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  1. 13 hours ago, Angelic Cynic said:

    How sweet.The club that was artificially promoted, and were able to benefit from that promotion into Super League despite NOT being SuperLeagueReady,further benefit from a parachute payment to give them a completely unfair advantage back in the lower league.

    Even the much maligned Elstone mentioned halting the parachute payment.

    Will the parachute payment still exist when Super League goes 2 x 10?

    There ain't no sport governed like rugby league.


    Bless 🙂

  2. 2 hours ago, Leyther_Matt said:

    You can just log in to your account and cancel from the next payment onwards. They also have a very responsive email account, though sadly they saw through my ruse to get a refund on my subscription and sign up again for half price on Black Friday 😂 

    Spent 25 minutes on the phone to Sky the other day to try and get a better deal on my renewal. Turned out the deal they were offering was £15 a month more than the one that came up when logging in to my MySky account 🙄 

    Matt, that's because they know you are a Hibs fan 😜 Up the Accies !

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  3. 17 hours ago, UTK said:

    Very good signing for the Championship, will be too big and strong for part-timers so even some of his braindead plays will come off. If by some miracle he comes over with the right attitude and actually gets himself fit then the Championship will be in trouble.

    Anyone thinking he would be a top SL centre mustn't have watched the NRL for a few years though, there's a reason no one would even get him on a train-and-trial deal in the NRL.

    As a sidenote, in a case of rather unfortunate timing he just got Covid.


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