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  1. 3 hours ago, Dave T said:

    I think quite often it is lazy analysis to just equate under-performing to unhappiness in the camp. That is just one element of what can go wrong. 

    We’ve also had half or more of the team out for most of the season.

    we are severely lacking in the prop department and until that gets sorted we won’t be doing much.

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  2. 26 minutes ago, Red Willow said:

    Salford were in control for most of the game. It almost felt as if Mr Child kept giving some very dubious pens until Leeds scored at the end.

    Pleased with the performance. Good to see Livett back

    In fairness the penalties were all justified, but i think Salford didn’t mind given them because they knew they could cope with whatever Leeds threw at them.

  3. Just now, StandOffHalf said:

    I fancied Leeds to get a bounce here, and went along with Sir Kev's prediction.

    The City Reds will be pleased to have got the 2 points against a relegation rival.

    Salford are in false position IMO, they look like a decent team, theyll be fine if they can avoid injuries especially to their halfbacks.


    croft was outstanding, as was Watkins who looks back to his best

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  4. 23 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    I'm not a fan of coaches moaning at the refs, but I'd be surprised if there was a correlation with moaning in interviews and not winning things. Some of the most successful coaches in sport are the biggest whingers. 

    It’s just a theory 😉 Im not 100% serious.

    Bit constantly blaming others or moaning IMO isn’t good management or leadership.

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  5. 40 minutes ago, Old Frightful said:

    Daryl Powell has a bit to say as usual but after watching the game yesterday, I have to say it's hard to disagree on this occasion :

    “There were some big turning points in the game and the referees might need to take a hard look at themselves. There are some games where they are just calling it wrong."

    To be fair, he also talks about his side's failings.


    Daryl Powell has always moaned about the refs, IMO this victimhood mentality can seep into his sides attitude.

    Maybe that’s the reason he’s never won anything on the big stage.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Tommygilf said:

    Can any Leeds fans help? 

    It seems our pink 3rd shirt is now being used exclusively by the reserves. Is that the case? 

    I actually quite like it and obviously we have a 100% record in it which is nice but would be a shame if it was brought out for 1 game against Wakefield and then permanently "reserved".

    Not sure TBH, as much as that pink shirt is awful I’d prefer it to that grey thing we have as an away kit.

    Maybe it will be our magic kit?

  7. 10 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    I do think part of the issue that we have with the England RL logo is that it doesn't lend itself too well to leisure wear. The main logo is cheap and too sporty for me personally, so I am a fan of the stripped back version. 

    I do agree about the england badge, even the lion on this range that they are using is badly drawn and looks cheap. But even so maybe if they had put the full lion on this range rather than just the head (as the GB logo is just the head) it would have made a bit more sense.

  8. 3 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    But they are different things. 

    Sales strategy and quality is one thing, but you always tell us that brand is not about logo. 

    I have no issue with trying to flood the market and giving consumers choice. I generally find the range of stuff clubs have depressing. 

    England has always been really poor on this, you could get a real basic range that could have been designed by any of us as it was just classic, at least there is choice of different stuff now. 

    The England FA stuff has a huge range and is a right mish-mash of styles. 

    I think we need to be a little less po-faced about merchandise (accepting the point about quality - which I haven't personally witnessed). 

    Branding is not 'just' about a logo. My issue is about two things Branding and the amount/quality of stuff being peddled.

    England Football may well have a huge range and about of styles but I bet they've either got the official England Badge on them or 3 Lions on them as that is well known.


  9. 2 minutes ago, Dave T said:

    Of course the lion plays a prominent part for Eng, its on the badge and has been for the vast majority of our history. 

    They are not changing the name of the team, they have just named a range of clothes. 

    I understand that.

    When have England RL ever been know as the 'lions' Lions in RL means GB, what's the point of the range and advertising?


  10. Just now, Dave T said:

    I do think some of you are over thinking it. It's some clothes that people can buy if they want. 

    The England badge has Lions on it, people get the link to Lions with the football and cricket teams also using them. 

    They are using the head off the lion that is on the badge. 

    I do understand the complaints about quality, although my Hoodie and hat have been very good quality (not sure if made by Oxen themselves). I don't understand complaints about too many t-shirts being released. 

    Other sports I follow have more clothes launches than Asos. 

    I probably am over thinking it but Branding is what I do, and it does matter.


    Have a good range yes, don't realise a mishmash of ranges with different branding and more importantly don't devalue everything by having it on sale shortly after releasing it.

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  11. 3 minutes ago, DI Keith Fowler said:

    They've been using that lion's head on their online adverts for the last year or so. 

    I don't think it's an utterly insane idea to use the lion's head provided they make it the badge and be consistent with it, having it on some items but not on others is a terrible strategy.

    The lion's head itself I'm fully for adopting, you can't use the GB lion's head because it's associated with that brand but it alludes to it and people in RL generally like the GB lion. Plus it's quite distinct from other English sporting teams most of whom use a shield with three lions in some variety. 

    The problem being Lions in RL has never referred to England always GB, there's also the fact that wether we like it or not there is a bit of a crossover with RU and they have the Lions too, which just as in RL doesn't refer to England.

  12. It's all getting a bit silly now isn't it?

    Apart from the fact this is yet another load of tat released by Oxen - which will be reduced in a couple of weeks.

    The branding is just bizarre and stupid. There is already a GB Lions in RL and the branding is (apart from being absolutely brilliant) already established, they should be pushing the actual England branding. stuff like this gets me really annoyed to be honest.

    What was there last release a black GB shirt released by England RL celebrating a welsh RL player.


    Our National Teams apparel and kit should be the best of the best, not loads of tossed out at a whim to then be put on sale.


    Rant over... for now.


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  13. 37 minutes ago, meast said:

    I don't think any Giants fan will be sorry, regardless of quality etc, for most of us, just having some replica kit or any merchandise to wear, especially for the cup and grand finals will be an improvement on PlayerLayer!

    Oh don’t worry you’ll have plenty of choice of training wear, just don’t ever buy it at full price, it’ll be on sale a week after launch.

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