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  1. Live about 20 minute walk away, think I’ll head to the quays for a bite and walk over the bridge catching all or at least the majority of the womens game dependent on time taken to get into the stadium. In the stretford end, lower tier. Gutted that England aren’t there.
  2. I think this England team has been the best to watch in my time following the game - circa 2010 and I thank them for that. I really thought we’d win that and give the Aussies a really good go but that hasn’t happened. Really disappointing performance on the day, execution and concentration were not quite there. Who knows where we will be in 3 years but it would be a travesty if we have to wait to play Australia for potentially 8 years so we need to go again. Interesting thing - and probably could do an entire thread on this - is who will still be there and, in particular, who the big men will be with 2-3 of the lads that played today and maybe Walmsley retiring by the next World Cup. Great game and hoping for another next week. Gutted.
  3. Number 1 for me was huge, we had a chance with no downside if it was missed.
  4. Excellent assessment mate. The drop in size was a bit of an issue and it would be Lees missing out for one of the bigger options for me.
  5. I think you may be doing a touch of baiting yourself today .
  6. Maybe we should have sang all the verses to God save the King, really make them suffer? May have won by more.
  7. I just think being captain really affected his game. Even before he left Warrington he played much better after the captaincy was given to Hughes.
  8. Yes mate, I’d have one of them on the bench ahead of Lees or Cooper next week too. I think there is a big loss of size when the props get changed.
  9. Did Hill go off with a head check? Possibly the only downside if he potentially misses out.
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