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  1. Jesus Christ thats me finished with this . ###### ban me for the sake of my sanity!
  2. Sale play Rugby Union. It's a different sport mate. It's a national sport even though it's inferior, in my opinion. Sale are also financially well off and can afford to spend lots of money on marketing.
  3. I've finished with this thread and am seriously thinking of finishing with Rugby League altogether. The game has been taken over by fantasists (certainly these forums) and idiots who want to talk persistently about things they know nothing about. Its like a boil on my ######. It annoys me so much but I can't leave it alone. For God's sake ban me.
  4. I was born when Sale was in Cheshire and Manchester was in Lancashire. My Dad was born in Carrington, Cheshire. I was born in Salford, Lancashire. I am a traditionalist. I refuse to recognise new boundaries that are created just to suit somebody sat a desk in a town hall. Therefore, Sale is in Cheshire ans Manchester is in Lancashire, as is Liverpool. Yes, I know that most people born before 1974 in Sale identify as being in Manchester. That makes no difference to me.
  5. Swinton played 2 or 3 seasons in the old stadium. Many, many years ago Langworthy played there. The new stadium has only been up, completed, for 2 years.
  6. I don't actually think I did make Moor lane sound like the most inaccessible place on the planet. I think you might be exaggerating a little bit there. I said the parking is terrible, which it is, and the public transport system from other parts of Salford, by the way, is almost non existent. Easier to get a bus or tram into Manchester and get a bus from there. I know because I go and watch the football team occasionally. I went on a bank holiday last season (Think it was boxing day) and I wanted a beer so I paid £20 each way in a taxi from Eccles. Salford City FC are getting bigger crowds because they are having some success and more people watch successful clubs. I thought that didn't need a lot of working out? It's actually a very neat little ground and the facilities in the stadium are good. There is nothing around there in walking distance. I played against Salford Amateurs (as they were originally known) in the 1970's when they played on the pitch on the Island at the Crescent in the Manchester League and got crowds of 40 if they were lucky. I know a handful of RL fans who have season tickets for football as well but there is not much interest the other way around.
  7. Sorry. Don't know how I missed that. I went to them all as well.
  8. Sale is in Cheshire and Manchester is in Lancashire - not even in the same Counties.
  9. There are already rumours in the City of a ground swap but I'm pretty sure a move to Moor lane for Salford Red Devils would not increase the attendances. Its more difficult to get to by public transport than the A.J Bell and parking is terrible, although its £6 at the A.J Bell. Although the ground is in Salford - if you walked up Moor lane you would be in Manchester in 5 minutes. With regard to the local community - they are predominantly Jewish, have very little, if any, interest in RL, and were mostly opposed to the ground being developed. There is not much in the way of facilities around Moor lane either, although most people won't pay the extortionate prices at the A.J Bell. The Kersal pub that was mentioned is now a block of apartments. There are no pubs/ cafes/ shops in reasonable walking distance. Coming from the M62 away fans have a few places they could go for a drink with a little bit of research, although not within walking distance of the ground. For Salford fans from the current catchment area the nearest pub/restaurant would be the Henry Boddington and that is a taxi ride away, unless you are feeling really fit. I used to watch Swinton play at Moor lane and the football club did not welcome them. I don't know if the attitude would be different with Salford, but, I go to some Salford City FC games and there are very few fans with dual interest. Moor lane is in the Kersal/ Broughton area of Salford and it is worth noting that the supporters buses do not currently operate from that area. It is also true that the RL club owe a huge debt to the council and they are not going to let Salford walk away from the A.J Bell unless there is another way of Salford paying off their debt.
  10. I would love Salford to win but the defeat of Huddersfield wasn't as convincing as it seems and Hull have two much to play for. Having won the last 3 games Salford due a defeat, based on the law of averages, so, Hull by 10. Sincerely hope I'm wrong. I won't be going because Hull have no match programme. Leigh Miners Rangers .v. Hunslet Club Parkside for me instead.
  11. Rugby Union season has started now. The other Welsh teams will be weaker now as well.
  12. I have avoided adding to this because I don't like to see clubs' being singled out for crticism because some of their fans are idiots, because we all have a few idiots. I can only go off my own experience and for years I have been listening to how bad Warrington fans are but never had problems until Salford went there recently. There were a few people throwing bricks at Salford fans, including families and children, as they made their way from the ground to the train station. They may not even have been Warrington fans because they came out of a local pub. Not visiting this thread again now. Said my piece.
  13. When are you going to make a start then? They know where the RL clubs are. They would find them if they were interested. no chance of the RFL going out and discovering new talent as there is no funding available for development officers. The development of the game, even in the heartlands, is left mostly to the volunteers at the community clubs. The game is full of people who know exactly what is wrong with the game and what needs to be done but when but won't get off their backsides and do Jack!
  14. Oh my God, that's going to have the Swinton fans up in arms. This is what happens when people who know nothing about the history of RL in these parts start fantasizing. You mention history. How long has Swinton been in Salford? Somebody in a town hall made that decision sometime in the late 60's or early 70's. For centuries before that Salford, Swinton and Manchester were all separate places in the county of Lancashire. That's as bad to a Swinton fan as telling me that Salford is in Manchester. If Manchester wants a Rugby League club, and it doesn't, let them start their own. Changing the name of Salford or Swinton to Manchester and re-locating to Manchester would kill off either club.
  15. I don't think I have ever agreed with anything you have ever posted before but, in this instance, you are absolutely correct.
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