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  1. My reason for putting up the post was not to have a discussion about Covid-19 but the threat to games abroad being called off or behind closed doors, a decision needs to be made not like the Catalans game (Leeds) plus the Wolves football game decisions made after fans have travelled. My Easter is normally spent up North but I have delayed due to Covid-19 booking travel & accommodation & it looks like I was correct because I believe the sporting world will be affected by Easter.
  2. If Covid-19 gets bad has some experts say what happens when Toronto start playing back home? will the Canadian authorities allow clubs & fans to travel across the pond same with Toulouse if the Italians cant control it & other European countries get over whelmed what does the league do? I see in todays papers Wolves fans face losing out on their game in Greece (Olympiakos) due to Greek government saying games should be played behind closed doors. So have the RL got plans to cover this because weather you think its going to get worse before it gets better or people are over reacting some sort of plan needs putting together.
  3. Is my memoir playing tricks with me I seem to remember has kid walking up to the Flatts from town centre & on a big wall was S,O,S & didn't that stand for a gang called South Ossett Sams ?
  4. Remember the 1973 Wakey game had moved from Dewsbury by then but me & my cousin traveled back for the game & my cousin got a smack to is nose because Dewsbury fans thought we where Wakey fans, had to quickly real of old neighbours & school friends names plus I used live in Lees Holm estate to stop us getting a right kicking.
  5. Devon Ram

    v Swinton

    Thanks will try that or just pay on the day this one.
  6. Devon Ram

    v Swinton

    If the regulars on the coach to away game all bought their tickets through Dewsbury online & say there's about twenty on the coach that's about £70 towards the club no brainer all adds up across the season.
  7. Devon Ram

    v Swinton

    Are Dewsbury doing the same for Halifax on the 16th Feb, if so need to get the details up on the ticket site so I can book my ticket. Did notice no details about the cost for posting not all Rams fans live in Yorkshire.
  8. Since the announcement of the Aussie test game at the new spurs stadium I have been told by spurs fans about it being a cashless stadium also restrictions on certain bags so I have put a link up from spurs web site for away fans but the information covers for every fan visiting the stadium. Hope it helps everybody looking to attend the game. https://www.tottenhamhotspur.com/media/21543/away-supporters.pdf
  9. The last time I was in Huddersfield last Easter I spoke to the Vermin control man outside the George Hotel & he told me its full of pigeon plus the roof is knackered due to the lead been nicked years ago, reckoned it would never be reopened in time for the Rugby World cup??
  10. Sad to see the Rams have joined the band of clubs not doing a programme this season.
  11. Watched it after reading a great article in the Daily Express early in the week, plus passed the info around on facebook. Great show & lots of respect for the players on all sides. like him drifted away from the game till I got to watch a game in London a few years back after that got the bug & back in love with the Rams.
  12. Something I haven't seen on many forum sites is that the Tottenham Stadium is a no cash zone. A friend told me a few days ago not to take any money to buy Food & Drink inside the stadium even buying a programme is by swipe card? Is my mate winding me up or is this true??
  13. Talking about this with a mate who like me travels around the South West watching non-league football. A lot of clubs don,t do programmers now but was supraised its happening in rugby league i understand 2 out of my 3 trips over Easter don,t do programmes Leigh & Widnes i like many like to get one at every game something to read on train home or a few days latter. I understand a lot of football league sides tried to get the league allow them not to produce one this season but i think the league said NO. Maybe us collectors should contact the league & see if its part of being in the league they must produce one or some kind of team sheet for fans??
  14. Don,t just fill in on-line votes contact The Rugby League by E-Mail enquiries@rfl.co.uk Leave it at Blackpool
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