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  1. Market value!!! sorry thought it was a sport. stupid remark from a selfish SL fan. You lot will only be happy when there's no relegation your own little private club with all the cash.
  2. The cup final was played at the wrong time of the year for the French, everything was to expensive to travel plus i believe they had problems with getting coaches for the fans due to France shutting down for summer holidays. This time it will be Covid restrictions poor old Catalan fans not having much luck.
  3. Yep but what do 90% of Rugby League fans complain about leading up to Challenge Cup weekend, lack of promotion on the BBC itself every year same old moan (you wouldn't know the BBC had the cup game on this weekend) even their flagship 60 secs would never mention it on Friday night.
  4. If you look at the likes of ITV4 they don't have to worry about the likes of Coronation Street or other main ITV shows.
  5. What do you mean lack of coverage in todays media ??? has i keep saying you can take a horse to water but you cant make him drink it.
  6. Me personnel i hope its ITV they have showed through ITV4 willing to put the hours & effort into coverage take Tour De France 3 weeks all day coverage with evening highlights show only this week Tour of Britain all week. But will we the fans ever get told who the bidders are or will it all be behind closed doors & once again SKY will hold all the cards, lets face it they don't like competion.
  7. Has somebody who has watched them across South Devon i hope to see them in the Challenge Cup in the next 5 years that would be great has a Dewsbury fan luv to see the Sharks knock out Batley Lol
  8. The Campaign to raise funds for next season has started. ICYMI: Devon Sharks Monthly Draw has gone live. A monthly chance to win money through Devon Sharks and Play Fund Win. The more tickets we sell, the bigger the pot becomes! The money we earn goes towards expanding the club including bringing back the junior teams, new U16s team and new 18s team. Join today for as little as £5 per month or a one-off ticket! https://playfundwin.com/draw/devon-sharks/ Please share far and wide - #NoRugbyLeagueExperienceNecessar
  9. Over the years there has been junior weekends where teams from up north have come down, maybe once covid is over it will happen again.
  10. Exeter, not sure where they will play other Exeter teams have played down by the river you can see the pitch from the train on the way into Exeter.
  11. What a season 2021 was!!! Not only returning from a lockdown after a year out, but our debut in the Southern Conference League. We were extremely cautious and nervous about taking the step up to Tier 4 Rugby League and boy did we have our critics too at taking that step up. But, in reality we were proud to be the first rugby league club in the south west to be at this level. Overall, the season as expected was hit and miss with COVID still lurking in the shadows. The games we did play, were battles to the end. Proving we could compete in this competition, silencing our critics, but most importantly, giving our players confidence with each game. The draw against the All Golds in Bristol was a turning point for us. A game we should have won. The level of confidence from the players rose and we knew we could achieve anything. We were unlucky against Swindon on both games, losing at home by 8 points (a game that was swinging in both directions throughout). Then going away, and losing by 3 points with an extremely weaker side (due to COVID pings). As for the quarter finals over the weekend, you will see in the match report later this week how unfortunate we were. We now turn our focus onto 2022. The planning and preparation has began already!! We want to achieve better. We want to be in the play off final next season. We can do this. You know how? With the right attitude, players and support/backing from you. We aim to do our biggest recruitment in the winter that the club has seen. With the Development team Exeter Ravens being officially entered into the SWML, and visiting schools, colleges and universities, creating unique partnerships. The club have a full pathway now in place for 2022……. Exeter Ravens (Development Team) Tier 5 Rugby Devon Sharks (SCL Tier 4 Rugby) Swinton Lions (League 1 Tier 3 Rugby) We are now launching partnerships with the club and the Ravens. These include, match day position partners, match day warm up top partners, and match day partners. We cannot progress without your kindness and support. The club has progressed so much since it was launched in 2006. Become the 18th player for the club. Be proud to support a club growing year on year. Who knows, with your support, we could be the first ever south west rugby league club to get into the first round of the national knockout cup competition, The Challenge Cup in 2022. Anything could happen. Dreams are possible, but in reality to achieve those dreams, we need partnerships to support us. To start doing this, please share this post as much as you can. We can see how well it’s shared and if you are interested, please contact us on info@devonsharksrl.co.uk Don’t miss out on this fast growing rugby league club in the south west. #sharks2021 #cedenullis
  12. You have Teignbridge Trojans, Saltash Essayons along with Rebels & Storm
