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  1. Well played Leigh. The scoreboard handled Saints points total of 22 quite easily.
  2. Leigh have had better championship sides (and coach ?) than this lot. Can't see us winning one game, hope I'm wrong. Obviously the game v Wigan was fine even though we lost, the rest (apart from a mini comeback v Huddersfield in the CC) we just can't compete. Conceding nearly 40 points per game on average, that is relegation material. Roll on next season in the championship, where we will actually win some games.
  3. But for David Argyle, there wouldn't have been this situation in the first place. So blame that racist chap who owes folk a LOT of money.
  4. That's 80 points conceded in our last 2 games....it's going to be one long season for us Leythers.
  5. Toulouse refused to take part in the challenge cup again, but that's okay I guess.
  6. We (Leigh) should get relegated. A squad assembled to compete in the championship, then our signings after we got the nod to play in SL are nothing to get excited about (with all due respect). When we played Wigan we looked good, but v Warrington, they should have scored 60 points. But we're only at round 2, so we will see what unfolds in the coming weeks.
  7. Haven't all other SL teams filled their quota spots ? Although I do get where you're coming from.
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