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  1. What is the update on this years Harry jepson trophy? I have ebony 56 Somerset 24 (q/f), semi finals Devon vsherwood & wests v Brentwood. Any other quarter finals? No wales, north east or Scottish teams?
  2. No touts sat, unless selling below face value. Early bird tickets should be the only discount. Late deals attract only casual supporters. Once upon a time all rugby league fans went, not now unfortunately
  3. Looking at the ticket site, I reckon about 60k for final. Loads of blocks with empty seats.
  4. Of course, but with such massive income, a profit should emerge!
  5. Can’t see where nfl is similar to rl. Rl is continuous, nfl is stop start (more stop than start). Only similarity are the goal posts!
  6. Agree, once a game is conceded it should be taken off all fixtures sites. Scores are added as per league rules.
  7. If IPL makes a loss, there must be either fingers in the pie or a very bad business plan!
  8. Spurs open ground 2 hours or so before ko, & offer beer & pie deals for 1st hour! They also have a large food/drink area in south stand with a variety of food & drink on offer. Perhaps rl could copy this & get supporters buying inside the ground.
  9. I’ve always found park & ride is ok getting to the ground, they arrive over a few hours. But every one leaves at the same time & waiting ages for buses to return. I went to headingley years ago for a test match & it would have been quicker to walk back to car park. Only alternative would make the area a traffic free zone for a hour after game finishes so buses can get to car park & back quickly.
  10. Grading games A, B or C is up to the home team. They sell the tickets. Where tickets are easy to sell they are A games, where a small attendance is likely C etc.
  11. Parking near any football ground is generally pretty bad anyway.
  12. Most football clubs grade games a, b & c and prices are done accordingly. Perhaps rl should do the same.
  13. Looking at the blocks, they appear to show nearly full. They are not, the last 5 or so rows in each of the upper tier are not on sale yet, also some show alternate rows on sale, the others are not on sale yet, it’s done to show the ground is fuller than it is. I would imagine that all the finalists supporters who want tickets have them now, so sales will be a trickle now. 65k tops
  14. Replace skylarks-for skolars, predicted text!
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