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  1. I'd like to see a win ( in regulation time) worth 3 points, a golden point win worth 2 points and a golden point loss worth 1 point. That way three points are awarded for every game. Just an idea.
  2. That is true and it was very damaging, but the games were still recorded and televised in other markets.
  3. It is crazy bush league, that not all games are televised already. Imagine the CFL not recording a game, the whole point is that it this is a TV product.
  4. Good time of day for a viewing party here.
  5. Exactly. the World Club Championship determines the best team (IF it is taken seriously by Aus). This is a commercial venture to promote the sport. It would be great to see TWP, NZ Warriors, Catalans, (NY if it happens), Aus team, Eng team.
  6. Scrap the cap. RL should encourage rich investors to part with their cash.
  7. I would prefer to see Toronto play a top NRL team than the national side.
  8. Can't wait for next season. Only 3 months to go. There are going to be some great viewing parties. I wonder how the TV will work now they are in SL. Will they be on SportsNet like other SL games?
  9. You are missing his strategy. You have to get behind someone to stab them in the back. This is how he can justify saying that he is pro-expansion.
  10. Thanks for the research, those were the only leagues that came to mind, so your point is probably pretty good.
  11. Kontinental Hockey League? EuroLeague basketball? Depends on your definition of success, but I'm not entirely sure SL is a success either.
  12. If they have criminal records it will be tricky. It will be interesting to see how many SL team send over weakened squads, they might just right off the away fixture.
  13. The 2021 TV deal will be the major indicator. If it is significantly lower, the writing will be on the wall.
  14. Instead of awarding points, how about using a teams placement in the tournament as a tie breaker if they have the same number of points as another team in SL.
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