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  1. I'm interested to know this myself because I keep records of that league. I noticed that Bold Miners are not in the league this season. Maybe it's the people who were behind that club? The Liverpool/St. Helens RU ground is in St. Helens and I have watched RL finals there in the past. Ray French had involvement with them. I don't think they are anything to do with the Liverpool Lions youth teams which have been playing in the NWCL for a few season's as they are based at Waterloo RU.
  2. I will be at Swinton on Sunday. Salford have confirmed that they are not producing match programmes any more. I won't be watching any Super League matches at all. It's not just about programmes its the greed of the clubs, the forward passing, the referee's favouring the favourite teams, the constant change of the laws and now the clubs interfering in who other clubs can and cannot sign. I've had enough now. I did stop watching SL before for a lot of years but I wanted to attend games with my sons who support our home City club - Salford. No more.
  3. Anybody know what Salford and Swinton are doing? I have all programmes for both from last season. Might watch them both next weekend?
  4. The RFL can't afford to have more teams taking money out of the miserly pot that is left after the Super Greed clubs have taken the "Lion's share" of it to pay their Australian imports.
  5. I just drove over to St. Helens for the Salford game. I went in the club shop and asked for a copy of tonight's programme. The lad said "We are not printing programmes any more but you can get all the information you need on line". I said "What if I haven't got a computer?" He just looked at me blank. I'm home now, having my meal then I will go and watch it in the pub.
  6. I know Adrian very well and both of his brothers, and his Dad Leo who is not very well at the moment. I hope none of them are reading this ######. This is the very reason why I keep trying to get myself banned from these forums and why I no longer have the same interest in RL. It's people like you who have nothing better to do than troll people with these ridiculous statements, Idiots who have never lived in Salford talking about changing the name to Manchester and fantasists who live in La La land thinking there are enough decent players to form championship teams in every village in Britain. You are a in idiot. NOW BAN ME PLEASE!
  7. Cheers. I will research those areas on the Walking Britain site and I do know people at Normanton. I will get in touch.
  8. Thanks mate. That gives me a choice of 3 on Sunday. See what time I get up, how the weather is and if I feel like going out hiking first? I have watched RL at Nottingham Crusaders and at at Alfreton Town FC (Mansfield Marksman) in the past but have never watched Sherwood Wolf Hunt. They are producing a programme as well. I might well see you there. Can you tell me the name of the ground where it will be played? I'm an old Luddite and I don't do Satnav.
  9. I've always enjoyed visiting Keighley wether with Salford or North Wales Crusaders but didn't make it last year. I will definitely get there this season then as I often go walking not too far from there. Any good local walk recommendations are welcome. Last time I went to Keighley. I remember going to watch a game against Toronto after walking Wherneside and North Wales Crusaders after walking Ingleborough. I'm looking at Mayfield or Leigh Miners on Saturday. Have to stay local because I work Friday night. Normanton .v. Longhorns was my plan for Sunday but Sherwood appeals. I've watched RL in Nottingham and Mansfield but never been to watch the Wolf Hunt. Can anybody confirm if there will be a programme a printed programme at Normanton on Sunday please. That may influence my decision.
  10. I think I will watch Mayfield .v. London on Saturday and maybe Normanton .v. Longhorns on Sunday. Depends what time I get up on Saturday though as I work friday night and don't get home from work until 6.20am saturday. Contingency plan is Leigh Miners as I can drive there in 20 minutes. Can anybody from Normanton confirm if there will be a match programme printed for the Challenge cup tie? I expect there will be one at Mayfield and Leigh Miners. Also, can anybody let me know where the British Police are going to be playing their tie? Last time I watched them they played at Siddal.
  11. It would be helpful to me if people could keep this site updated as I have no intention of going to any ground where a printed programme is not on sale. Thank you. Rugby League will not be my priority this year anyway as I will be out hiking most Sundays but I will still go to games if I finish my walk early enough.
  12. St. Helens because I have never liked them for no particular reason.
  13. Salford is very multi cultural these days but the minorities don't seem interested in RL. The firm I work for is about 80% non British and I have many work mates from Eastern Europe and some from Africa. I try to get people interested in RL but it's football, football. football. I was reading my RL papers in the canteen one night when a guy came up to me and pointed to a photo of a young Wigan team. He said that is my son. It was Sammy Kibula.
  14. Are you the Swinton Steve Johnson and I will have them if they are not claimed mate.
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