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  1. Yardage out of play, control the ruck. Both phrases confuse me. Also ‘you’re useless Childs’ (Child) and ‘shut up Tompkins’ (Tomkins). I can’t see football fans calling Haaland by the name of Haalands so why do we struggle to get names right?!
  2. I was there today, I liked how we followed on from recent weeks by playing entertaining stuff going forward. I really hope we follow on with that style next season. Defence was poor and some players just couldn’t match Leigh physically. Credit to Marsh who was a cut above, thought Thompson and Antrobus had good games too. I wasn’t at the 100-4 game so won’t compare too much but at 58-0 after 54 minutes today it looked like the score line might get near that. As it was the players dug in a bit. And no, that’s not me saying I’m happy with today’s defeat. Well played Leigh, I think Batley might push them for a bit but Leigh are near certs for promotion. With Clint I think he needs to be more vocal, maybe we got too used to Flatman being in the Press most weeks. I will say communication needs work and would like us to push things a bit more with matchdays, they need to become events and we need to make the LNER feel like a home ground on match days (more branding, flags etc) as to me it feels like we are merely tenants. Overall a good season with a strong ending before today’s inevitable heavy defeat. That’s our second best ever championship season finishing on 36 points compared to 39 points back in that great 2019 season. First playoff win too. Going into 2023, we need more forwards and I’d like us to retain Inman, if not then another hooker because things work better giving Jubb a break during matches.
  3. York have a 62 point start with Skybet. In the other semi (for the right to play York in the ten bob game) Batley have a 16 start at Featherstone.
  4. Great re-signing, I know a few Fax fans were critical of his defence during his time there but he seems to have worked on that part of his game and is becoming very influential in the halves.
  5. Leigh on the other hand have a huge squad as you can see from their pre season photo:
  6. Looking forward to Sunday, whatever happens overall it’s been a good season with a great ending.
  7. Before my time Good example though!
  8. There’s very little pressure on York, just go out there, move the ball about and give it your all. Leigh should win, and should win comfortably, I expect Leigh to win by 50/60 points. They’ve probably been the best side in the championship for many years but we’ve seen much fancied teams lose before in sudden death RL - London at Toronto, Rochdale at Toulouse (2016 L1 final), Sheffield vs Wigan.
  9. Shame he misses the final but hopefully we can loan someone in time for our trip to Batley in the million pound game
  10. First up will be the kid choir singing modern hits for the 23rd year in a row (no place I’d rather be, blinding lights etc) because it’s definitely not boring. Then a shouty announcer introduces some early 00s indie band who were only ever known in the city they are from (Milburn, Pigeon Detectives, The Others). Then to get us really warmed up Alex Simmons, who must, I repeat must have headphones round his neck. To be honest I’d prefer a colliery brass band.
  11. I don’t doubt it for one moment. If York can be competitive I’d be happy but it’s just nice to pick up a first playoff win.
  12. Great win by York, not sure where that came from. I thought all the pressure today was on Halifax, and I again think all the pressure next week is on Leigh and Fev. Featherstone haven’t beaten Batley in the league yet and especially after the last meet-up at the LSV York won’t be expected to get anywhere near Leigh. Anything less than a 60 point defeat and York have probably done ok.
  13. Think I’m going to print and frame this. Praise from coolie
  14. Just a follow up, I put in a FOI to York council asking for attendance figures and have been told that information isn’t held by the council.
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