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  1. Great news, hopefully it will put pay to this lower the salary cap nonsense.
  2. Fair enough. I prefer this kind of honesty, compared to the way Michael Carter tries to wrap up his clubs best interests into what is best for the game.
  3. I think 12-a-side would an excellent idea to help open up play, combined with limited interchanges. According to Tony Collin's "Rugby Reloaded" podcast, 13-aside only narrowly won out over 12-aside when the Northern clubs voted to modified the rules.
  4. I'm surprised the new players union hasn't chime in about this. They should stand together to block any salary cap reductions.
  5. I pity the players. This is one of the hardest sports to play in the world, the number of games they have to play, combined with the reduction in real wage value over the last decade. And now this. I don't see how the sport can grow financially with this mindset. Investors need to be attracted to the sport, the game can't go into a downward spiral just so three or four clubs can stay competitive. Maybe a ten team SL is more realistic, if there is less funding in the next TV deal, surely better than lowering standards. The best players will follow the money to the NRL and Union.
  6. I agree, it looks like the only thing that could possibly go ahead still is SL in some simplified form, without relegation. Hopefully building up to a GF later in the year. A year without the CC might hurt that competition going forward, it is already on the decline in terms of interest and attendances.
  7. I have changed my mind on this issue, 14 teams is too many for the quality of players. Having 12 team with no loop fixtures and a real summer season (later start) would be a better option, quality over quantity. That leaves 22 games + Magic + Play-offs and the CC, that is really enough games for such a high impact sport. In fact, it is still probably too many games.
  8. Super League chairmen will never make a decision that impacts their finances negatively. They will not go for a 14 team SL. Every decision they make it based solely on their own financial interests (see Toronto's SL acceptance conditions). They will not split the pie into more slices unless a broadcaster insists upon it. Maybe I'm jaded.
  9. Just in: Relegation threatened coach wants return to licensing. I actually agree with him in theory. However Mr. Smith, and most other posters, don't seem to understand what licensing is meant to be about. They see it as only a means to avoid to the possibility of relegation. Licensing requires an empowered governing body that can make brutal strategic decisions based on business models. These most importantly include relocating/replacing licensees with weaker commercial performance. It also involves strict enforcement of standards (without exception) and transparent budgeting. There is no such governance in place from the RFL, and definitely not from the chairmen controlled SL board. It was tried before and despite some improvements, failed to force clubs to meet the licence criteria. Bottom line is that clubs would need to give up power to leadership structure that can implement licensing. This will not happen, so best stick with promotion and relegation.
  10. Good thing that TWP are a U.K. based team. They can easily switch to being the Manchester Wolfpack.
  11. Have the CC include only English teams, play most of the rounds before the season. This will allow for SL to start later.
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