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  1. Agreed, much better than the Sooper League version....they should follow suit.
  2. Let Super League have their 'Worldwide League' the rest should 'breakaway' just like the northern union did in 1895. Negotiate their own TV deal, sponsorship ertc. Bring it on....I'd much rather see Hunslet Hawks prosper, than Ottawa Otters ! Oh, and Nice work Brian (my owner is very rich) mentioning last season's Super League table as an example, it's not usually like that, my Canadian friend. You definitely know which side 'your bread is buttered on'.
  3. Indeed our 'Fireworks day' turned into a 'Sparklers waving' one.
  4. Good signing, surprised they let him go in the first place.
  5. How easy was that ? Superb stuff....good luck next week. You always play well over there, hope it continues !
  6. Good luck tomorrow chaps & lasses ! Looking forward to the game, and the weather should be a little drier.... Budgie The Leyther.
  7. Leeds were in a relegation battle up till 2 weeks ago, and Hull could have made the play-offs until week before last, but Fev & York are still using their players.
  8. Wish we'd have carried on using the Saints players, instead of signing Junior Sau, Mitch Clark, Jake Emmit & Kevin Brown (on loan)
  9. Well played Fev, I knew you'd win....far too good for us. I reckon you'll beat York also.
  10. It's been a great season for both sides, whatever happens tomorrow. This time last year we were both preparing for the plate competition, and now, we both have a chance of facing York to determine who plays the losers of Toronto v Toulouse.
  11. Jake Emmitt has been banned for 2 games... Jake Emmitt (Leigh) – Grade B Stands On – 2 Match Penalty Notice Ryan Brierley (Leigh) – Grade A Other Contrary Behaviour – 0 Match Penalty Notice Jake Emmitt (Leigh) – Grade A Punching – 0 Match Penalty Notice Gadwin Springer (Toronto) – Grade A Punching – 0 Match Penalty Notice
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