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  1. I see Toulouse haven't entered into the Challenge Cup competition yet again, stands back in amazement.
  2. You actually think that post was actually serious, oh dear.
  3. Adrian Lam is also assistant coach to Australia's Mal Meninga, you don't get that position by being not very good at your job. "Lammy is a Leyther, Lammy is a Leyther, NA NA NA NA... Leigh !, NA NA NA NA Leigh !"
  4. Today I was informed (by the same fella who told me about Leigh signing Anthony Gelling before it was official) that Joel Tomkins is set to retire and not play for the Centurions next season.
  5. That's 2 references to Leigh Centurions, do you drink Bitter by any chance ?
  6. Pre-Covid it was early November for all leagues, so maybe it will be in a couple of weeks
  7. Great news that Mark Ioane has signed a new deal with M62 club Leigh Centurions.
  8. Don't be so judgemental. When was the last time an English Rugby League fan got genuinely excited over a forthcoming England v France fixture ? I mean it's only slightly more meaningful than England v Wales.
  9. Why do some English RL supporters enjoy the fact that we only beat France by 20 points ? Would Aussies feel the same way if they only beat England by the same margin, I very much doubt it. One word...WEIRD
  10. Not sure about that, if England would have been playing Australia or NZ maybe 5 or 6 players from our team would have been selected. It was a 'weakened' England side that played poorly in the last 20 minutes of the 1st half, but France were the better team 2nd half. Maybe France's next game should be against someone like Fiji, PNG or Samoa before the world cup starts.
  11. Obviously pleased we won, but a VERY flattering scoreline for England. Well played France 2nd half.
  12. Criticize the post not the poster.
  13. PNG beat Great Britain, but nearly the same thing, eh ?
  14. It shouldn't really boil down to that though should it ? and it may not do. But If PNG can beat England (with a couple of Barrow players - no disrespect to their club) then surely France should have a chance.
  15. Having seen the England team this should be a close game.
  16. Stop crying, I said I think Toulouse will stay up next season.
  17. Yesterday against (my team) Hartlepool, the Salford home attendance was 2,449, but we sold 1019 of the tickets.
  18. Bolton v Wigan Athletic in League One on Saturday, attendance was over 20,000. How does football manage to be so popular ?
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