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  1. Yes I’ve read a few posts from disgruntled Cas fans about that. It’s not always always clear cut though - perhaps at York they train on evenings more suited to her family, or maybe she was expected to attend every training session at Cas whereas it might be a ‘job share’ with Cuthbertson at York, him doing some sessions and she does the others. You never know she might even live much closer to York than Cas.
  2. Quite a long one, sorry.... From reading social media (the font of all knowledge) there are murmurings of the players at Cas not being paid expenses and a feeling that there wasn’t much support for the women’s team from Castleford Tigers. Ignoring all that, the coach going to York no doubt played the biggest part. But let’s just talk about the women’s World Cup for a moment - there’s 15 games, York are hosting 8 of them including both semi finals and Australia vs NZ. Those 2 sides are also using the facilities as their training base (along with France and Cook Islands).
  3. I think I’m right in saying the Challenge cup final is limited to either 17k or 20k. Given those with tickets to last years final have been allowed (I believe) to attend this years instead, plus 1 of either York (last Wembley appearance 1930s) or Swinton will be playing in the 1895 curtain raiser I can see some disappointed people not being able to attend. Ive voted in a few Our League MOTMs and as a result have £10 off. For my party of 4 that’s made tickets just £17.50 each including booking fee. I’ve been telling all my York supporting friends to book a ticket now and not wait unti
  4. You know, I was going to make a similar post on the Featherstone forum - there were some great championship players on show last night such as the aforementioned Tom Holmes, plus Craig Hall, Gareth Gale and for York the likes of Marcus Stock and Matty Marsh...I know some choose to play part time, some couldn’t get a SL contract or were deemed not good enough (Holmes) but they must look up from time to time at some SL players and think why have they got the gig and not me. For me, someone like a John Davies or Marcus Stock wouldn’t look out of place in the second row at Cas. I really don’t
  5. Really gutting to lose that. Can’t fault the effort but let down by very poor tackling on the edge for the first 2 Fev tries. Anyway well done Featherstone, we’ve shown we can compete with the top 2 teams. We have to get our first victory at the LNER 2 weeks today, no excuses, fortunately we can attend.
  6. Get rid of it in league games, not needed. In cup games either 5 mins of extra time first. Or if a team scores a golden point(s), the other team gets the ball back on halfway and gets one set of 6. So in yesterday’s example after O’Brien’s drop goal Salford would’ve restarted on the halfway line and had one set to score. If they do score, Cas then get the ball on halfway, same system again. If Salford don’t score, game over and at least they had possession and it was fair. I doubt we’d see lots of drop goals and a constant stream of restarts but it at least gives both sides a fai
  7. At one point he was doing the job of both halfbacks, hooker and fullback. Agree about the Salford no try, thought the referee got that wrong. Yet again I’m just not seeing it with Danny Richardson. I thought he was poor for a lot of time at St Helens. I thought he was poor on loan at Leigh (when they played at York he was outplayed by the halfback pairing of Ben Cockayne and a part time builder!). Apart from a couple of games last season he was anonymous. I don’t know if he’s struggling with something in his life (and I really hope not) but watching him yesterday he looked and p
  8. Skybet have given York an 8 point start which sounds about right.
  9. League and cup games this season; Fev are averaging 29 points scored and 22 conceded each match York average 22 points scored and 15 conceded. This will be close.....
  10. This is a huge game in a number of ways. First of all it’s our ‘local rivals’ Fev. Secondly we need to show we can compete with a club that’s most peoples tip to be in the top 2 at the end of the season along with Toulouse. Thirdly, and hopefully this doesn’t sound negative but we have to be looking at our home record at the new stadium and make it a difficult place to get a result - ok, Hull FC (friendly), Toulouse, Wigan and Sheffield aren’t the easiest of opening home matches but lose to Fev and suddenly that’s played 5 lost 5 at the new stadium and there might be a few murmurings of n
  11. Kieran Dixon way ahead in the points stake - 62 points (25 G, 3 T) Matty Marsh is currently leading try scorer with 6. Kieran Dixon and Ryan Atkins next up with 3 each. *competitive games only!
  12. Interesting seeing all the different man of the matches: Our League commentator - Danny Washbrook League Express - Danny Washbrook York Press - Marcus Stock YCK website official MOTM - Chris Clarkson
  13. He was excellent and for me MOTM. I counted one error from him, well it probably isn’t an error I just find it annoying - when he collected the ball in goal and put his head back and got up to the 10 line and was met by 3 Dewsbury tacklers who promptly picked him up and dumped him back over the line for a dropout. I think it’s great that he backs himself and I’ll be the first to congratulate him when he runs through them for a length of the field try, just think in those circumstances he’d be better finding ground and picking when to run and when to surrender. But then he’s play
  14. Solid win, I’m starting to ‘see it’ a bit more with Cuthbertson now who seems to be really working opposition defences now. Thought the key trio of Marsh, Dean and Wynne were fairly quiet but came up with some great plays at key times. Special mention to Kirmond who really seems to be coming into his own now. Salter 110% as always.
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