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  1. Well played Fev, I knew you'd win....far too good for us. I reckon you'll beat York also.
  2. It's been a great season for both sides, whatever happens tomorrow. This time last year we were both preparing for the plate competition, and now, we both have a chance of facing York to determine who plays the losers of Toronto v Toulouse.
  3. Jake Emmitt has been banned for 2 games... Jake Emmitt (Leigh) – Grade B Stands On – 2 Match Penalty Notice Ryan Brierley (Leigh) – Grade A Other Contrary Behaviour – 0 Match Penalty Notice Jake Emmitt (Leigh) – Grade A Punching – 0 Match Penalty Notice Gadwin Springer (Toronto) – Grade A Punching – 0 Match Penalty Notice
  4. Yeah, saw the game on a Facebook 'live stream'. He was immense, but we are carrying on our recent form, of 'one man' boring rugby, dropping the ball, and conceding penalties. Kev Brown has only played 3 games in the last 12 months, but what are the other players excuses ?
  5. We're not, I'll be very surprised if we beat Featherstone next week.
  6. You're getting your wish I see, 40-6 with 20 minutes remaining.
  7. Indeed I will be. I'm just delighted we've made the top 5. Good luck in your bid for promotion, you should make it to Super League this time. If Featherstone lose to Toulouse tomorrow....I'll be happy as we'll have one more home game.
  8. How would you know what our best team is ? I could name some players who are missing, but apart from Adam Higson...you won't have heard of them.
  9. Think scam is the wrong word, but anyway, we haven't played well for weeks, you not seen our recent scores ?
  10. Hi Kayakman, he's in Italy next weekend, some silly Lamborghini rally, his older brother said this to me last week. We are playing terrible at the moment, you will get your wish.
  11. and the 16 handling errors Well done on your win, hope you guys finish 2nd.
  12. If Widnes 'rest a few players' Yes, otherwise going to be a close game in my opinion.
  13. Thanks Sir Kev ! (We lost again last night)
  14. I support Hartlepool United FC, but live in Leigh.
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