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  1. Are you the Swinton Steve Johnson and I will have them if they are not claimed mate.
  2. I love my Kilkenny Wildcats shirt but for starting conversations with non RL fans I wear my Aberavon Fighting Irish shirt.
  3. That's just A to F mate. My club programmes are split into 4 alphabetical categories and there there Counties, Internationals, cup finals and semi-finals and Miscellaneous. I didn't mean to post all the clubs individually like that. I am just ###### with computers. If I could have posted each category as a single document rather than as individual clubs I would have put them all on.
  4. I have about 9000 RL programmes. (869 Salford homes including A team. 388 Swinton homes. 334 Eccles homes. 36 Cardiff City home including all of the first season. Every Kent Invicta home except one. Every Celtic Crusaders home prog.) All Card When I die my wife will very happily burn them. Accrington.docx Ace Amateurs.docx Adlington.docx Askam.docx Atherton Town.docx Bamber Bridge.docx Barrow Island.docx Barrow.docx Bath.docx Batley.docx Beecroft & Wightman.docx Belle Vue Rangers.docx Beverley.docx Birkenshaw.docx Blackbrook.docx Blackpool Borough.docx Blackpool Gladiators.docx Blackpool Panthers.docx Blackpool Sea Eagles.docx Blackwood Bulldogs.docx Bolton.docx Bradford Bulls.docx Bradford Dudley Hill.docx Bramley.docx Bridgend Blue Bulls.docx Bridgend.docx Bridlington Bulls.docx Brighouse Rangers.docx Bristol Sonics.docx British Aerospace.docx Bury Broncos.docx Cardiff City.docx Cardiff UWIC.docx Carlisle Centurians.docx Carlisle.docx Castleford Panthers.docx Castleford.docx Catalans Dragons.docx Celtic Crusaders - Crusaders.docx Chequerfield Rangers.docx Chester Wolves.docx Chorley Borough - Chorley Lynx.docx Clock Face Miners.docx Cottingham Tigers.docx Coventry Bears.docx Crewe Wolves.docx Crosfields.docx Culcheth Eagles.docx Cynon Valley Cougars.docx Dalton.docx Devon Sharks.docx Dewsbury Celtic.docx Dewsbury Moor.docx Dewsbury.docx Dodworth.docx Doncaster.docx Drighlington.docx Durham City Tigers.docx East Hull.docx East Leeds.docx Eastmoor Dragons.docx Eccles.docx Egremont Rangers.docx Elland.docx Ellenborough Rangers.docx Embassy.docx Exeter Centurians.docx Featherstone Lions.docx Featherstone Rovers.docx Folly Lane.docx Fulham.docx ~$rdiff City.docx
  5. I went to watch Heworth .v. Leigh Miners as a neutral years ago and the ref asked me to run the line for him. I did it as well as I could, totally unbiased, but I never did it again. I couldn't take the abuse again.
  6. Lost 10-78 at Eccles in the first round of the Challenge cup in 1997-98 season. Played in the MASWARLA league. I have a few MASWARLA league tables in my files somewhere?
  7. The first game was at home to Salford and I went to the game. I have all of their home programmes from that season. I remember it well because the day before (Saturday) I went to watch Manchester United play at Coventry City (First football match to be played in a all seater stadium in England). It cost £6 on the coach to Coventry and £5 to get in the ground. We were hearded like sheep from the coach park to the ground and hearded back again straight after the game. Coventry won 2-0. Next day (Sunday) I paid £6 for the coach to watch Salford at Cardiff and we stopped for a drink in Newport on the way. Salford won and after the game we had a drink in the bar with the players. On the way home we stopped for a drink in Tewkesbury. I never watched Manchester United play away again. Celtic Crusaders started in 2006 and I travelled to every home game but one that season, from Salford (430 mile round trip). They played a couple of games away from Bridgend (Aberavon and Maesteg). They played in Bridgend because that is where the owner wanted them to play. It is true that not a lot of the support came from Bridgend but they had fans that travelled home and away from all over South Wales and there was an away bus for every game. They were great days. It's a shame the owner was so unscrupulous. I'm still friends with most of the fans and some of the players now. RL picked up quite a few new fans from the Celtic Crusaders experiment.
  8. OK. Here they are. Glad you find them useful. 1973-74 season Leagues..doc 1974-75 season Leagues..doc 1976-77 season Leagues..doc 1977-78 season Leagues..doc 1980-81 season Leagues..doc 1981-82 season Leagues..doc 1982-83 season Leagues..doc 1983-84 season Leagues..doc 1984-85 season Leagues..doc 1985-86 season Leagues..doc
  9. Where does the money come from? perhaps all the Super Greed clubs will throw in a few quid each? They did start somewhere - it was Swinton over 100 years ago. You won't build a club by changing the name and losing half of the few supporters that you already have. Manchester Rangers was run by good people. They should have got more help from the RFL but the RFL are only interested in people with money to burn. There is not the appetite for RL in Manchester. You would have to create interest through the schools but it would be years before that came to fruition.
  10. I'm a Luddite Detmot. I don't even know what a PDF file is? I can just about do basic tasks on a computer. My stats are by season not by league so I can't just send the Leeds & District league tables. I will attach some files that contain the Leeds league now but I will probably send more when I find more time over the weekend. 1975-76 season Leagues..doc 1978-79 season Leagues..doc 1979-80 season Leagues..doc
  11. He's got more teeth than me and I usually wear a RL shirt at games, usually Aberavon Fighting Irish or Kilkenny Wildcats (If you see somebody wearing those at games it's probably me so come and buy me a Guinness). If you want to see a photo of me look through Maurice Bamford's books. I can't remember which one now but there is a photo of me and Maurice in one of them. If anybody has a spare copy I would like buy it from you. I loaned mine out to somebody in South Wales and never got it back.
  12. If I'm not a fan why am I sat here looking at the 2006 fan of the year trophy for Celtic Crusaders, presented to me by John Devereux on the pitch at Brewery field, Bridgend at half time during the Wales .v. Scotland international? Truth is, I doubt very much if any of you posters on here have visited as many different RL grounds as me, travelled as many miles watching the game or watched as many games in total. I am all for expansion and I actively go and support expansion clubs, not just sit at my computer writing fantasy messages. I just know that I am wasting my time. I had great hopes for Cardiff City, Carlisle,Kent Invicta, Scarborough, Blackpool, Prescot and my beloved Celtic Crusaders and North Wales Crusaders but, after so many failures, I just don't get so excited about new clubs any more. London Broncos are doing a great job and Newcastle appear to be on the up because they are reasonably wealthy, whilst North Wales Crusaders supporters are keeping their club alive. For what it's worth I think North America is ripe for RL if Toronto can sustain carrying on without taking their share of the funding but that in its self is embarrassing for the game. The greatest game in the world is a minority sport. No real money, but I can get my entertainment watching lads who pay to play on a Saturday.
  13. You might find some of the early stuff in the files I have attached interesting. I have not updated them for some time though. I have some of the Leeds & district league tables too but I'm just getting ready to go to work (nights). Let me know if you want me to to send any more? Milford Marlins History.docx East Leeds History.docx
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