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  1. do you have the records for the following teams in the seasons when they withdrew. Sheffield Hillsborough 2002/03, blackbrook, eland & rylands, all 2017.
  2. quite a few out in our road, good turnout. my daughter caught the virus last week & took herself back to work today as she felt ok & bored at home. had to come home as too tired. she'll go back Monday when fully rested. proud of my girl! she's a doctor
  3. NCL not nuclear, bloody predicted text!
  4. I have a copy of all corrected nuclear tables & play-off scores & cup finals also. I also have all club by club records. You're welcome to what I have. I do not have individual clubs histories though. Celtic rooster was a great help with "my project".
  5. An even number is always better for fixture lists.
  6. Almost certainly insurance won't cover it. Read today football clubs are not covered, same insurance for all sports clubs likely. Unless you specify what cover is needed. This virus could not have been predicted.
  7. Has anyone got correct tables for 2018 championship shield & league 1? My championship shield tables shows more wins than loses with points same. League 1 table I have shows total points for 10246 against 10226. Many thanks
  8. Many thanks, just the Cumbria ones to go now, don't hold out much hope of getting anything back from thieves. They never seem to get caught.
  9. I've got every table, play off scores & attendances 1895-2017 just missing last 2 seasons. Will check through my online issues of league express when I get time.
  10. Just trying to get my rugby stats back on track after getting my laptop stolen in a breakin. Can anyone let me have copies of 2018 qualifiers table & million pound game & date & attendance. Final championship & league 1 tables & shield etc tables & play off scores & final attendances. 2009 I need everything! Any help please? I've managed to get my NCL stats up to date apart from BARLA finals.
  11. Does anyone have the results of BARLA national, Yorkshire & Cumbria cup final from 2017 to date? All my stats were on a laptop stolen on a breaking a few weeks ago. Managed to retrieve most info from other sources. Any help please?
  12. Ashley has spent about £100, million on Newcastle so how much more before they like him? No other Geordie buyer wants to buy it.
  13. What is the set up, if decided yet, for non heartland leagues this season? Eg north east, south west, Midlands! East, London & south. Is Harry jeeps on trophy being played between these league winners also? Conference league south looks similar to last year, which is good, slow improvement, better than boom &I bust.
  14. Doesn’t make sense changing the format after the season started. It loses credibility. However it’s nice to see 18 teams, instead of 14/15 as originally stated. Normally a league loses teams not gains them, but early days!
  15. How many teams in reserve league? What is league format?
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