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  1. Oldham Coach Scott Naylor speaks well of him in this article about the pre season game https://roughyeds.co.uk/2018/11/first-up-is-a-big-test-at-barrow/
  2. Tony was Chaplain at Oldham for about 8 years and is a great bloke. Well liked by players and fans alike. He obviously didn't divulge the pastoral stuff he did but i know he was a great help to a mate of mine whose dad died and really looked after one player who had drugs issues. I also see someone mentioned Terry Newton, i believe Tony and other Chaplains spoke to the RFL about the care of players suspended, banned and in retirement which brings great pressures on some lads and now we have State of Mind and Chaplains in most clubs. You've got a good un!
  3. Yed17

    2019 kit

    As you know we don't have a commercial dept. We have Anne working really hard part time. I am sure she'll do her best, maybe CH is well enough to help now, i don't know how his recovery is going.
  4. Yed17

    2019 kit

    I don't think it will Clifford. If you don't have sponsors in place or if you have to buy stock up front. It won't help cash flow.
  5. George is supposed to be flying out to Oz later this month but i don't know how long for or what his plans are. But then again, i doubt he knows either ?
  6. Sad to see Kenny go, he's given 100% every time since he pulled on a shirt in the u23s. Good signing for Cru's.
  7. Well i hope someone who has access to CH makes it known to him. I am sure he'll be hanging onto your every word haha.
  8. I am led to believe CH's op was far more serious than first thought and it was first hoped that he would be back before the end of the season. I know this doesn't help Scott's situation but does explain why he didn't have plans in place. Let's hope we get some lads signed up quickly.
  9. I think Hewitt should stay but needs competition for his place, Owen and Hughes are good solid players, in my opinion West has done well in his first season at this level, Briscoe and Holmes never let you down without being stars. And so i would keep those unless there are far better players available.
  10. Wishing Worky success today. From an Oldham fan
  11. Chris has had major surgery and needs to recover. Anne and other volunteers have stepped up and done a fantastic job. Hopefully Chris will be back soon.
  12. Yed17

    Seven Games

    If this is true, there's a real scrap between Hairnets and Swinton for who goes down.
  13. It should be a good game, them coming off the back of a win and us looking for some form. We need to start building now towards the playoffs. ?
  14. Looking forward to the match. It's going to be another warm one for the players. Hopefully we can get back to winning ways ?
  15. Looking forward to watching the Yeds again tomorrow after missing the Coventry game. Squad looks strong again and hopefully another win to keep the pressure on York and Bradford. ?
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