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  1. By no means criticism of Leigh’s support (York’s following was down on last season) but I actually thought the Leigh home end looked a bit sparse compared to the same game last season. Not sure if you were both in the home end today but sometimes terracing feels fuller than it actually is. I can’t remember the attendance at the same game last season however I’d say there were a good 400+ more in the terracing last season. On the game itself, Leigh were impressive. Just incredibly well structured, by no means dazzling although you often find teams who are expansive with the ball often come unstuck. Leigh on the other hand look tight, solid and on that showing favourites for SL.
  2. Anyone heard anything about today’s game? Leigh’s Twitter looks quiet, as does their forum on rlfans. Looks rainy and windy but playable in York, how are things on the wrong side of the hills.....
  3. Are you sure Connor has served his ban? I know it was meant to be for the Bulls game but with that being cancelled I assumed his ban rolls over to the next game.
  4. I know, a whole 4 years before SL...things were so much different back then, hard to imagine some of the teams in the league back then!
  5. I know, I guess we all read things differently. When I watch Match Of The Day, Alan Shearer is often introduced as the Premier League’s all time top scorer, it sounds right to me and I don’t start thinking ‘what about Jimmy Greaves and Tom Finney’ etc.
  6. Dunno about everyone else, but ‘Super League’s all-time’ is pretty clear to me.
  7. I was only able to watch the last 15mins so was on a bit of a downer after the match as I thought we weren’t composed enough towards the end. Saying that I’d have taken a 12 point defeat before the match, also from what I saw we looked far more dangerous with the ball than the 2 friendlies (Halifax and Bradford) I went to. Let me put it this way, I’m a bit happier after round 1 this season than I was after the first game (vs Toronto) last year.
  8. Just bought our tickets. See you all there!
  9. AB Knight

    D r

    Well I’m happy with our Dr, he does a good job tending to players injuries, without him we wouldn’t have a game to watch ;-)
  10. If anyone is on Facebook check out York City Supporters Trust Official, they’ve just done a stadium tour and have posted the pictures.
  11. As long as you’re sorry. Anyway next time I’ll just say Featherstone were utterly awful at home against Barrow and yet nearly made it to SL
  12. 1500???!!! I’d have said 800-900 tops. Highlights: I bought my season ticket, the Lewis Carr break and I won a few quid (the bookmakers had Keighley just -16 against Coventry). Lets see where we are against Toulouse. A year ago Fev lost to Hunslet Parkside in the Yorkshire cup but ended the season 80mins from SL.
  13. Will be interesting to see how Fev go, some very good players, Webster had a tough time at Wakefield so he’ll no doubt want to prove he’s a good coach.
  14. I’m surprised Toulouse aren’t higher - am I right in saying they are full time? Plus they have the benefit of part time teams having to fly out there. Away record isn’t bad either. London have lost a lot of players but have a good coach. Leigh...can’t remember who they’ve signed. York looks about right. I expect Oldham to pick up a few wins on their tight pitch, I’d swap them round with Swinton who’ve had a lot of off field problems. Promoted: Toulouse (Sorry Fev fans. The great ‘keep Fev out of SL’ conspiracy continues!). Dark horses: York again or Sheffield. Relegated: Swinton and Whitehaven.
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