  13. Match Day Report...... Devon Sharks 22 - 36 Hammersmith Hills Hoists Carlisle and Spear double not enough for Sharks!! After a hit and miss season, the Sharks welcomed Hammersmith Hills Hoists in the quarter finals of the Southern Conference League Play offs at Newton Abbot Rugby Club on Saturday. The Sharks finishing second in the regional fixtures of the SCL, had already exceded expectations for their first season at this level. All focus was on the current SCL Champions making the long journey from London for this knockout stage. Hammersmith travelled well, with a full squad and arrived early, looking keen and ready to go. The Sharks knew the game was going to be a tough one especially with key players missing from the squad through holidays and union commitments. It was a much weaker squad than they would have liked. As kick off arrived, the Sharks had a 16-man squad including Head Coach Ryan Chivers and Club Director, Phil Johnson on the bench. Both teams struggled to settle, trying to play at pace, and spilling the ball with neither completing sets. The Sharks struggling with the heat and one of the players Tom Osborne, having already played a game of Rugby Union prior to this match, put his body to the limit until after 20-minutes it could not take anymore; a true Gladiator performance! On came Head Coach, Ryan Chivers, heavily strapped up having recently had surgery on his elbow. The score 0-0 until 25 minutes. A quick play of the ball caught the Sharks off guard, the passes swinging out to the wing, with Hammersmith crossing the whitewash for the first score of the game, conversion successful, 0-6. Some hard hits by Tom Holliday taking the lead and Tom Worboys, seemed to keep the away team at bay, but not for long; they soon put on the pressure again. Some quick play of the ball, the Sharks again struggling to match the pace. Hammersmith darted under the sticks to score again; conversion successful 0-12. The Sharks started to settle with some good pressure, the first of the game, it looked like they were going to score their first try. As they broke, it looked like Will Lockerbie was going to score, only for a pass from Wes Keywood not to connect and roll out into touch. Hammersmith capitalised on this mistake and with good meters gained, they crossed under the sticks again, conversion successful 0-18. The game looked like it was escaping from the Sharks, but as we have seen many times this season, their heads didn’t go down. Some strong running by Wes Keywood, Pete Bilham and Tom Worboys, put the pressure on the visitor’s defence. Captain Jack Carlisle finishing an impressive set, darting across the line for his first of the day, conversion successful by Wes Keywood, 6-18. There were a lot of tired bodies out there and with limited subs, changes were made on rare occasions. Hammersmith were quick to delete this score, and crossed the line again, just before half time, conversion successful 6-24. At half time, again the Sharks heads never went down, and with club President, Paul Field coming on the pitch with his traditional feast of half-time oranges, they knew they were still in the game. The Sharks increased the pressure and were completing sets. Some good meters gained by Ryan Chivers, Pete Bilham and Tom Close. The Sharks were hunting near the Hammersmith line. Ben Spear (Sponsored by Hennessey Cocktail Lounge) powered through the Hammersmith defence, leaving them behind, to cross over under the posts for his first try of the game. Conversion missed, 10-24. The game settled, and Hammersmith took control again. On the 58th minute, they too showed their strength, breaking through the defence after a quick play of the ball, to score under the posts, conversion successful, 10-30. Hammersmith continued with the pressure and quickly scored again, conversion successful, 10-36. Again, the Sharks didn’t give up, there was no way they were bowing out this way. Putting pressure on the Hammersmith defence with Pete Bilham being a thorn in their side, Captain Jack Carlisle crossed the line for his 2nd of the game, conversions successful by Wes Keywood, 16-36. With the Sharks passing coming together, they scored again soon after the restart. Ben Spear (sponsored by Hennessey Cocktail Lounge), showing his strength, powering through the tired defence of Hammersmith, to cross under the posts, Keywood, adding the conversion, 22-36. As the game drew close to the end, there was no doubt who had won the game. But the Sharks continued to put pressure on the visitor’s defence, but just could not add anymore points before the final whistle. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Hammersmith for travelling to us and wish them good luck next week against Wests Warriors in a London derby in the semi finals. Man of the Match: Pete Bilham
  14. If in South Devon this Saturday Evening pop along & support the Sharks.
  15. Yep it is, i agree about keeping InTouch but the title is misleading i & others probley thought it was dates & venues for the revamp world cup.
  16. Got nothing to do with the start of the first period of claiming refunds !!!! its back fired because its not giving us the venues or dates i would like to keep my Newcastle tickets but not the Scots one if that turns out to be a midweek game or the next weekend.
  17. Isn't the post & message a bit misleading because i cant find any dates on the post? i like many got tickets for the opening weekend thought has i will be traveling from Devon would do both games, so when i got yesterdays E-Mail thought i would see if both games on same new weekend nothing only so called double header mentioned is the final so come RLWC Is the Scots game still on the opening weekend? if not then i will ask for a refund because i wont make a extra journey to Newcastle just for the Scots game.
  18. Is anybody aware if the opening weekend still going to be a double header with the Scots v Italy game?
  19. I went through Hotels.com allows you free cancellation you get a certain date to cancel after that buggered. Its the poor buggers who used Split Ticketing for train travel, i waited before booking train travel just incase it was put back or cancelled.
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