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  1. 6 hours ago, Bullmania said:

    Bradford are part time themselves though?

    I think you’ve missed my point. 

    I’ll simplify it; the last time Bradford scored fewer points against part time opposition (regardless of their own status) was at least 12 years and probably even pre Super League (26 years ago). Not bad to say from reading a few Bulls fans comments York were ‘average.’

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  2. Sounded like an incredible defensive effort, you have to go back to March 2019 (vs full time Toulouse) for when Bradford scored less points at home.

    And it’s probably been decades since Bradford scored less than 6 points at Odsal against a part time team (I gave up looking when I got as far back as 2009!).

    Huge game next week. Both Knights sides deserve a big crowd.

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  3. 11 hours ago, RayCee said:

    Can anyone help this poor chap who is doing the attendance figures for the Championship, The last few weeks have more holes than Swiss cheese.


    It’s a shame. York City Knights are a good example, they were giving attendances which were holding up well then last 2 home matches have decided not to bother.

    Just to make it more annoying, Scarborough Athletic FC, recently of step 7 of the football pyramid, played a Mickey Mouse cup final at York’s stadium last night. 15mins after the match had kicked off they’d announced the crowd and put it on Twitter.

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  4. 1 minute ago, Fenton Knight said:

    Have to say that was a great defensive display - took me back to those days in 2019!  I think we defended seven sets in around 10 mins. Also, creative going forward and took our tries well. Well done. 

    Sounded like a great effort and real committed defence just like in 2019.

    Just wish more would come to home games - next home match is Halifax who are doing well themselves and usually bring good support, our last home match against them (in 2019) was 2101. No reason why we shouldn’t  break 2500. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, POR said:

    You will need to stand up to their pack which always play few ex SL  played six and get in the face of jamie ellis who pulls all their strings

    Good player at this level although he’s been out for the last 3 matches (all of which York have won with an aggregate of 112-36). Will be interesting to see if he plays. Either way I think it will be a close game with just a few scores in it.

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  6. Ground out the win without really clicking, but it’s a vital 2 points and it takes some effort to nil a team in a half of rugby.

    No attendance given again - I’m going for 1500 ish. A bit disappointing really, that’s 5 league wins on the bounce and we are in 3rd. In previous years we’ve done armed forces day, LGBT day, retro round etc. This season it seems we pushed the Fev game and then not much since. I’m hoping with a full off season the new owner will come up with ideas and make match day more of an experience. 

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Harry Stottle said:

    No disrespect AB, and I sincerely hope the attendances do improve quickly, but the talk pre going into the new stadium was how it was going to lift the interest and attendance of the good people of York to support their professional Rugby League team, this doesn't seem to be happening why is that, do you have an opinion?

    I’m actually very positive about the figures. Our last 3 attendances against Newcastle were 1221 earlier this season in the cup, 1212 in 2018 (at Bootham Crescent) and 1181 in 2017 (also at Bootham).

    If we go with 1750 for Saturdays game, our league average this year is 2227. The last full season average was 2125 (before COVID etc). I think we’ll break 2500 average this season, so a near 20% increase, while not something to write home about, shows steady progress which is what the Knights seem to aim for on and off the pitch. 

    Overall though while I’m not too concerned about crowds I just feel as a club we need to work harder. As usual I’m reluctant to criticise and I don’t know how restricted the club are by the stadium management company but the match day experience needs a lot of work. At Bootham we had bands playing, entertainers, cheerleaders, zones set up for the kids. At the LNER it’s half an hour of music then an 80 minute match, the match itself is pretty decent atm but more work needs to be put into making match day an event.

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  8. 2 hours ago, fevtom said:

    From the League Express:


    Bradford v Halifax - 5,821 (But Bradford’s twitter announced 5,231)

    Widnes v Leigh - Not Given (But someone on the forum mentioned 3,854)

    Featherstone v Barrow - 3,284

    Sheffield v London - 943 (Double header at Doncaster)

    Batley v Dewsbury - Not Given

    York v Newcastle - Not Given

    Whitehaven v Workington - No Report due to late kick off.


    League One

    Swinton v North Wales - 1,081

    Hunslet v Keighley - 714

    Doncaster v Cornwall - 943

    Midlands v Skolars - 176

    Rochdale v Oldham - Not Given







    According to a York official, the club only give the attendance if they agree with the figure given to them by the stadium management company. Obviously they didn’t agree with the figure so no figure given but my estimate is 1700/1800. It’s slowly improving.

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  9. 49 minutes ago, Josef K said:

    What sort of attendances are clubs hoping for tomorrow, id go for. 
    Cas/Leeds 8,500. Huddersfield/Saints 7,000. Salford/Catalans 3,500. Toulouse/HKR 5,000. Wigan/Wakey 11,500. Hull/Wire 11,000. 

    I think you can add 1500 onto the Cas figure and deduct 1500 from the Huddersfield figure. Cas have had some big crowds this season, even the 7067 they got against Toulouse was pretty good. 

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  10. 8 minutes ago, Clarence Street said:

    I thought the energy and determination levels from the Knights last night was brilliant and the main difference between the two sides. Newcastle certainly didn't look a bad side and I wouldn't have used the word "poor" to describe them at all. In my book that ignores how good the Knights were. I hope O'hagan is ok as I thought it was quite ominous that he went off with nearly half an hour left to play but on the plus side it was good to see Teanby come back on after his head knock assessment must have been clear.


    The main thing I noticed watching Newcastle was how knackered they looked. I know they got through a lot of tackling but after 20 minutes they looked exhausted, I don’t think I’ve seen a side look that tired since we were beating West Wales Raiders who couldn’t even field a starting 13. 

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