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  1. Barrett doesn't say a lot but is rarely wrong. Would not have made this post without having any grounds for making it. Didn't say they would get the "curly finger" by the way, just said they could. Ultimately I imagine it would be put to the rest of the clubs like most things in the NCL if they consider it a problem. Maybe you have some inside info to the contrary?
  2. Too many teams have been admitted to the NCL in recent times and not lasted 2 seasons. I expect the management want to make sure this is not likely to happen again. Not good for me because I like getting to new grounds but I understand the thinking behind it. I'm told the door to these clubs is not permanently closed but they want to make sure they have a new structure in place for next season that they are confident will work. There are sides in the premier divisions of the YML and NWML that are stronger on the pitch than many NCL teams but don't have the facilities or ambition to join. It has never been the case that teams have to be in the top divisions of the regional leagues to apply for the NCL, even when the league started in 1986.
  3. No comparison to premier league football at all. The City of Salford has its own football team and they play in League 2. The highest placed football clubs in St. Helens play in the Hallmark Security North West Counties League and they have not encountered each other for quite a few years now.
  4. It was great to see fans there that I know from Salford, Swinton, North Wales Crusaders and some RU players that I know as well. I got there early to get a good place, knowing that there is no terracing at the stadium and it would be difficult to get a good view later. Even at 2pm though, I arrived same time as the Newcastle supporters coach, and I gave up queuing for a beer. I decided to get a drink at the only tea bar in the ground instead, but I gave up queuing for that too. At half time I left my spot because I needed a drink. I gave up trying to get a drink though and when I went back to find I had lost my place. I tried to watch the game over people's heads but decided to go home after an hour. I have watched Coventry, North Wales and South Wales at Oldham this season with no problems. The ground is not equipped for bigger crowds.
  5. I hope the Salford team go out and make the panel that voted for Holbrook as coach of the season look very silly. The Saints team are easily the best in the competition and I could have coached them to the league leaders shield. Everybody outside of St. Helens knows that Ian Watson is the coach of the year. He has performed a miracle with a bunch of misfits and cast offs. I wish Saints had won the Challenge cup now because having lost it will make them more determined but, anything can happen in a one off game with this Salford team. I hope Salford don't get over awed by the occasion or go to Old Trafford thinking they have already over achieved just by getting there. They are capable of winning it. I first watched Salford in 1971 and there are many more fans still around from those days. I hope and pray with all my heart that Salford lift that trophy but, if I had to put my house on it - it would have to be Saints. Come on Salford one more big effort to become legends!
  6. My son was supposed to fly with his girlfriend to Fuera Ventura yesterday for 10 days. He's now going next Sunday instead for only 7 days and it has cost him £400 extra to do that. He bought 14 tickets from Salford yesterday, including mine. A mate of mine is in the Algarve with his wife and due to fly back to Manchester on Saturday - mid afternoon - too late for the match. He plans to fly to Gatwick on Friday, stay overnight in London then get the train up for the match. His wife said no chance. I will be keeping an eye on that one!
  7. I have never bought a ticket for the Super League grand final. I have been to quite a few though. Somebody or other usually offers me a ticket free. If Salford win tonight I will pay any amount of money to see them play at Old Trafford next Saturday.
  8. Yes it is a shame mate. Greatest sport on Earth and not much interest in the Salford area until the team reach a big game which has been rare up to this season. At the Wigan challenge cup semi-final there were hoards of people who have not been for years. It was the same at the Sheffield Eagles SF years ago. Only a very small percentage of the population of Salford watch Rugby League but, the percentage of those that follow them away as well would compare well with any other club. Salford fans are small in numbers but big in passion. I like the first comment but the second is simply not true. Salford is a big City. The Willows was more central than the AJ Bell but you would not get many people from Ordsall, Worsley or Broughton trekking to either of them. In any case, there would be too many pubs along the way showing football on TV so most would not make it. Yes, it would be a once in a lifetime event for most Salford fans. I don't know how much longer I have left but I would trade a year of my life to see Salford win at Old Trafford this year or at Wembley next year. I have seen them win at Old Trafford before but it was the division 2 premiership and when they last played at Wembley I was at Old Trafford watching Manchester United beat Leicester City 3-2. I didn't start watching RL until 1971.
  9. I would expect Salford to take twice as many fans to Old Trafford than Castleford would. People who have never watched Salford in 25 years are already asking me about tickets. Some people who have never been before at all too. Unfortunately there is no way of proving that.
  10. 1/ West Hull 1017, 2/ Leigh Miners Rangers 882, 3/ Wigan St. Patricks 789, 4/ Oulton Raiders 758, 5/ Bradford Dudley Hill 753, 6/ Siddal 741, 7/ Rochdale Mayfield 734, 8/ Milford 719, 9/ Lock Lane 706, 10/ Leigh East 687, 11/ Skirlaugh 683, 12/ Shaw Cross Sharks 655, 13/ Saddleworth Rangers 654, 14/ Wigan St. Judes 644, 15/ Woolston Rovers 641, 16/ East Leeds 630, 17/ Egremont Rangers 626, 18/ Oldham St. Annes 607, 19/ Thatto Heath Crusaders 604, 20/ Millom 601, 21/ Hull Dockers 587, 22/ York Acorn 586, 23/ Eastmoor Dragons 576, 24/ Thornhill Trojans 567, 25/ Wath Brow Hornets 559, 26/ Heworth 545, 27/ Normanton Knights 541, 28/ Crosfields 511, 29/ Eccles/Salford City Roosters 507.
  11. Thank you Marauder but knowing some people appreciate what I do is thanks enough for me. I love amateur RL. Going to take me longer to work out this info than I thought because I'm updating all league tables and play off results as well at the moment and also the end of season stats for all age groups at my local club but I hope to get some information out by next weekend. Stats (A-F).doc
  12. I love amateur RL mate, but I'm getting old now. Working nights (especially Friday) for the last 11 years has slowed me down but I used to travel the length and breadth of Country watching amateur RL games every night of the week if I could. When there were no games I would be in libraries researching. I have most league tables and also results of NCL and NWCL games since the formation of BARLA in 1973. I have the results of every game ever played in the BARLA National cup. I wanted to start getting into libraries to research results and tables prior to 1973 but I just don't seem to find time these days. I would like to find a list of winners of the Lancashire. The Warrington & District league seems to have been the main competition before the NWCL. Don't know what will happen to all this info when I'm gone? Even BARLA don't keep records and most other people only keep records for their own clubs. I will work out and post all the clubs who have amassed more than 800 competition points in the NCL over the weekend. There won't be that many. Last time I did this West Hull were way out in front. Nice to be appreciated. Stanningley sent me a copy of their book and I was acknowledged for my help in it. I'm just glad I can help but its nice to be appreciated sometimes.
  13. Yes I do mate, but I'm currently updating them all and division 3 doesn't finish until tomorrow. I don't have them in the form of a league table either so I would have to go through each clubs' records to work that out. I will do it when I have more time. I'm just off to watch Salford at Wigan and then working tonight. Stats (T-Z).doc
  14. As we approach the end of the season I am updating my records and I would like to congratulate West Hull on becoming the first NCL club since it's inception as the BARLA National league in 1986 to achieve over 1000 competition points. 1017 to be precise, and that is accounting for the 4 that they were deducted as well.
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