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  1. Sorry mate, I don't keep dates and scorers - just results. In 2006 St. Albans failed the fixture at Dudley Hill. It was given as 24-0. In 2005 it was Dudley Hill 32 St. Albans 18.
  2. 2003 - Underbank 42 St. Albans 22, St. Albans 56 Hemel 18, Teeside away void, 2004 - Carlisle home void, Hemel 40 St. Albans 22, Coventry 32 St. Albans 20, Bramley 24 St. Albans 16. 2005 - Dudley Hill home void, Coventry 26 St. Albans 38, Bramley 34 St. Albans 16 (I went to this game), St. Albans 40 Hemel 6, St. Albans 46 Warrington 24, Dudley Hill 63 St. Albans 10. 2006 - St. Albans 28 Gateshead 14, St. Albans 6 Bramley 10, Dufdley Hill away - St. Albans failed the fixture, Warrington 30 St. Albans 12. Challenge cup - Birkenshaw 22 St. Albans 10. I can't find Northern Rail results at the mo
  3. Only just seen this. I don't go on the forum as much any more. I have both programmes .v. Celtic Crusaders and I will have all of the results you are looking for but I am going through a tough time at the moment and am finding it difficult to motivate myself to do anything. I will be going to work soon so not going to look tonight. Let me know if you still need this info and I will have a look over the weekend.
  4. Martin Ketteridge was a good player. I thought he was a Cas lad?
  5. What sort of info do you want on the clubs you have mentioned Mark? I visited most of them, have programmes involving all of them and played at British Aerospace in a friendly. A friend of mine - Stewart Williams (ex Salford & Barrow) coached Chorley Borough in the first season in the NCL. I am Kenny Roberts by the way if you want to e-mail me. I posted my old National league brochures to you today 1st class.
  6. Cumbria cup 2017 - Hensingham 22 Walney 20. 2018 - No competition. 2019 - Ellenborough Rangers 18 Kells 10. Sorry for late reply Kev. I don't go on the forums much now. I don't go on the general RL one (the fantasy thread) at all.
  7. Jimmy Lomax played for Salford City Roosters against Leigh East 'A' on Saturday. He has played for the club since they started as Eccles in 1980. He will be 55 or 56.
  8. New clubs have to apply to their local district league and be voted in by it's members before they van apply to join the NWML. They would have to be given the go ahead by the other St. Helens clubs to get this far. That's how it always worked when I was more involved.
  9. I'm interested to know this myself because I keep records of that league. I noticed that Bold Miners are not in the league this season. Maybe it's the people who were behind that club? The Liverpool/St. Helens RU ground is in St. Helens and I have watched RL finals there in the past. Ray French had involvement with them. I don't think they are anything to do with the Liverpool Lions youth teams which have been playing in the NWCL for a few season's as they are based at Waterloo RU.
  10. I will be at Swinton on Sunday. Salford have confirmed that they are not producing match programmes any more. I won't be watching any Super League matches at all. It's not just about programmes its the greed of the clubs, the forward passing, the referee's favouring the favourite teams, the constant change of the laws and now the clubs interfering in who other clubs can and cannot sign. I've had enough now. I did stop watching SL before for a lot of years but I wanted to attend games with my sons who support our home City club - Salford. No more.
  11. Anybody know what Salford and Swinton are doing? I have all programmes for both from last season. Might watch them both next weekend?
  12. The RFL can't afford to have more teams taking money out of the miserly pot that is left after the Super Greed clubs have taken the "Lion's share" of it to pay their Australian imports.
  13. I just drove over to St. Helens for the Salford game. I went in the club shop and asked for a copy of tonight's programme. The lad said "We are not printing programmes any more but you can get all the information you need on line". I said "What if I haven't got a computer?" He just looked at me blank. I'm home now, having my meal then I will go and watch it in the pub.
  14. I know Adrian very well and both of his brothers, and his Dad Leo who is not very well at the moment. I hope none of them are reading this ######. This is the very reason why I keep trying to get myself banned from these forums and why I no longer have the same interest in RL. It's people like you who have nothing better to do than troll people with these ridiculous statements, Idiots who have never lived in Salford talking about changing the name to Manchester and fantasists who live in La La land thinking there are enough decent players to form championship teams in every village in Britain.
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