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  1. Broncos, relegated. Leigh, relegated. KR were an established SL team.
  2. Leigh! It'll just take a couple of losses for Derek to pull the plug again. He did try to buy success, but wasn't rich enough.
  3. You can't get easily promoted while managing the "cap". Toronto will fine. It's a shame that SL limits it's players earning ability with such a low salary cap.
  4. It's easy for established SL teams to say Toronto have mismanaged the salary cap. The truth is that to get promoted they had to over pay players to get them to play in the Championship. Even with that, they failed in their first MPG and were losing their second promotion final with less than 20 mins to go. They literally did just enough to get promoted, they couldn't manage their cap over several years like other teams in SL. The comparison is unfair. Once they establish themselves, they will be able to manage the cap like other teams.
  5. In the short term, call back Worthington and call up a Rochdale player. Also get the Ngawati deal over the line.
  6. Why are we loaning out a player when we are so short staffed? Can't we call Greg Worthington back?
  7. That is a little harsh. The deal was already in place for SL coverage on SN in Canada. There is only so much he can do., buying back the rights to re-sell them must be exorbitantly expensive.
  8. I think this is a good outcome. TWP need to be forced to get young Canadian players involved. They have not been able to achieve this otherwise.
  9. Any word of a viewing party for the Wigan vs TWP game on Thursday (Feb 13)? I have already laid cunning plans to escape from work early.
  10. I can see the Arrows crowds growing slowly and steadily. MLR is very much an experiment in progress (but so are the TWP). However, it in conceivable that in 5-10 years MLR is commercially richer than Super League, and that would make TWP look like the poor cousin..They have already done well to get TSN, ESPN and NBC on board, even if they are probably paying peanuts. It is all about finding investors who can stay the course until a future lucrative TV deal. This is how it was for MLS.
  11. Looks like the Arrows are going to have their games on TSN, that is a big advantage over the Wolfpack's TV coverage.
  12. Catalans have really shot themselves (and the sport) in the foot on this one. Especially when they have no TV deal, they are not in the strongest position to pull a stunt like this.
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