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  1. Wow, that number is so high that I lost count on my left hand.
  2. They are correct. Are do you think it might work in Stoke, Bristol or Northampton for example. It's not Rugby Union, and it will never be. Let's embrace what we have instead of trying to be something we can not.....well in the last 30 years it hasn't done so. Well said Keighley Cougars, I always liked them anyway.
  3. What do they think IMG's proposals will do for the game that licensing didn't ? Answers on a postcard to..... Maybe they should be asked to help County Championship cricket as well, good luck with that. Like RL over here, it is what it is, and nothing will ever change.
  4. Get back inside your detached house with a lovely garden. This proposal along with the others has yet to be voted on.
  5. If Status Quo would have been the half time entertainment, I would have attended the game.
  6. Incredible decision. That's all I can type without thinking I'm going OTT.
  7. These are ALL the details of the event in the email I received. "Thank you for registering to attend the Rugby League World Cup 2021 Fan Forum event. We’re looking forward to welcoming you to what we hope will be a fun and interesting evening with lots of great guests from the world of rugby league. Hosted by BBC Rugby League Correspondent, Dave Woods, the evening will feature a Q&A with RLWC2021 & RFL Chief Executives, Jon Dutton and Ralph Rimmer. You will also have the opportunity to put your questions to St Helens legend Paul Sculthorpe and England women’s international Jodie Cunningham as well as a number of other special guests. You will also have the chance to have your photo taken with the prestigious World Cup trophies and win tickets to the tournament."
  8. Saints pack (even without Alex Walmsley) will be too much for Salford. Anyway, looking forward to what should be a great game. St. Helens win by 14 points is my prediction.
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