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  1. I wonder if the likes of Mr Carter would be happy if Toronto had just paid a $20million expansion fee to be shared amongst the SL clubs, but were then automatically full members, with a share of all revenues. That's probably what this whole thing would have cost Mr. Argyle anyway.
  2. I saw the Seattle vs Arrows game replay on TSN1 today, great exposure. MLR is still small time, but the franchise value has shot up already in three years. They are looking for new markets and attracting bigger names, even Lee Radford dumped SL to move there (or was he dumped by SL?). This model has its risks, they support existing owners with ever increasing expansion fees until enough markets are covered to get a worthwhile TV deal. A risk for sure, but they are looking for investors who can prove they are in it for the many years. In the mean time RL will retrench and again.
  3. Realistically, unless new owners come in quick and give major reassurances to SL chairmen, the TWP are out. Perhaps a major sports organization like MLSE could do this, but under the current pandemic, I can't see this.
  4. exceptional circumstances? global pandemic and all. Anyway, Argyle says "the well is dry", so it will take new owners to drive things forward.
  5. The most reliable RL source: The Full 80 podcast. Apparently, they had "talked to some chairmen".
  6. Word is that SL chairmen are happy to go with 11 teams in 2021, rather than share their cash with anyone else.
  7. Just listening to the very opinionated "Full 80" podcast. Apparently numerous League One chairmen are turning against Ottawa's entry next year. I have stated on some other threads, but I don't see an Ottawa existing without Toronto. The Toronto metropolitan area has a huge population, and the TWP played in an area of Toronto with a young upwardly mobile population. Many of the local fans are in startups or the Tech industry and are used to trying new things. I know it is a generalization, but Ottawa is a government town and the polar opposite, often quite risk averse. Seeing Toronto fail will make selling this club a very difficult.
  8. No SL team would survive these circumstances. If they had they been open and honest about their predicament earlier, they may have gotten some good will from SL chairmen. However, Toronto committed to the restarted competition, and then withdrew. During that time, they hadn't paid player wages. The visa issues should have been no surprise, and should have been anticipated since the lockdown began. Only a couple of days before the announcement, SL prepared their restart promotional video including TWP and SBW. Then, out of the blue they withdraw. I expect good will is in short supply amongst the SL board.
  9. There is no Ottawa without Toronto. TWP really messed this up, especially with their UK business operations. I understand that they were the team hardest hit by the pandemic, without access to government assistance. However, not paying players with a rich backer is inexcusable. The troubling thing was that they were already paying salaries late before CV19 kicked off. They should have announced their withdrawal from the season much earlier, I can understand why chairmen are upset. They must have known the visas were going to expire for quite a while Argyle's new plan fo selling 10000 shares for $100 each, seems just a way of clawing back his $10 million investment. There is not a good business plan. I doubt SL will let them retain their status. I have loved having the Wolfpack in the city and I am hoping for the best outcome, but the foundations are still built on sand. Hope I am wrong, but this is nearing the end game.
  10. No, TWP had to pay all of the travel costs on top. It was just a money grab.
  11. No way can there be an Ottawa without Toronto. It is going to be hard enough to get fans there in the first place, but when they hear that Toronto has failed, I can't see it happening. Toronto is the fastest growing city in North America, Ottawa is a sleepy town of government workers.
  12. Trust me, there is no way Ottawa will go ahead without Toronto.
  13. Perez is just a marketing man. If TWP go under, there will be no Ottawa or NY.
  14. I thought Argyle was a billionaire who was funding this club, I still don't understand why they need a loan.
  15. Interview with Argyle for those who are interested:
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