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  1. 1 hour ago, Colin James said:

    Brilliant opportunity that the whole sport needs to get behind. We can't be having empty stands behind blowout scores.

    I hope the coverage is good. The last sport I saw on C4 was cricket last year they had one or two of the tests from India and it was just a feed of Indian TV. Whether that was their intention or it was forced by Covid I don't know but it felt cheap, the dark studio looked rubbish too. If the RFL/SL need to put towards costs I would say it is well worth contributing to have the best product we can. I believe the NFL have had direct involvement with the BBC's coverage and it always looks fantastic.

    Forced by Covid & i believe its was a late deal.

  2. 2 minutes ago, Mr Frisky said:

    I may just travel over for the first game now and travel home rather than stay over now.

    my problem is i have tickets for double header games & due to Xmas plans cant book till New Year so i hope Newcastle hotels don't take the money from the home office.


  3. 3 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    Newcastle hotels for the opener are very expensive, but I know you can get packages including hotels through the rlwc site. They weren't stupid prices when I looked previously. 

    yep had hotel sorted for WC 2021, but wasn't expecting such a big hotel being taken off bookings sites, apparently once the home office take over members of the public not allowed to stay at such hotel.

  4. So the World Cup schedule has been announced & great the double header is on in Newcastle plus Magic Weekend is on in July but i have a question is both these events going to suffer due to a lack of hotel bed space, i ask this due to last week i was in the Leeds area & couldn't get into my normal hotel due (a big hotel chain) to the home office using it has part of there dispersal policy. I understand this is happening across the North of England is Newcastle one of the City's where this is happening?

  5. 1 hour ago, Exiled red said:

    If there's 500k rugby loving people already in Cornwall, why can't they muster up a top flight union side and build a relatively low cost 10k capacity stadium.

    Easy answer because the Rugby Union lot don't want to share with Truro City, certain people over the years have kicked up a fuss about building the stadium & if you come from the Cornwall & Devon area you will be aware of who these people are who have held up the stadium always in the papers & likes of spotlight (BBC)

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  6. 1 hour ago, gingerjon said:

    The way it works in the Vase is that the home team pays for the travel of the away team (out of the gate receipts) and, after that, any gate revenue is shared.

    So the travelling side is not out of pocket.

    From my travels with Buckland Athletic in the vase i believe its the price of a coach for the team & 90% help with cost buy filling the empty seats with fans.


  7. 7 hours ago, Dave T said:

    The lack of travel funding is part of the bad planning. Distance means cost - it is the same point. Clubs showed with Toronto they were prepared to travel from a time point of view. 

    These are not different points. 

    And you appear to agree about the bad planning with your points about the time lines. 

    This is the point. 

    Had the RFL announced this for 2023 and given £5k travel subsidy per club it'd be hard to argue there is an issue. 

    Why does Rugby League clubs need paying to travel ? does it happen in other sports ? its not long ago that the Cornish Rugby Union side used to travel up to the likes of Otley where they helped with travel costs.


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  8. 6 minutes ago, gavin7094 said:

    It has everything to do with it, as I m sure you are aware. Relying on local "Northerners" to turn up just because it is RL has been assumed before, and not worked, as others have already said.

    if you read my post properly you would see i pointed out i was at a Rugby League game in Cornwall, so the interest is already there its up to the club to raise the profile to attract others to the game I WISH YOU RUGBY LEAGUE FANS WOULD STOP BEING SO NEGITIVE ALL THE TIME.

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  9. 24 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    Did you factor in the accommodation and meals too, because surely your proposal isn't to do the round trip in 24hrs?

    Why not, i bet most teams go to the Skolars & back in a day.  only thing i would be asking Cornwall to do would be play on Saturday instead of Sunday to help teams & players due to work on Monday.

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  10. 36 minutes ago, Rugbyleaguesupporter said:

    Am I missing something here? 

    How much is it to hire a coach for a day!? 

    Basketball, lower division rugby union, motorsport, in fact virtually every other sport can cope. 

    Devon Sharks recently played Hammersmith Hills Hoists  at home & the Hoists travelled to Newton Abbot by train from London & back in one day they found the money how ?

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