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  1. There is no question for me to answer. You can interpret anything said in any way you like. I couldn't give a toss!! Now off you stupid .
  2. So are you saying I was saying that? If so, where did I say it? Society is unequal in a myriad of ways. Religions, by their very existence create inequality and division. It's all relative, it's generally the relativity of change to benefit accrued that tends to dictate what inequalities are addressed. I think there are bigger issues to address, rather than Cameron's window dressing effort. Some are more equal than others in law, as this judgement seems to show.
  3. I'd suggest that the decrease in influence of religion in wider society has simply been mirrored in the LGBT community. Why would anyone want to believe in a religion that rejects them? I remember watching Will Young in a discussion on same sex marriage. He was of the opinion that there was no desire for change for exactly that reason. The LGBT community rejected religion in much the same way as wider society. However, when some religious zealot countered with the fact that homosexuality was a sin within his religion, Will changed his tone and said it made him want to campaign for religions to be forced to adapt. Just two weeks ago I had a great chat with a young man who was a Muslim until he came out. His family rejected him for going against his faith, so he in turn rejected the faith he was indoctrinated to believe as a child. He's never felt so free.
  4. Inflation doesn't affect buying power? The £ to € rate has fallen 8% in 12 months. Given the referendum resultshouldn't you have considered exchange rate fluctuations when moving amounts of money? You made the choice to move to a country that uses a failed currency and is never going to recover from it's debt crisis.
  5. I know quite a few LGBT folk and they were all perfectly happy having been afforded equal legal rights in relationships via the civil partnership. Religion plays an infinitesimal ly small part in LGBT life, to the point of irrelevance. It was Cameron who wanted to push the religious angle to give the Conservatives a bit of an image change. It was a bit of window dressing.
  6. Apple has several EU companies and shifts money around. I've no doubt it holds large reserves to trade on the exchange.
  7. The Channel 4 piece far more balanced than the BBC piece I mentioned. An all about attack on Nuttall saying it was the end for him, with no mention of any other candidate. Labour will win this seat, unless the extra help from some sections of the media backfires.
  8. In the region of 480,000 UK 18 to 24 year old are NEETS. Jumps to nearer 800,000 if you use 16-24 range.
  9. Why do you keep saying the UK economy has tanked? Which economic indicators say this is the case? It's price increases in Q3 last year were related to a new range of devices & on apps. Blamed on Brexit of course a fluctuation in a currency currency they weren't pegged to. 12 months ago the exchange rate meant £1 would yield $1.44 and $1 would yield £0.69. At today's exchange rate £1 would yield $1.25 and $1 would yield £0.80 Let's say an Apple Mac has for the last 12 months been sold at a landed UK price of $1000 and there is a 50% profit margin. 12 months ago that $1000 price would have yielded £690. Today, that same $1000 price would yield £800. A fall in the value of domestic currency increases the price of imports. How has the fall in the value of Sterling decrease profits for Apple? Simple case of premium pricing being applied and a convenient excuse needing to be found. Bit like Jamie Oliver saying Brexit stopped his restaurants from being popular enough to survive. I blame the EU. They are the ones who have slapped this thieving corporate giant, the world's largest company, with a multi billion € tax bill for funnelling massive profits through Ireland. How anyone can try to defend these greedy thieves and all the other global players, and companies that move money around and siphon it off through EU and offshore shell companies is baffling.
  10. Can I suggest you are able to say something other than it's all Brexit's fault? You do realise that institutions can manipulate markets. Hard economic facts aren't needed. Now, call me cynical, but the US can now buy all the British goods it could before 23rd June at a 20% discount. Sounds like a good enough reason to spook the markets & use Brexit. Unless of course there are genuine reasons why this fall happened. Maybe you can explain the economic factors that brought this fall in the £? No inflation spike, no QE, no interest rate rises, no oversupply of £s etc etc
  11. You seem incapable of distinguishing between the two. Input prices for Apple & Microsoft have not changed. Therefore why increase your prices. Yes, their products become more expensive to UK consumers, so it takes more £ to buy the same amount. They may possibly sell fewer units in the UK due to a weaker £. Though this equally may not be the case. A price increase when your factor inputs don't increase and you are selling into a weaker currency is corporate rip off tactics. Surprises me that they are being defended, such is the power of brand loyalty. Have European car makers put their prices up?
  12. Your point is what? Blame Brexit, but no emanation of what has actually changed to cause this fall. The £ at one time could buy $2.
  13. No argument from me that a lower £ makes dollar goods more expensive. Total rejection of the suggestion that a weaker £ means the likes of Apple & Microsoft have to increaseretail.prices & Brexit is blamed.
  14. That is not what Apple & Microsoft are doing. They are increasing their purchase price to UK consumers, on top of UK consumers buying power for dollar products falling. It is a double hit. Sterling has taken a drop, but it also brings benefits. How is pointing out that they are ripping customers off trolling?
  15. It might well be of use to Trump. Unless UKIP has somehow morphed into an efficient campaign machine, which seems highly unlikely, itwon't win even with gifts like this. It comprises a group of central office types who simply tour from place to place.
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