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  1. Halifax just announced the signing of Connor on a 2 year deal. A shame, been a very good player but onwards we go....hopefully tonight’s 8pm announcement is a halfback!
  2. For Cas it was a Championship quality back line (full back and wing/centre partnerships) with pennine league decision making. Cas just don’t learn, there’s an obsession with taking lower league players to try and mould them, and a similar obsession with putting players in positions they really aren’t comfortable with eg Eden at fullback (and in the past Milner on the wing and Millington at halfback!). There are players in that back line who weren’t exactly ripping up Championship and League 1, yet here they are with them pretty much in a guaranteed SL starting spot each week. Still, Cas fans are happy cos we made the grand final a few years back and Gale was rubbish for Leeds last week (despite winning them the game). One game doesn’t make a season but if ever the club want to push on and actually win something a huge change of culture is needed. There’s too much of a ‘at least we made the final’ attitude amongst the fans and I believe it runs throughout all aspects of the club.
  3. Oh I can believe it, nowadays I find the only trouble from York fans are a handful who complain about everything! Which is something else I’ll never understand, I go to watch the match and hopefully see a good game. Spending hours on social media before and after the game moaning about ticket prices, flags etc confuddles me.
  4. Ah right. I remember leading up to it there were all kinds of complaints about the ground not being big enough, not having enough tickets etc so me and my friends were surprised when there were so many empty seats (in both the Widnes and Cas areas).
  5. ???? From what I remember, the Leigh ground wasn’t filled to capacity that day. Standing in the Cas terrace (which had room to move - I’ve been at busier non league football matches!) I could see quite a few spare seats in the Widnes end behind the sticks which is where most of their fans came on from. At best, come full time that stand was half full because the game was over after about 50 minutes. So I’m not sure how you can be ‘dragged on the pitch’ from a half full seated stand. Anyway back on topic I’ve seen glass bottles been thrown by both sets of fans at one match (Wakefield vs Cas at Belle Vue). That’s also the only ground where I’ve heard/witnessed racism, when a bunch of knuckleheads were making monkey chants at Cas winger Wayne Pryce. I’ve been shoulder barged by a Warrington fan for no reason other than standing in the Castleford home end watching the match. Wouldn’t call it major trouble but Wire don’t half have their fair share of idiots. Special mention to the 20 or so Workington fans at Derwent Park who for some reason spent most of the match vs York in 2018 with their backs to the pitch making gestures at York fans. Never understood why you’d pay to go to a match then do that, especially as it’s not like York fans are Galatasart fans, we are quite a relaxed bunch!
  6. I’ve a ‘Ticket Only’ turnstile sign from Wheldon Road. I acquired it on the evening that Castleford were relegated for the first time in their history (2004). Not particularly unique but it’s memorable (for the wrong reasons!) and it’s at the entrance to my house now.
  7. Castleford claim Sweet Caroline as their own song but there were clubs using it long before. I guess this is their official winning song though. York only really have ‘When The Knights Go Marching In’ but I’ve long thought with a bit of creativity ‘All Day All Of The (K)Night’ by The Kinks could be adapted and sound good/original. Wouldn’t say the club have a victory song though (apart from in the changing rooms), ‘Crazy Nights’ by Kiss is sometimes played and there’s a horrible dance song the players come out to, neither really gets you going. I remember for a season or two St Helens fans put their own words to ‘Anarchy In The UK’ which was clever. I despise Marching On Together being sung by Leeds Rhinos or any other team than Leeds Utd.
  8. Ill echo others comments, I’m happy to write off my season ticket if it helps the club. Although I appreciate everyone’s financial position is different. I think a ‘money can’t buy’ gesture in return would be good. Not expecting money off the next season ticket or free merch because it again eats into the clubs budget. The postcard from Jon Flatman is a good idea (hope the postman hasn’t lost mine haha!). How about for those still active, a touch and pass mini tournament with the players, obviously once we no longer need to distance - can be done instead of training, costs the club nothing. Or a free BBQ with the players, I’m sure there’s a few local butchers who could do a good deal. Or a tour of the stadium before it opens. Just a few ideas which create memories and is of little/no cost to the club.
  9. After following up the 70-12 win over Rochdale with a late drop goal victory against Fev, we then ground out a win at Oldham before a huge cup upset as York defeated Cas in t’cup! Wins against Haven, Dewsbury (where Andy Ellis came out of retirement for the 8th time) and Sheffield see resurgent York up to 3rd ahead of today’s match against Swinton. Yep....I’m missing rugby!
  10. So many great matches. A few not mentioned yet: Sheffield away last season was a highlight, we finally all stood together at a match. Back in 2018, Workington away, was really important to end the bad run in Cumbria. West Wales (both games) were interesting in a ‘we’ll never see that again’ sense. Going further back: 2017 seem to recall earlier in the season we trounced Keighley away. I also enjoyed our home win against Donny, I think in the previous match we’d lost at Oxford and not many were confident, but we toughed it out, got the points and our first 1,000+ League attendance in a while too.
  11. Wouldn’t be fair to discuss York players salaries but I believe they get a lump sum at the start of the season then bonuses for win/draw/loss - there’s a book about Batley Bulldogs written 3 years ago and it’s said players got around £5k lump sum then I think around £200-300 a win. So you could be looking at £8k-£10k for most players. Thats a significant cost. Don’t want to worry people but I hope clubs going bankrupt is the biggest of our worries in the months ahead. I believe countries around the world are hopeful all because China state they don’t have many cases now. I wouldn’t believe a thing China says right now. As soon as a non secretive country (where the state doesn’t control what the population can do, say and read) comes out and says cases are on the decline, that’s when I’ll sleep better.
  12. Obviously we don’t know how things will develop but I think we could scrap the 1895 cup, the loop fixtures in SL and push everything back, even if it means the season ending in November/December. Then next season start later.
  13. One of my colleagues at Royal Mail delivered a parcel to the husband of someone with Coronavirus, she was inside in isolation, and my colleague was instructed to leave the parcel on the doorstep. I thought it was cobblers but it’s been in a few Facebook groups connected to the village he delivered to and in the last few hours it’s been confirmed there’s a new case in North Yorkshire. On a side note our depot delivers to the hotel which had the first recorded case of the virus in the UK.
  14. Thank you very much, can now work on the stats for the York City Knights match programme!
  15. Can anyone help me with the attendances from round 3 of the Championship please? The matches were on Sunday 16th February, League Express will have published them 17th February but I couldn’t get hold of a copy that week. Thanks in advance!
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