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  1. UPDATE: 05/01/20201 We have changed our target now to £1500, due to a new quote on posts and the cost of installing them for us. We also have £200 to add to the amount raised so far, once it's cleared. After a local councellor supported us. We are almost there, thank you so much for your kindness. We are truly amazed by the support we have.
  2. Sorry i give up !!! if that's how you all think then lets sit back & let the game die its all GLOOM GLOOM & shut down anybody who might think there's hope if you try with most reply's its ifs & buts this might have already been done but nobody can say 100% its been tried. Well lets look forward to another 20 years of stagnation in Rugby League.
  3. Everybody keeps saying broadcasters not interested yep SKY & BBC treat the sport like but what about other providers do we know 100% somebody has spoke to them ?
  4. That's something us fans will never know because both parties will hide the details under some corporate law of confidently.
  5. Not looked into what effect it will have on me personnel but did find going out to Trailfinders a pain in the neck especially on a Sunday never understood why you didn't play your games on a Saturday? when the railway station was open, after a long trip up from Devon then a trip out to your place by tube then bus because station was closed on a Sunday. So next time up in London to watch Dewsbury will it be trip out to Trailfinders or to the Wombels ?
  6. Well it didn't work SKY where so nervous they got a better deal for themselves, who did the Super League use to negotiate with Sky Olly Robbins,
  7. So maybe its time for somebody in the Rugby League media team plus social media team to think out of the box You tube channel to show live games.
  8. Well maybe 2021 with a better TV package with new providers will change things or we can stay in the past, TV viewing has changed so time for Rugby League to push itself has a great sport to watch.
  9. Do we know that for sure or is the powers to be in Rugby League happy with the status Quo, lets look at it a different way plenty of providers out in the market place Rugby League offers a summer sport so why don't we offer a short deal to one of them plus put some decent advertising in to it or is the clubs happy with Sky's money but no chance of showing their product?? Lets face it where a second class sport has far has the BBC are concerned.
  10. Over twenty years ago there was a big change in this country people like me moved for work so their is lots of people that come from the Rugby League heartlands living in different parts of the UK in the Southwest (Cornwall/ Devon) while watching the Devon Sharks i have come across fans from many clubs so the idea people wont watch games is rubbish take the Challenge Cup up North they might get lots heads up about the game being on TV but away from the north nothing SKY leading up to the grand final this year a week before was saying it was at Old Trafford sorry but the 2 main channels that s
  11. That's the problem negative remarks already to my suggestions Rugby League needs to break away from both SKY & BBC Both don't care anymore the game needs something new & a fresh outlook with the correct people & new partners who knows but sticking with same old partners we will never get out of the boring rut everybody keeps talking about. I understand C4 suppose to be moving to Leeds why not try to negotiate with them if the Championship don't at least talk to these people will never move on, show SKY & BBC plenty more fish in the sea!!!!
  12. If the Championship is going for another broadcaster for the league plenty of places to start with Quest ITV4 plus Prime are just 3 but don't use the persons that did the negotiate for Super League must have used Mays team straight from the EU negotiate.
  13. Hope you don't mind me posting this what with Covid stopping the teams playing the Sharks have been hit by vandals. Devon Sharks RLFC – Posts | Facebook
  14. My reason for putting up the post was not to have a discussion about Covid-19 but the threat to games abroad being called off or behind closed doors, a decision needs to be made not like the Catalans game (Leeds) plus the Wolves football game decisions made after fans have travelled. My Easter is normally spent up North but I have delayed due to Covid-19 booking travel & accommodation & it looks like I was correct because I believe the sporting world will be affected by Easter.
  15. If Covid-19 gets bad has some experts say what happens when Toronto start playing back home? will the Canadian authorities allow clubs & fans to travel across the pond same with Toulouse if the Italians cant control it & other European countries get over whelmed what does the league do? I see in todays papers Wolves fans face losing out on their game in Greece (Olympiakos) due to Greek government saying games should be played behind closed doors. So have the RL got plans to cover this because weather you think its going to get worse before it gets better or people are over reactin
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