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  1. This is nasty! So random. I mean, at least there are native Cougars in Keighley. This is just a nonsense.
  2. There are several reasons the Ealing Trailfinders are not wanted in the RU Premiership.
  3. I agree. Elstone's mate analyzed the Toronto market for SL and decided that it was not viable. Ottawa is a much smaller market and has no chance.
  4. If Ottawa are wise, they would immediately relocate to Toronto. A pre-built fan base and much larger potential market.
  5. Mark Evans is a bit of a blowhard. Yes, it would be good to shore up support in these traditional RL towns, basing it solely off their population numbers. However the sport has, for the most part, failed to resonate with the changing demographic of these locations. I don't see any major initiatives being led by Mr. Elstone (and his SL pay masters) that are going to change this situation.
  6. Toronto supporters need to understand that the proposal might not be viable. As great as the city is, and as strong as the fanbase they have developed may be, the business case needs to be water tight for their inclusion. What are the additional revenues to SL from having TWP? There is a lot of hyperbole about the size of the market, and "exposure", but how does that translate into value for the league? TWP have very little content to sell to broadcasters. I really struggle to see concrete financial benefits, unless they are supported by a huge investor to see it through the long term.
  7. Well, it been a good ride lads. As a TWP fan I loved every minute of it, it always seemed like a hair-brained scheme. The truth is that is was a house built on sand, there isn't enough content to sell for a North American TV deal, and almost no local roots. I loved the game days at Lamport, and getting to know about the teams in the north of England. Had some good nights with the travelling fans. The sport is an amazing spectacle, which unfortunately doesn't get the coverage it deserves. I'll have nothing but positive memories of the experience.
  8. You are right, that is a professional approach. However, I'd like to know how that "re-routing of money to expansion" line would go down with many SL Chairmen.
  9. There is no money for expansion, so it wouldn't be much of a job. The only way it happens is through rich investors, who need to be attracted to the game.
  10. Not sure if this is true, but 2 a point deductions seems like a bit of tokenism. Recruitment is going to be tricky if they are allowed back in.
  11. Who knows? Some people can't let go of work in retirement.
  12. He's a retired MLSE executive. He's not short of a few bucks, this could just be a retirement hobby for him.
  13. I agree, this shouldn't be penalized more than a knock on. The defending player is making a split second decision, probably doesn't know himself if the the intercept is on or not. Simplify the rules, don't have referees try to interpret players intent.
  14. This is a joke, sponsorship for post game pizza! It is so farm/minor league. SL shouldn't have done this deal just for the damage to the league's brand it has generated. What company is seriously going to put any money into sponsorship of SL after this?
  15. Ryan Brierley is an amazing ambassador of this sport. He went out of his way in Toronto to give time to fans and participate in media events. I saw him a few rows below me at a TFC game, I went down and had a short chat to him. That is a shocking wage for his talents. If 40K is the average salary, and there are marque players factored in, there must be a lot of players on this level.
  16. This is the TWP discussion thread, he was a player for them (if on loan), at least until COVID struck. So yes, back on topic, when compared to discussion about SL clubs relative greed for going with 11 teams. It also relates to the sports market in Toronto, and perhaps a missed opportunity it if TWP are abandoned. SO pretty much on thread.
  17. Back to the topic. Quinn Ngawati just signed for RUNY in the MLR. I hope RL fans don't complain when they lose the North American market. That comment is a bit tongue in cheek, because the MLR is still very much in the startup category of ventures, and could easily fail. However things like this will leave an impression with the Toronto fans. The Arrows are already looking to get hold of the Wolfpack members list and continue on with games at Lamport.
  18. Indeed. If only the money already spent on TWP had gone into setting up a good quality summer league of six teams based in the North East of America/Canada. Teams made up. of good quality imports (below SL/NRL level) mixed with a few locals. This is how the NHL started.
  19. They were way off meeting the criteria - it doesn't look good. Let's face it, there is only one real criteria - give us some money.
  20. Dark times indeed. Although maybe some upcoming online sports networks such as DAZN or Amazon see this as an opportunity to enter the market at a lower cost and can write off losses for a few years to position themselves for future growth.
  21. Indeed, the sports value now is pretty much only as a TV product. Semi-professional sport is untenable. SL need to develop a broadcast-able entertainment product that can be sold for enough to maintain the professional game. The trouble is that Sky wouldn't even televise all games at the best of times. Leadership is needed to take the sport to a new model for the next few years. Is Mr. Elstone the man to do it? It is a big ask of anyone. In the NRL V'landys tied up a broadcast deal for the next several years. That might be the only the only deal that keep this sport professional.
  22. How realistically can TWP be allowed back into SL? Covid19 will still be here in 2021, they will not be able to play. These are desperate times for any sport that relies on spectators, having TWP in the competition is unrealistic. The best they might hope for is a delayed decision, or sabbatical until 2022 due to exceptional circumstances. Aces will also be a no go. In fact, the entirety of the League 1 and Championship seasons are questionable at best. The sport needs to plan to the new normal, not wait for some day when the virus magically disappears.
  23. I'm not saying this is true for you, but I never understood why a good number of RL fans have this attitude, but then seem to support Liverpool/Man Utd/Man City instead of their local football club.
  24. Were Toronto a young squad? I'm still waiting to hear about the Canadian players that EP was trumpeting on his media tours.
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