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  1. Although it’s at York I don’t think the stuttering Knights are at an advantage playing unbeaten Fev - I and most York supporters would probably prefer us to be playing Newcastle at Headingley like in 2022! Hopefully it’s a good few days out, yes it’s a little way out of the centre but walkable in half an hour and right next to the park and ride which is a 10 min ride and there’s a bus every 12/15 mins. I was gigging at a pub in the centre of York last night, plenty of shirts on show which is great to see, so far Whitehaven are in the lead on that front!
  2. It’s a great shame the RFL couldn’t have worked with the council to use the 1100 capacity car park at Askham Bar park and ride, then have shuttle buses travelling on the A64 down to the ground. 99% of visiting fans will be passing along the A64 just 2 mins from this park and ride, plus there’s the old park and ride site with about 500 spaces. Obviously there’s the small matter of York Races but approx 1600 spaces available with that volume of traffic being taken off the road, compared to everyone bypassing it and fighting for 400 (pre booked) spaces and on street parking isn’t ideal.
  3. According to the Wakefield forum he was one of their better players last night, I’m sure he’ll continue to improve, certainly a bright prospect.
  4. Steer clear of Bronco Ale - moves around a lot and when you open the bottle it’s never full.
  5. Finished 122-0, healthy crowd of about 1000 here to watch the women’s game.
  6. London at home, winnable match.
  7. I’d love a Super League team at LNER with a big following - FC, Leeds, Cas. Maybe KR or Wigan.
  8. Confirmed attendance of 1073 for York Valkyrie vs St Helen’s Ladies last Sunday, cracking turnout.
  9. Good crowd too, around 700-800. And sorry to sound like a broken record but so much better without music being played every 2 minutes
  10. The attendance was 2168.
  11. They are just a bit long. I need to develop a way of making my point in less than 10,000 words
  12. I think it’s a good indicator of where we are as a club - if it wasn’t, why just a few seasons ago at Bootham were the club shouting from the rooftops about opening 4 stands against Featherstone? Or telling everyone about our record Knights attendance against Bradford? Something I’ve noticed particularly about RL but also most kinds of entertainment is the need to create a buzz, we manage it on occasions, people are afraid of missing out and all kinds of industries play on that be it Prime energy drinks, an emerging band playing a tiny venue (my mates still go on about seeing Arctic Monkeys in a 100 capacity venue in Wakefield early on), Black Friday, or closer to home Wigan-St Helen’s which looks like it will sell out. As for attendances themselves there’s 2 points to make. Firstly I’m a big believer in being honest and straight with people - if the club for whatever reason don’t want to release the figures (be it due to low attendances or not believing the stadium group) just say so and have done with it. Don’t have people in a professional capacity (owner/general manager etc) saying they will be announced the day after and then not doing so, that shows an element of distrust when as a club I’d love us all - fans, staff, players, various supporters groups - to work together. There’s I believe 12 people working in the office, it takes 10 seconds to tweet the figure the following day. Secondly, why are some people so concerned with the attendance? Well on a similar theme the club recently posted about Will Jubb being the 6th most capped Knights player. This is not to take away from Jubb’s achievement, he’s been a true professional for us and does some great things on and off the pitch. But are we all concerned about milestones? How’s about shirt numbers, is that really important other than to the ref? Try scorers - as long as we win does it matter who’s scored? For me I like to hear and see all that stuff. We could probably ditch announcing everything and really streamline it, but then you lose a part of the match day experience. IMO of course.
  13. Ah yes, 1st half, that’s why I didn’t spot it!
  14. Any idea around what time the trip was? I’ve watched the entire second half on BBC iPlayer and haven’t spotted it, yet during the game I noticed the potential trip.
  15. To be honest I wouldn’t mind Jon Parkin in the front row to give us a few more options!
  16. My hopes: I’m not expecting a win but we need to compete against Sheffield and push them close. I hope music (be it via the brass band or on CD) is played before the match and during half time only. Hopefully the crowd is over 1000 (which gets announced). Lastly, no more injuries would do nicely
  17. The crowd was 1614.
  18. Plus he’s never gonna let us down.
  19. I’m guessing with attendances we are following the pattern of last season when we stopped announcing crowds after the first few games.
  20. Nowhere did I say Whitehaven only won because York were poor. In fact I didn’t even say York were poor, I said they were lethargic, didn’t seem up for it and the only people who did seem up for it were the Whitehaven players. Please also see my earlier comment straight after the game: ‘Whitehaven fully deserved that.’ For the record Whitehaven were better all round. Kicked better, set themselves up better (why did we have a winger as centre), managed their players better (if a player is limping get him off). They supported breaks better (why whenever we make a break is it the likes of Jordan Thompson in support), defended better, ran better lines and had we snatched it at the end we wouldn’t have deserved it.
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