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  1. when did the league leaders shield start for championship (or equivilllet ent)? also as no play offs for league 1 championship, i assume no league leaders shield? am i correct?
  2. just updating my NCL tables records (all complete from the start) is there any relegation from div 3 this season or is it TBC at Agm? i am also updating all clubs records showing all seasons for all clubs. if anyone wants some or any of them let me know, i will complete when play offs done.
  3. is the NCL still sponsored by kingson press? only shows as NCL on RL website & in league express.
  4. does anyone have the results of this years BARLA Cups, National, Yorkshire & Cumbria finals (all open age)
  5. mark any news on how the NCL history is going?
  6. as a regularat spurs, i did notice yesterday that the beer was £1 a pint dearer yesterday, not sure if thats a price increase for nwxt season or yesterday. brewery inside the ground, so cant be put down to transport! enjoyed the game with my son as neutrals.
  7. seen nothing on tv down here to sell the event, which is very poor
  8. whats the update on ticket sales? i'm leaving home at 12.30 & picking my boy up on the way, should be there for a couple of beers by 1.30! park at ikea, free & 20 min walk to ground.
  9. beavertown brewed & sold in the ground, also an outdoors bar at south stand terrace, bars in south stand open for an hour after game for those in no need to rush out.
  10. the talk of spurs ground not being week served by underground, its got 2 main line stations within 5 min walk of the ground, both have underground links a stop or two along the line. if 60k+ get there every spurs home game & NFL matches it cant be that hard to get to! i park at Ikea, a 20 min walk away easily enough every spurs home game, no restrictions there. tesco next door does have restrictions (2 or 3 hours i believe), so be careful if parking there. good beer & plenty of bars in ground, well staffed. but not cheap, similar to wembley prices. no cash taken in stadium, even for programmes. i am going
  11. if driving to new river for skolars game, watch for parking restrictions. the car park you pay for, but you can park on the street free of charge after 6/6.30. many miss this oddity. but check signs. been there many times
  12. were any of the cumberland cups played this season. i require final scores of Cumberland, Cumbria, CARLA, EB Lamb & Cumbria shield finals if any were played. i assume the leagues did not have play-offs this year, if there were played, anyone have the scores?
  13. regarding ex pros, the league need to specify what is an ex pro, how many new players can be included on match day. perhaps a 14 day rule to qualify for a match also. once played for a club you cannot play for another unless for exceptional reasons in the same season. eg not just short of players!
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