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  1. upthenets


    Thank you very much for that... Most of my spares are from 70s and 80s Post a list and I will check them out..
  2. upthenets


    A list of the Rochdale Hornets programmes I need... 46/7 HOME - Widnes RLC, Workington, St Helens, Warrington AWAY - Liverpool, Oldham, Widnes Lge & Cup 47/8 HOME - Hull, St Helens AWAY - York, Swinton, Widnes, Wigan Lge, Salford, Castleford, Pemberton RLC, Featherstone, Hull KR 48/9 HOME - Keighley, Hull, Workington AWAY - York, Swinton, Leigh, Barrow, Featherstone, Oldham 49/5 HOME - Workington, Warrington AWAY - Wigan, Belle Vue Lancs Cup, Featherstone, Widnes RLC, Swinton, York, St Helens, Oldham, Warrington, Barrow, Keighley 50/1 AWAY - Hull KR, Widnes, Hull, Liverpool, Wigan Lge, Swinton, Bramley, Salford, Belle Vue, York 51/2 HOME - St Helens, Warrington AWAY - Warrington, Wigan Lge, Swinton, Widnes, St Helens, Belle Vue, Salford, Liverpool, Oldham F & Lge, Cardiff, Featherstone Lge & Cup 52/3 HOME - Warrington, Bramley AWAY - St Helens Lancs Cup, Wigan Lge, Salford, Liverpool, Barrow 53/4 HOME - Oldham F, Dewsbury AWAY - Featherstone, Swinton, Liverpool, Widnes, Wigan, Salford, Bramley 54/5 HOME - Salford, Bramley, Oldham, Wigan Feb, Barrow Lge, Liverpool Jan AWAY - Widnes Jan + Apr, Swinton, Hull KR, York, Liverpool 55/6 HOME - Whitehaven Lge, Stannongley RLC AWAY - Oldham, Liverpool, Salford Feb + Apr, Swinton 56/7 AWAY - Doncaster, Leigh 57/8 AWAY - Hull KR, Doncaster, Liverpool, Swinton 58/59 AWAY - Oldham, Liverpool 59/60 HOME - Barrow, Workington, Dewsbury, Castleford, Bramley Lge, Warrington AWAY - Bramley 60/1 HOME - Bramley, York, Dewsbury, Workington, Whitehaven Lge, Liverpool AWAY - Bramley Lge, Liverpool, Salford Lge 61/2 HOME Doncaster Blackpool Lancs Cup, Bramley AWAY - Bramley, Liverpool 62/3 HOME Oldham, York AWAY - Dewsbury 63/4 HOME Oldham 24/863 Liverpool 66/7 HOME - Swinton BBC, Blackpool 67/8 AWAY - Batley 68/9 AWAY - Bramley RLC 69/7 AWAY - Barrow Thanks for having a look for me.. loving the pictures, keep them coming.. cheers
  3. upthenets


    Its mainly from the 40s 50s and early 60s that i'm after.. I will post my list of wants tomorrow when I have a bit more time.. Cheers
  4. upthenets


    Brilliant Anita Bath Thanks for posting some history of Rochdale Hornets Think I have 57/58 Hornets magazine, I will check which others I have.. I also collect Hornets programmes if you have any spares, or know anybody who has any spare would you let me know.. Keep posting the picture love the old stuff from the Hornets..
  5. Hi Stephen, sent you a email with a few that I need.. cheers phil
  6. upthenets


    anybody know how many years these books ran for?
  7. Hi Stephen, Do you have any Rochdale Hornets Home or away for sale?? Cheers Phil
  8. No I've not got the 2 Hull FC programmes, Not got many from the 45/46 season!! Thanks for having a look through your collection for me.. How much you want for the HKR v Rochdale 25/4/31?? Cheers Phil
  9. Hi, I'm after any Rochdale Hornets if you have any spare.. Cheers Phil
  10. Hi Steve, I collect Hornets programmes, So I will take them of your hands.. Cheers Phil
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