalary & history within the clubs etc.
  12. when salford defaulted on last weeks game v warrington a 0-24 was awarded as salford could not fulfil the fixture. will it be the same for HKR last 2 matches, which were cancelled for the same reason? if not its double standards
  13. we need a 12 team competition, but torontos demands of only a 2 point deduction, after pulling out this season seems low, 12 points seems right, or no points for first 6 games of next season. a share of tv money, fair enough, if all tv money goes into the pot. still need to pay for visiting teams also. in an ideal world, 6 north american teams could form their own "conference" playing each other 3 times & super league teams once each. could keep everyone happy, no p & r for north america but in the system. we could keep p & r to keep ambitions alive.
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