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  1. 19 hours ago, barnyia said:

    Annoyed me a bit! Just bought tickets from Catalans shop! Paid 300 hotel 380 flights and 200 tickets plus food and airport parking ! ! It's for 4 people but still a costly weekend. 

    Catalans charging a grand each for flights and night hotel, or 850 on tye train and night hotel, bus from 250 just travelling there and not stopping in London ! Catalans tours sold out, 

    The French are trying but not everyone can afford the trip! 

    Mate £220 each is about the same as I'm paying coming from York by train Friday to Sunday, match ticket, 2 nights hotel near Kings Cross .Total £200.   14 of us in our group all shouting for Catalan. Allez!

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  2. and some turn up to the bigger games because they've managed to get a freebie from wherever. But ask them to pay ..especially for a game v a team like West Wales (no disrespect intended) and they are nowhere to be seen. Part-timers.. don't they just get on your wick.

    I suppose we just have to accept it and try to make every game as big as possible so the freeloaders eventually grow to love the club and want to give instead of taking.

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  3. apparently ex York Knights player is playing tomorrow in the USA Northern Final for New York Knights v Brooklyn Kings in New York City! not a bad player Neil. Played at Skolars as well I think. Gateshead-York-London-New York theres got to be a story there.

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  4. 4 of us flying out to Perth 8th November catching the double header. fly to Sydney just for a mooch about. then 2/3 day drive to Melbourne for q/f. Fly up to Surfers paradise for 3nights then into Brisbane taking in semi-final then a days Ashes cricket and finally the WC final. Fly back 4th December...I think.

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