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  1. If we get the curly finger so be it we tried and have loved our first season. I was referring to the part that says we would play every game at the stadium .....
  2. 5 minutes left at 14 all get to the 30 in with a shot at a one pointer butterworth runs into touch.
  3. We batley boys played at waterhead yesterday and no touch judges but the ref played for 40/20s
  4. £500 a time is why we don’t play on the mount
  5. The lads just wanted to play at a better standard from the Yorkshire men’s league. We was short on volunteers Saturday the bar is normally open all morning till well after the open age have played. Our coach offered to open the bar and leave the players for the warm up. Pitch is fine nothing wrong with it. The walk is not ideal I agree, the club is working on finding an alternative. Give us a chance before just calling us. I’ve always enjoyed a trip to millom great little set up and look forward to the trip this year.
  6. Hopping mad is that the same number 8 that was tipped on his head ? It’s hard to kick someone when your physically upside down
  7. Should be a cracker 1st v 2nd Yorkshire men's premier
  8. So that looks like another week without a game ! Back to the conference
  9. Batley Boys going well in the Yorkshire men's league and seem to have the correct junior set up at last.
  10. Batley Boys v East hull very scrappy game both teams missing players
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