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  1. Hi Steve, I collect Hornets programmes, So I will take them of your hands.. Cheers Phil
  2. Cheers for the kind words TMF Hopefully somebody will come up with some programme's that i still need.. Barrow were unlucky yesterday at Rochdale having the man sent off in the 1st half was Barrow's downfall, Otherwise I think you would have gone on to win.. Cheers Phil
  3. Hi All, Sorry to jump in on the thread.. I collect Rochdale Hornets and Rochdale Football programmes home & away from pre war, 40s, 50s, 60s If anyone has any for sale send me a message, I can also send a list of the one's I need if that help's Best Regards Phil
  4. Hi There, I have this programme on ebay at the moment is dated 18th December 1994 322840704278 this is the number for the ebay listing.. Let me know if you need any more Hornets I have quite a few for sale..
  5. Hi There Sorry its been a while, how does £70 sound??? Cheers Phil
  6. Hi There, I would be interested in this programme, how much are looking to get for it?? Cheers Phil
  7. Hi Paul, Sorry its been a while just got back from my Hols What season have you got for Hornets v Wigan?? Cheers Phil
  8. Anybody got any Rochdale Hornets programmes pre 1984 for sale?? Cheers Phil
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