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  1. I just wish they’d change it about a bit cos to me it seems stale. I’ll sound off my rocker here I know but I’d love the round to be split amongst some smaller grounds so you don’t have 2k rattling around in a 14k stadium and it changes things a bit. Play it on the North Yorkshire coast one year - Whitby, Scarborough, Bridlington (just short of 10k capacity between those 3 grounds). Played at full grounds with plenty atmosphere but small enough to create lots of demand and sell out in advance. Have just 2 games a day at each ground so you don’t overdose on rugby. However stagger kick off times so if you wanted to you could drive to the other grounds (11.30am, 1.30pm at Brid...3pm and 5pm at Boro....6.30pm and 8.30pm at Whitby). The earlier games covered on our league, the final 2 games of each day on sky. Just imagine the carnival atmosphere in Whitby, playing 2 matches in a tightly packed ground (which compares well with a lot of Championship clubs grounds) as the sun sets in the background in one of the most picturesque towns in the world, all beamed out live on SKY. Then the next year have it on t’other coast - Morecambe, Blackpool. We are terrible at making matches into events. Promote it as Battle of the coasts etc, shuttle buses linking the towns together, get the tour de Yorkshire guys on board. Make it a challenge who can draw the most fans, wear the daftest fancy dress, which team takes over which town, have recently retired club legends (Micky Higham etc) playing games of touch and pass with fans and kids on the beach. Free ice creams for the kids, proper fanzones at each ground/beach with sky presenters, bands, a few big name players (note: selling warm cans of fosters for £4 at a portakabin with a few wooden benches nearby is not a fanzone). You know, involve people and make it an event instead of plonking 6 games in a stadium that’s never ever full and saying there you go. So see you at Blackpool for the next 20 years then
  2. I’ve never really understood this ‘under the radar’ thing. It’s not like York are some secret unknown club playing their games behind closed doors. Opposition coaches (if their team didn’t have a game) were often seen at Bootham Crescent checking out how we played in the weeks before their game with York. Mentally maybe certain players from other clubs thought little old York would roll over and so didn’t prepare as intensely as they would when playing the likes of Fev, Leigh, Widnes etc. But anyway yes it should be a great season, will be nice to have another trip down to London and for what it’s worth if someone offered 5th position I’d take that now. It looks an incredibly competitive league and with the new stadium move coming up I know sometimes clubs can take a while to adjust to the new surroundings, plus I have a feeling the player turnover at York will be higher than previous years, which again takes time to gel.
  3. At the Harrogate Knights event he also said he prefers fullback. Id like to see us sign an experienced half, a Scott Murrel type player but like others have said not easy to find.
  4. Sorry if I’m in fantasy land here but.... I remember a few years back the fans raised £1 million (I think?) to try and keep the club running. Are there no respected former players, someone along the same lines as the great Trevor Foster, who could spearhead the remaining Bulls fans to raise the money to buy the club themselves. A fan owned club playing out of Odsal (just the main stand/hospitality stand) or Horsfall or just anywhere as long as they remain in Bradford. Even if it means going part time and accepting for the foreseeable future their best bet will be to become just a Batley type club - a solid Championship club. It seems ridiculous that much smaller clubs like North Wales (average crowds 300 ish) can be fan owned. Yet the 4000+ who watch Bradford resign themselves to a succession of let’s say ‘less than inspiring’ owners, they seem to accept having the heart and soul ripped out of the club but do little about it. They seem content to follow the club to Dewsbury without so much as a whimper, just accepting its what Chalmers has decided. Alternatively is there no desire to start a new club, start at the bottom, work your way up? Worked for Wimbledon.
