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  1. Will Powell end up quitting, or sacked ? He's making Cas a bit of a 'laughing stock' even the Sky commentators/pundits are now glued to his facial expressions.
  2. Good luck to him......if we have any league 1 games next season.
  3. Report what exactly ? Unless either of the player's agents told him about the approaches, then there is nothing concrete whatsoever. We signed 2 excellent half backs last week, and as far as I know still have Sammut on our books and we might still have Josh Woods from Wigan.. For what it's worth I reckon Benji Marshall will sign a 1 year deal with another NRL club, and Kelly will go back home to Oz, as originally planned.
  4. Should have re-signed David Watkins instead....
  5. That's because they're rubbish Matt. A couple of mates of mine used to play for Hindsford FC, they would thrash your boys.
  6. I thought there was going to be an announcement today from the RFL about this pointless cup competition.
  7. There will be interest won't there. Toronto will be allowed to stay in Super League, so you will be buying the ownership of a top flight club, that is BIG news over here because it is a city in Canada rather than a town in Cumbria.
  8. I see, but isn't he thinking about buying some shares in a NRL side ?
  9. What has happened to Mr Argyle ? Covid 19 arrives, and suddenly players aren't getting paid, and he appears to have lost interest rather quickly. Yes, I know he has invested a few £million into the club, but I still find it all very strange.
  10. One thing for sure, Israel is not a sheep !
  11. Local lad Ben Reynolds has agreed to join Toulouse for next season.
  12. Not me, going off last seasons results/league positions, that would make sense.
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