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  1. Just picked mine up, thanks again Andy, they are fantastic!
  2. Very impressed with the York shirts, simple, clear, sponsors visible without taking over. There’s one thing that’s bothered me every season with the Cas kit - that red sponsors logo. I know it’s nothing to do with the club, it’s the business themselves who’ve picked an awful logo. It just looks so messy, reminds me of that bullseye character (if you squint and you’ve had a few, ironic given it’s a beer sponsor). Also you can’t actually tell what it says unless you get about 3 inches away.
  3. The only occasions I’ve seen digs about Huddersfield are their attendances, cowbell and cheap season tickets. Attendances as I’ve said before aren’t actually that bad. Last time I looked they weren’t far behind Cas in terms of home support! The cowbell is annoying but best of luck to him. Bit concerned though when the guy says his arm is in a lot of pain after a game, that’s a sign of carpal tunnel or other injury, which will only get worse over time. I’m a drummer and was heading that way before I relearned my technique Cheap season tickets is a bugbear of mine but clubs have their reasons. I know it was a while back when Hudds offered cheap season tickets (was it through the RFL?), I won’t embarrass myself as I don’t remember the details. Best of luck to Huddersfield anyway.
  4. Sounds very good. My main issue with a lot of new stadiums (Doncaster, Leigh, Widnes, Huddersfield, Warrington etc) is the concourses are all the same; bland breezeblocks with nothing to suggest who’s playing there and nothing to encourage you to turn up early. Not sure if it’s a lack of funds or terms of the tenancy mean these clubs can’t spruce it up a bit but it always looks better with a few pictures and canvases up. Things like pictures of past and present greats, dates and results of memorable matches (eg beating Toronto), pictures of players who’ve gone on to play Super League etc. I know Arsenal supporters had the exact same issue when they first moved into the Emirates, so they went through a process of ‘Arsenalification’ which made it feel like home.
  5. Would only take a short LNER train journey down to York too!
  6. Joel Edwards one of 13 players to leave Newcastle
  7. Not sure. I just know there was a bit of celebration about ditching the Easter Monday game, what with most players being part time....but you now have the same amount of matches in the same amount of time (3 games in 9 days) plus potential for extra time in each one! Not to mention most players would’ve had Easter Monday off whereas now the majority will be working on the Tues/Weds before the game. Madness to me! Anyway more positivity needed, good to start planning things around the fixtures. I’m pleased London away is on a Sunday, can make a weekend of it.
  8. It looks like the traditional Good Friday/Easter Monday games have been replaced by Good Friday then the following Tuesday/Wednesday. Clubs then have a game the following Sunday, plus we now have extra time so I hope clubs are going with bigger squads this season.
  9. Not sure what you mean by Huddersfield would be crucified if they did what York/Toronto do - if Hudds moved into a more suitable stadium for their needs, more than tripled their crowds, opened a shop in Huddersfield train station and had droves of kids coming through the turnstile I’d hope they’d be commended. I absolutely love what Toronto are doing, making matches into events instead of just 80mins of rugby. Some clubs, and I include York in this to a certain extent, should copy what they are doing. But then I’m a glass half full guy and wish as a sport we’d focus more on the positives, and give more air time to chairmen who talk up the sport instead of those who constantly criticise. Interestingly I’ve just read a great book on Batlry Bulldogs from when they had Kear in charge and made the Super 8s and I don’t think even the club themselves were wanting promotion! But again if they were averaging 4,000, finishing 3rd in the Championship then yes I’d say that there would be calls for them to make the push.
  10. Looks like they’ve replaced the traditional Friday/Monday fixtures over Easter with Friday, Tuesday/Wednesday then Sunday. Add in golden point extra time and I hope clubs are running bigger squads this year!
  11. First game for YCK is away at Toulouse. First home game, Bradford....should be a sellout if we are in the new ground by then. Disappointed that there is now golden point, nothing wrong with having a draw in RL IMO.
  12. New stadium: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=emb_title&time_continue=72&v=VIX_uC4izEM Crowds up by 259% under the current owners (and might I add, not solely off the back of free/cheap tickets) all while being the little brother at a dilapidated stadium. Highest placed English team outside of SL in 2019 - just 2 years on from getting beat by Oxford and nearly going out of business. York now have a few presence in the heart of one of the most visited cities in the UK outside of London. Most clubs only have a shop in their ground and that’s it, York have opened a shop right in the centre = more exposure. Plenty of youngsters at games too. This for me is the biggie, as outside of SL at most grounds I’ve been to there haven’t been many kids at games. You go to grounds like Batley (a club I really rate and respect) and there’s maybe 10-20 kids....where are the future supporters coming from? At York I estimate 1 in 5 are under 16. Unlike some Chairmen he hasn’t come in all billy big balls releasing controversial statements and splashing the cash. York had the 2nd lowest Championship budget in 2019 and he seems very modest. Still a long way to go, but so far so good
  13. Colton Roche has signed for Newcastle Thunder....he’s had a lot of clubs!
  14. But how will we make any money, Toronto don’t have any fans, it’s a disgrace RFL etc etc Seriously once again well done to the York management for embracing the changes the sport is going through, I’ve no doubt with the right marketing we should be looking at 6k.
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