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  1. Naughty corner for both of us! I promise to double check any future milestones
  2. I’ve had John Motson on the case who confirms Ford has picked up 97 York wins, not 100 as previously thought. As for me I’ve been sent to a stat re-education camp in Siberia for a long time!
  3. York 2125 (1624) +31% 27627 / 13 Games And it’s 2125 not 2024, all the stats are updated courtesy of today’s League Express
  4. Definitely 2nd highest away support of the season after Bradford who brought about 1800-1900
  5. Callum McLelland played for Featherstone yesterday on loan from relegation threatened Leeds. His name is 15 letters long which is the same number of letters as the phrase ‘Do not promote Fev’ so he’s clearly a double agent. Also playing for Fev yesterday were Luke Cooper and Brad Day. Take the first letter of their first name = LB which stands for London Broncos. Brad Day wore number 12, there’s 12 teams in Super League. Luke Cooper wore 15, 15 minus the number of letters in his first name (4) is 11 which is clearly where the RFL want London to finish in Super league. It’s true I tell you!
  6. Done. Crowds up by nearly a third for the regular season, crowds should increase further next season with the new stadium plus with Leeds dropping down a division. Fordy’s 97th York win yesterday achieved in 143 games. Not far off having the best win ratio of all YCK coaches (that record is held by Agar).
  7. Think I get my head round it now. So if teams finish where they are: 1st Toronto 2nd Toulouse 3rd Leigh 4th York 5th Featherstone Week 1 1. 2nd v 3rd = Toulouse vs Leigh 2. 4th v 5th = York vs Featherstone Week 2 3. Toronto v winner of 1 = Toronto vs Toulouse 4. Loser of 1 v winner of 2 = Leigh vs York Week 3 5. Loser of 3 v winner of 4 = Toulouse vs York Week 4 6. Winner of 3 v winner of 5 = Toronto vs York York win in Toronto to secure promotion, Uncle Derek’s on-off relationship with Leigh ends as he dumps them (again), John Kear gets his degree in medicine, Mel Gibson reprises his role in Conspiracy Theory: the sequel whereby he realises Fev are being kept out of Super League by reptilians headed by Ralph Rimmer and everyone’s a happy bunny!
  8. He was on a doctors training course.
  9. If I went through my posting history I think I keep saying ‘that’s the best win of the season.’ Well I can safely today is the best win of the season. Very similar to the Bulls game in that York never dominated but took their chances. That back line should not be changed anytime soon. I’ve long thought a Porter needs more consistency, he’s had some big games (Catalans, Featherstone bash), a good performance today and I hope he builds on that. Looked a good crowd. A lot of the Fev fans nearby morning about the ref, saying Fev never knocked on over the line and questioning why Chisholm was binned but a York player wasn’t in the 2nd half - difference being Chisholm’s was a blatant professional foul, I think he was last man back too. But I hope today is all about how entertaining the game was and doesn’t descend into criticism of the officials. Leigh next followed by Halifax, playoffs secured although I can’t see the Knights easing off.
  10. A new one to add to the growing collection, thank you Simon Hall for making it!
  11. I much prefer Bass in the centre instead of wing and likewise Salter at centre not second row. Leaves Oakes and Den on the wings. Kelly was impressive at Barrow apart from one play where he had an overlap but went for the try and knocked on. I gather he got man of the match in Toronto too so he deserves a place in the 17. Porter and Hey to drop out....but then I’m not the coach with 99 York wins to my name
  12. Always interesting how people interpret things depending on club loyalties. Im not seeing much if any gloating just an intriguing debate. FWIW Bradford for a long time were my 2nd team, I remember them regularly bringing 4-5k to Cas and the Odsal experience as a young ‘un was amazing.
  13. This is all a bit of a mess isn’t it. For a start Bradford could save £250k by going part time. Rumoured budget of both Bradford and York is £400k and £150k respectively, shows a team can perform on a lower budget. As with my post before, can they not just use the main stand and corporate stand, leave the rest of the ground as it is while they sort out a long term plan? I wouldn’t like to think how much a ‘subsidised’ bus to Dewsbury will cost bearing in mind AC’s pricing structure at Odsal lately. And what the hell’s a ‘boutique’ stadium??!
  14. Squirrel Nutkins over at Bradford handed an 8 match ban.
  15. Bulls 2000 ish Leigh and Widnes brought about 900-1000. How many do you think will make the short trip over?
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