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  1. Quiet one this year with myself, the missus and the dog, we got engaged this year and bought a house so celebrating that and still trying to avoid Covid as much as possible; hope everyone has a safe and happy night and best wishes to all for the new year; personally I’ve got tickets to the World Cup final (and a wedding) to look forward to so here’s hoping for a belter for all!

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  2. 35 minutes ago, Phil said:

    Oh my goodness that was immense, buttered crown of chicken, pork with garlic and truffle butter, roast and mashed potatoes carrots and peas.

    Struggling to move now.

    Did the usual dishing up at the local homeless centre at dinner time.

     I find that apart from a hot meal and some clean new clothes lots of homeless people just really appreciate someone sitting and chatting with them 

    Sounds fabulous sir, and good on you for taking time out of your day for others too!

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  3. Slightly off topic, I thought Jullien was excellent at Warrington and am always shocked that he doesn’t seem to have kicked in at Catalans, does anyone know why that’s so?

    In terms of the signing, the lack of remorse - when there seems to have been an acknowledgment of guilt - bothers me.

  4. 1 hour ago, Tommygilf said:

    Super League is regional based filler content that does not drive subscriptions in a way that would be noticeable to Sky but provides a solid if not spectacular regular audience. It has a deal relative to that for the next 2 years.

    Sky do not need/want to "grow" the sport, nor do they want to see it shrink. Its just not in their commercial remit. That aspect has changed over the past 25 years I feel where Sky originally appeared to buy the sport with a purpose. 

    The real failure has been that the sport hasn't invested central funds from Sky when they were at an all time high into ensuring the next deal was worth more or at least the same. 

    I think that is a brilliant assessment mate.

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  5. First time I’ve not been to a grand final in a long time - exclusively due to finances with a wedding on the horizon -  but the one I’ve looked forward to most in a while as I think this could be a high scoring cracker. Voted Catalans by a score but really have no idea, as said above I think the first twenty are crucial, I can see saints getting a lead and Cats clawing it back but it depends on whether that early lead is too great.

    Best two teams in the comp this year, good luck to both (but particularly Catalans).

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  6. Both this wire team and probably Powell himself have something to prove. Will hope that the rugby is better to watch than it has been at times under Price. I like Cas a lot, and as a rugby outfit they seem well run, it’s intriguing to see where they go from here as things do seem to have stagnated a touch. Could be good for all parties.

  7. I think this is so difficult to capitalise on. I am a Mancunian who supports Warrington - mostly due to Briers - but I grew up on football till I played league purely by chance at school. Being a league fan is separate to being a football fan, I enjoy both for different reasons, but will always be a football fan first, as would my friends who I have converted to league.

    I am a city fan first because of my Dad and my fandom with football is so closely linked to my relationship with my dad. Despite that I enjoy watching “random rugby league” more than random football.

    My - admittedly longwinded - point is this, I don’t think location and an absence of something else is sufficient to develop a fan base, I think it’s far harder to truly develop an affinity for a club than being the only place in town.

    I have followed wire for 13 years now, 8 years ago and a lot of games watched and attended later wire lost, I forget against who, and it hurt; properly stung! That was when I became a fan. This despite the biggest football club in the world - not city the other lot - being 2.5 miles away from my home.

    My league fandom is a different fandom, not sure why, but it is.

    For instance, Despite winning the first city game I attended, we lost the second, I saw how that hurt my Dad and, by extension, that hurt immediately.

    As an aside, it was 6 years ago when my Dad swore when wire lost, he is now a fan because I am, that was the first loss he cared about. It was the happiest I have been after a loss.

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  8. Has been a brilliant level in the half dozen games I’ve seen , not suggesting it’s the only thing but a crowd makes a big difference. The retirement of the great players since the last World Cup seems to have made little difference to the quality available to the Aussies.

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