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  1. Don't read too much into that, TWP are in cruise control for the rest of the season. Don't fret, Brian McDermott is solely focussed on the play-offs.
  2. ojx

    TWP Recruitment

    As I understand it, a Union player wouldn't count in that cap.
  3. It would be great if the RFL did that too.
  4. With other Championship teams signing players on short term contracts for the final promotion push, I was wondering if the Wolfpack were looking at any additions? Also, it's been eerily quiet on recruitment for 2020, is that just to wait and see if we are in SL or not? If so, there might not be too much quality available if it is left too late.
  5. ojx

    Kickoff time

    I wonder whether this would change *IF* we get to SL?
  6. Teams can't show every week up for a 28 game season. There are too many uncompetitive matches, there needs to be less games #scrapLoopFixtures.
  7. A Championship game on C4 can't be any worse for the sport than the SL game I'm watching right now.
  8. Where did this money come from? Beaumont was begging players to give up their contracts this time last year.
  9. A good kick off time at 12:30pm. Any viewing party? I think we will rack up a big score in this game. Widnes have not looked fully committed in recent games.
  10. Ottawa would be the best stadium in SL except for maybe Leeds.
  11. On the BBC RL podcast a couple of weeks ago they were saying that to be a high quality competition, SL should only have 8 english clubs (and maybe 2 french). For the northern market, they were clear that Bradford should be one of them. They were quite dismissive of London. So the eight english teams might be: Bradford, Saints, Wire, Wigan, Hull, Leeds, ... (2 of Huddersfield, Salford, Wakefield, Castleford, Hull KR)
  12. ojx

    Kickoff time

    Wish we had some later kick off times.
  13. Steady on. It took three years to get a new scoreboard. You can't expect these city workers to fix cracks at the same time.
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