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  1. I'm not sure if Tabby is DB, as sometimes Derek makes spelling mistakes on facebook & twitter, or sometimes no gaps between words. But mind you, that is usually in a 200 word sermon. Top bloke though....
  2. He did it because on the day of Lord Peter Smith's funeral the player's threatened to not to play at magic weekend. Did DB comment when we lost 64-0 to Catalans or when Hull put 60 points past us at our place (when they could only name a squad of 17)....NO !
  3. I have been told this by 2 different people, one of which is an ex player. For whatever reason DB was refusing to pay for Australian player Brendan Elliot's flight back home. On the Friday before the Hull KR game at Newcastle, the players told Beaumont that unless he agreed to do pay for Elliot's flight back home, they would travel up to St. James Park, then just stay in the changing room at kick -off.
  4. What an incredible achievement, well done Emma !
  5. Cas with the ball were terrible in the last 20 minutes, got what they deserved I suppose. They really did miss McShane & Liam Watts.
  6. Looking at our (Leigh) squad, the backs pick themselves. I'll be surprised if Wakefield don't win by at least 20, even if neither team have anything to play for. Mason Lino will probably run rings round us.
  7. How dare you, but I am able to define what really is BIG sports news, and what isn't. TBF i=with the BBC they generally they only make women's football a headline story, when there aren't any 'top level' men's games currently being played. But is that hypocrisy also ? I'll let you decide.
  8. I know, football (men + women's) is such an amazing and exciting sport.
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