  5. A few rumours on Cas twitter about who it could be.......
  6. Just for a bit of fun....feel free to add your own. Player of the season: The obvious thing to write is the whole team but it’s a boring answer! For me it’s Matty Marsh, he’s finished as top try scorer and been safe as houses at the back. Plus he excelled at half back (Barrow in the cup) when asked to play there. Special mentions to Horne and Connor Robinson. Young player of the season: I think Jason Bass just shades it, he’s really stepped up well from playing lower end League 1. Likewise Marcus Stock has stepped up well too. Most improved: Will Jubb. Thought at times last year he did the exact opposite of what was needed (eg going himself when we had a big overlap). He’s really developed well and played some big minutes. Favourite home match: Tough one! Leigh, Bradford and Featherstone (league game) were all great occasions. I think the Fev game just shades it, the match that sealed our playoff position. Favourite away match: I’ve said in a few posts we are a funny lot at the Knights, we often choose to spread ourselves around the ground instead of congregating together. Sheffield away was where it seemed to click - most of us stood behind the sticks in the 2nd half, plenty flags on show and great atmosphere while the team did the business on the pitch. Since then we seem to all stand/sit together. More of the same in 2020! Also enjoyed Leigh, Halifax and Widnes (league) away. Dewsbury was good too getting that first Championship win. Biggest disappointment: Rochdale away (the postponed game). A farce all round, IMO there was never any intention to play that game and it all seemed like half hearted apologies and contradictory statements from the Hornets. I honestly think York would’ve gone top that day. Featherstone away in the league was a long evening too. Hopes for 2020: I hope we finally move into the stadium. I hope we don’t have ‘new stadium syndrome’ and struggle to perform there. I hope shuttle buses are sorted, and we get a wider range of merchandise with a dedicated club shop at the new ground, City must have 200 items available to buy, the Knights about 20? I wish all the supporters groups could all work together because at the end of the day we all want the same thing - the Knights to progress. I hope we continue to do physical programmes, most clubs have stopped doing them. I enjoy writing my previews and cocking up the stats (Gav; James Ford is definitely on 99 wins!). Also think while it's great that everyone chips in with tries we are missing that 15+ tries a season winger....our wingers finished with 8 (Oakes, Whiteley and Bass although he plays centre too). Lastly I hope the extra fans stick around and we can continue to consolidate our position as a Championship club.
  7. Stats now updated after the final game of the season for York. Including the playoff game York finished with an average of 2203, nearly 600 up on last year. A steady increase which I hope can be developed further. I’m a bit out of the loop with things at the moment so if anyone from Squadbuilder or KSS wants to let me know your next event I’ll add it on.
  8. I knew you’d be on it Gav. Like I say not a dig. Now perfect peter here needs to update his stats page too
  9. Agree, splitting payments is common at a lot of clubs. I’m in the same boat, just don’t quite have the money to afford a season ticket for me and my partner, it’s a big expense. Also I really hope this doesn’t sound like a dig at YCK staff because there’s a lot of good work being done behind the scenes. But the only information on season tickets is the early bird renewal price which passed 57 days ago. Thankfully Gav replied to me (thanks mate!) when I asked how much they are now and he told me the current full price. But click on season tickets on the club website and it’s the now expired early renewal price. We really need the current prices visible, I’d class myself as a ‘hardcore fan’ but a floating fan who’s 50/50 on whether to get one or not might have their mind made up by the effort of having to ask. If I had any web developing skills I’d offer to help
  10. Lack of intensity from Cas, they are playing like it’s the Boxing Day friendly against Fev! No aggression. Only Minikin seems to be giving it a real go. Salford do look excellent though.
  11. Ah perfect, makes sense now. I think Kelly has played well in the games he’s played, nothing outstanding but not let York down.
  12. I’m a bit confused (it’s been a long day!), who was Washbrook playing for yesterday? Thought Hull FC’s season finished the other week?
  13. The York average looks out, for the league games it should be 2125. I think the discrepancy is because one of the Bradford lot (Mick Gledhill?) announced the York vs Bulls attendance as 4554, before York confirmed it as 4007. Most of the press then went with the earlier figure.
  14. I’ve enjoyed reading it, keep posting them. Anything that spreads the word about our great game should be encouraged!
  15. Doubt it. Main stand (capacity 1757) was nearly full = 1700 Longhurst (the covered stand behind the sticks) had about 250 in. Featherstone filled nearly half the Grosvenor Road end (capacity 1785) = 800. Plus they had 2 of the 6 blocks in the Popular stand (capacity 1652) which looked fairly full = 450. So a touch over 3200 looks right. Good following from both teams though and while I hope Fev can gain promotion to the promised land this season, if they don’t we can expect some more big crowds between the clubs next season.
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